Apple iPhone 6 : user review

I can describe the process of buying a new mobile as a painful mission. Is so hard to get used to a new one when you feel so comfortable with what has been working so far. I’m one of those people that dislike hearing “Why you don’t change your phone? There is a new model already”. I totally agree that technology changes a lot over time and very quickly and of course we should keep the pace. Nevertheless, I believe that a compromised company must produce devices that can make the evolution’s process for themselves, all things and limitations considered of course. Everyone desire is to make the purchase worth every dollar paid and when the time to buy a new mobile comes, is easy to make a mistake. I will describe my experience with the iPhone 6 the Apple mobile device in order to justify why is a good option.

Reasons why the iPhone is the best choice


I bought my current mobile phone from the Apple store in May 2016, is an iPhone 6 model A1549. It has been almost a year from the purchase and I’m more than satisfied with it.

Is very easy to buy from the Apple website in case you don’t have an Apple store nearby, but I highly recommend you to personally visit a store because the staff is super friendly and you can have a real experience with the products. People that work at the Apple store are so proud of the products as the company is, consequently they don’t make an effort to sell, they only try to guide you in the hard decision of choosing.
I enjoy visiting the Apple store every time I have some spare time or extra dollars. It reminds me my first experience with the brand. After a month of my first Apple product purchase in 2011, I bought an iPod (music player device), I was passing by the store and I saw in exposition the new iPad (tablet device), which had been launched just that week and I commented with one of the staff that I regretted my last purchase because I really wanted the iPad, amazingly the stuff told me that because my iPod purchase was only one month ago I could return to them and pay only the difference for the iPad (because the iPad was more expensive), they would have take my iPod for the exactly price I paid. The story concludes in me been so happy with their confidence that I bought the iPad but didn’t give up of my iPod because I loved it too much.

Let just describe the Positive features and then the Disadvantages of the iPhone 6, so you can later weight then and decide.

Positive features


The battery can be really durable if you don’t ever charge your mobile device with another charger that is not the original one. This is just the secret of making your battery infallible in the future, which is extremely necessary because you cannot just replace the battery as you can do it with the Samsung mobile device.

My battery last 12 hours per day, without needing a single recharge during the day. I’m always connected to WhatsApp, I also make several short calls during the day, and check on the Google Maps almost every half an hour (because I just moved to a new city); just for you to have an idea how much I relied on my mobile and understand its battery life in use.

Using the mobile’s camera or accessing to social media accounts will reduce your battery life to 8 hours per day. I never recharge the battery with the portable charger and I don’t suggest you to use them unless is an Apple’s product, which last time I check they didn’t have it.


iPhones are fast devices. Everything happens quicker on the Apple devices, there is almost no waiting time. The size is perfect, not too big neither makes you struggle with the shape of the screen, is big enough to all the plus activities you need to do on a mobile phone, like writing emails, checking out websites or using infinite of the applications available.


iPhone durability is admirable. I have dropped it so many time, of course, nothing too serious. My iPhone wears a screen fill protector and because of that, I believe the iPhone screen has survived all the falls. Still working perfectly (the screen protector is only 10 dollars).


Another great iPhone’s singularity is that the apps you download in your mobile can synchronize automatically, if you want to, with the same apps you have in your other Apple devices, as MacBook, iPad, iPod and so on. This means for example if you have a music app in your mobile device, them you will be able to open it in your MacBook without paying extra for this. The same for files, you can share your documents in the cloud of all your Apple devices and because of this, you have an immediate access to them on your mobile.

The security is a relevant differentiation that the iPhone has, you will never have virus problems and is just great to feel safe. I heard more than once from a Samsung’s user that its mobile deleted all the photos or the music in a file, this is not a problem for iPhone’s users. Additionally, Apple grants you a tracking application which complements the security options. The iPhone and all your devices share a tool that helps you to find your mobile device, or even if someone is trying to access to your Apple ID on your MacBook or iPad, then you will receive a message on your iPhone informing you of this activity and even tells you the location that this activity is occurring.

Like I previously mentioned, the mobile software makes an automatic actualization, which is a great advantage if it doesn’t fail.This model never got hot because using it a lot, like I previously described above, I have it on my hand almost all day and never bothers me in terms of getting warm. Is a really light and good size device even with the thin case protector it wears.

On the other side to all this advantage and good qualifications pointed out above, I will share many disadvantages the iPhone has and describe them in the following lines.

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Apple products are expensive. In general, whatever you buy from Apple is not the cheapest option in the market.

The comparative price of the Samsung mobile device, the iPhone is 200 dollars above at least. Moreover, all the accessories, tools, replacement parts you need to repair something you broke, everything will cost you at least 40 dollars more than the others brands.

Since we just mentioned the Samsung mobile device, let compare the camera of this two mobiles. I’m sorry to disappoint you but the Samsung’s camera takes better pictures, this is only my humble opinion for sure.
The wifi connection is another feature that comparing it to Samsung, the iPhone doesn’t have the best grades. It happened to me many times, that my friend’s Samsung mobile reach a wifi signal that I just could find because it wasn’t that strong as Apple wished.

Let introduce now the software actualization. This is a double-edged sword, and I will explain why. At the very beginning of this article, I expressed that independent actualization of the software the devices run is a primordial feature that good products should have, all Apple products do this. Your mobile will inevitably require an automatically actualization of the software, and it will ask it periodically. You just need to agree with the desired time to do it so, and the mobile will make the actualization for itself. That is just a positive and wonderful aspect of the iPhone. You can be a user of a two older generation of iPhone, but because of the software actualization your mobile essentially looks different just on the exterior but you have the same platform that the iPhone new generation has. On the other hand, it happened with me and with at least 3 other iPhone’s users; in the actualization process the mobile must shut down, but what happened was that the mobile didn’t turn on again, no reason why. When this happened I took it to the authorized support store and they make it work again. It didn’t really take them a long time to do it, but this is a situation that I didn’t hear of from my Samsung friend’s users.

Lastly, the apps in the Apple store are more expensive than in the Samsung store. This is refutable of course because you can just use another free app with similar features and then just spare the purchasable app.


Now that disadvantages and positives features about the iPhone 6 the Apple mobile device have been debated, I leave to your criteria to grade each point as more or less relevant.

I closed this review recognizing that I do not regret the many times I paid high prices for the services of my iPhones or the purchase price. So far I have bought two generations of iPhones, and because I’m highly satisfied, I’m sure I will keep doing it. Apple simplify my life because I love technology and taking advantage of it but I do not have the time to keep its pace. Although being an iPhone’s user helps you in this constant process leaving behind unnecessary manners and optimizing a lot of time and consequently stress.

This is a 8/10 product, just because I expect from Apple nothing more than an unstoppable evolution over time.


Just love AppleiPhone 6iPad 2011

The first picture is just to prove how much the Apple products gain my respect, I didn’t buy them all at once, my first device was the iPod touch in 2011, which still works perfectly. Them the iPad 2, the iPhone is not in the picture because is its camera I’m using for this purpose, and the MacBook I bought in 2016. The second picture is the print screen of the iPhone 2014 platform, just for you to compare it with the 2011 iPad platform print screen, exactly the same because of the software actualization.


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Apple iPhone 6: User Review

What’s up with the Apple iPhone 6?

My iPhone 6 W/ official cover

My iPhone 6 W/ official cover


My phone is an Apple iPhone 6, I got it while I was on a trip to Dubai because my iPhone 5s had died from screen connectivity due to a fall. I’ve had the phone with me for about a year and a half now, and I have always been a fan of iPhones, but I must say that, while  I have had a rather pleasant experience, Apples iPhone 6 has a few issues such as the battery life that need to be addressed.

Battery life and charging:

charging Screen

The battery life starts out as satisfactory, I don’t remember any instances where the battery life felt suspect for the few first months, it would last for about 8-12 depending on usage.  Of course as is the case with many iPhone models, the batteries reliability takes a nose dive when you least expect it. Before I knew it my phones battery life has been shortened significantly, lasting no more than 6-7 hours a day (battery issues are a commonly reported issue for the iPhone 6) it starting dying out at around 20 to 30 % battery which was incredibly inconvenient as you can never predict when the phone is going to run out of charge. You’d think that’s the worst of it but sadly it not, it then developed a problem with its charging such that the charging process was slow, intermittent, and highly unreliable. This issue also extended to which cables will charge the phone requiring a great deal of effort and set up to get the phone to charge properly.

You’d think that’s the worst of it but sadly it not, it then developed a problem with its charging such that the charging process was slow, intermittent, and highly unreliable. This issue also extended to which cables will charge the phone requiring a great deal of effort and set up to get the phone to charge properly.

I have recently switched to a different phone of the same model which shows fewer of the signs of the battery problems. I put it to charge before going to bed and take it out with me in the morning, but I always know that if I have a long day ahead of me I will need to charge the phone again before the day is over.

For more on the iPhone 6 battery issue follow this Link.

 Performance and Design:

In terms of general usability, the iPhone 6 really shines, but there is a very real dichotomy in that the iPhones closed loop design does not allow the user to mod their phones in order to make them a more useful tool to each person individually.

I have been using an iPhone for quite a while now before this one I must say that for people who are not concerned with modifying their device, the iPhone 6 is a very comfy option. One of the reasons I picked up the iPhone and not one of its competitors early on was because I always felt that the iPhone had been superior in terms of implementing a fast, reliable, easy to use touch screen interface.

Although in all honesty, I hate what apple has done to the iPhones simple, beautiful music player, I refuse to except the ugly new music player design with is far less user friendly and which is put me off listening to music from my phone\’s music player instead opting to listen to music off applications that offer online streaming of music.

For a comprehensive list of the iPhone 6’s Design specifications click Here.

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Strength and Durability:

If I have to give Apple credit for something, it is that they understand how careless the average user can be with regard to their iPhones, and they have been making their phones generally more and more sturdy. My iPhone 6 has had its fair share of bumps and even a couple of drops, and aside from a panicked moment where you pick up the phone to assess the damage, you leave the entire process with your phone more or less intact. If I have durability problems they would be specifically for the screens and the charging boards as they were the culprits for most of my old iPhones dying off.

Here is a drop test conducted on both Apples iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus:

Best Features:

Screenshot of iBooks audiobook section.

Screenshot of iBooks audiobook section.

Best features are a very subjective topic and are relative to the person using the phone and their individual needs but I will speak as a person who is heavily reliant on my iPhone to stay connected and in contact with all the benefits of using a smartphone.

My #1 favourite features is a bit unusual, but I really enjoy the iBooks app very much, I am a very big fan of audiobooks and back before there were audiobook players I would have to manually write down where I stopped in the book every time I decided to have a break. This is no longer an issue however as the iBooks apps audiobook player remembers where you left off and offers a smarter user interface.

Another feature to mention is the vast number of phone applications you have access to through the Appstore, there is a seemingly infinite number of different iPhone apps that do a whole number of different things and you are bound to find an app that suits your needs.

Worst Features:

I could go on and on about have stressful it can be when you are constantly worrying about when your phone is going to run out of charge, and leave you unable to communicate with others, but aside from problems with battery life, battery display, and charging behavior which can be very erratic in some cases.

What I can say however is that while this problem is nothing new to apple users and is an issue that apple has been silent on for quite a while, but according to Forbes’s contributor Gordon Kelly, Apple has finally admitted that there is a problem with their battery shutting down at the 30% mark and they claim to have already solved the issue in the newest   iOS (10.2.1).  Apple claims that the recent update has reduced the issues occurrence by about 70% for the iPhone 6 which remains to be verified.


Overall Review:

Regardless of anything I still feel that the iPhone 6 is one hell of a smartphone, and depending on what a smartphone means to you, an iPhone 6 might fit the bill. It is generally easy to use and learn by anyone, supports a great deal diverse applications giving it the flexibility to suit a variety of different needs. If there are issues that Apple needs to work on or consider in future iPhones is by making sure the newer phones don’t suffer the same hardware difficulties so we are not just patching up a faulty boat.


Verdict: 8/10


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Apple iPhone 6 – User Review

The Apple iPhone 6 Picture from the

The Apple iPhone 6
Picture from the


Back in December 2014 when my iPhone 4 finally gave up the ghost I upgraded to the iPhone 6. At the time I upgraded I was using a pay-as-you-go SIM card so had no need to buy one off of my cell provider at outrageously increased price, and as there was no Apple store in my city (Dubai, UAE) at the time I bought it through an online retailer.

It’s true, I could have switched to an Android smart phone, but I chose to stay with an Apple product. Why? Because I find Apple products – specifically the iPhone handset, easy to use in a familiar way, sleek in design and well….they sync with all of the other tech I own – (which is mainly Apple!).

Read here for the technical spec and more information on the Apple iPhone 6.


Battery Life & Charging

I should preface this with some information about my use of my smart phone. I am a constant user, one of those people continually glued to their handset either scrolling through Facebook, furiously exchanging Whatsapp messages with friends or taking a thousand photos of the beautiful views of my latest travel destination. So I am extremely hard on phone batteries.

I have generally found Apple products excellent for battery life and for the first year and a half of my Apple iPhone 6 lived up my expectations and kept up with my intense use brilliantly. On an average day starting with a full charge this smart phone would last through a full day requiring no additional charging which worked very well for this smart phone addict! However, with age the battery power of the iPhone 6 diminished and over the past 6 months is now requiring a charge every 4 hours or so. In addition it seems to occasionally get to 30% battery life and just shut down, and extremes in temperature in the environment have a huge affect on the battery – not great when I travel year round and am often in snow one week and on a beach the next and ALWAYS with my handset!

The battery of the Apple iPhone 6 which did me so well for the first year/ year and a half is now no longer able to keep up with my demanding use.


Performance & Design

Apple produce great design, beautiful products – that is fact. Design was one of the reasons I decided to choose the Apple iPhone 6. It is a sleek, slim, lightweight smart phone (so slim and lightweight that I regularly have to empty my handbag to find where it is hiding!). I chose the black handset with a silver/grey backing, I know a lot of people like the contrast of frame against the screen at the front, but I love the way my iPhone looks when it is ‘sleeping’ – sleek, and I just love the sophistication of the colour black. While I find it difficult to fault the design of the Apple iPhone 6, over the past three months I have been unable to use the Home button on the handset. As every Apple iPhone user knows – the Home button does EVERYTHING! However the boffins at Apple have figured out a way for me to keep using my handset and so now I use the ‘Accessibility’ buttons – which appears as a little dot on my screen. This does affect my interaction with the performance of the smart phone. It takes me longer to access screens and apps, the accessibility button gets in the way when I’m scrolling sometimes and most annoyingly I accidentally take screenshots when I want to close down apps.

Overall I still love the Apple iPhone 6 design and for a 2 year old smart phone – this handset still performs pretty well.

The accessibility button on show on the lock screen of the handset

The accessibility button on show on the lock screen of the handset

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Strength & Durability

As well as being a demanding user of my smart phone, I’m also incredibly hard on it and very clumsy. I have dropped my handset more times than I can remember, it often gets thrown in the same pocket in my handbag as my house keys and yet even without a cover the Apple iPhone 6 comes out with no visible scratches. Perhaps my particular handset is indestructible – about a year ago I thought I had killed it. I had knocked a drink over it, the screen flickered and then it just shut down – nothing I could do would revive it until I reverted to the old “stick it in rice overnight” advice followed by leaving it to charge which seemed to do the trick and my trusty Apple iPhone 6 came back to life and I’ve been much more careful with liquid around my smart phone ever since.


Best Features

The Apple iPhone 6 has many great features, but there are a few that really stand out for me.

  • The weight – this is a very lightweight handset, and as a traveler the weight of the items I take on the road with me is of huge importance. Once you realise that everything you pack adds up (even a smart phone handset!) and impacts not just your airline baggage allowance weight, but also decides whether you’re going to have a sore back from lugging it around all over South East Asia for example, you understand that lightweight items are your friend!
  • The camera – one of the main reasons for having a smart phone for me is being able to capture an image and load it directly onto various social media platforms. The Apple iPhone 6 has a camera that, in my opinion, far exceeds all models before it. The pictures are sharp, clear and there is a wide range of edits that you can make before posting. I have had more compliments on the pictures of my travels and adventures that I have taken with this smart phone handset than with any other camera. A definite feature!
  • Ease of use – Apple really do make products that are intuitive and easy to navigate, and this handset is no different. From simple things such as the size of the apps on the screen, the use of the home button to navigate and close down apps, the ease of scrolling, enlarging and reducing images. And let’s not forget the one-touch fingerprint access – pure genius!


Worst Features

I may be an Apple fan, but I am objective enough to identify some features on the Apple iPhone 6 that I don’t like.

  • Storage – or continual lack thereof. Now, perhaps I should have stumped up for the 124GB handset, but as I tend to leave most of my large items in the cloud (movies, music, photos) I figured I wouldn’t need much memory on my handset……wrong! I know I’m not the only Apple smart phone user to have this issue, it’s incredibly irritating especially when I go to take a photo only to be told that I can’t because I have exceeded my storage limit. I do wonder if Apple iPhones are like handbags – even if I buy the largest memory size, will it just end up continually full to overflowing as well? The jury is out, but the constant lack of storage on the Apple iPhone 6 is a total drag.
  • Pointless apps – I know Apple do their due diligence and select certain apps that they believe their users need or want, but there are a number that I really don’t want on my smart phone. I don’t want them, but I can’t remove them either and this means I now have a bunch of apps tucked away in a remote area of my handset screen that are never used and taking up precious storage (see above!). For example – not all Apple iPhone 6 users are going to be feverishly tracking their stock portfolios so why can’t I delete the ‘stocks’ app? Beyond frustrating!


Overall Review

From my detailed review above I think it’s pretty clear that I am a fan. I have had two great years use out of this handset and I’m not even sure smart phones are supposed to last that long – at least not that long when the user is as demanding and as clumsy as I am.

The Apple iPhone 6 has been a great phone, it is sophisticated looking, easy to use, durable and it fits in with my lifestyle and is like a Swiss army knife as a smart phone! I used to travel everywhere with my iPad (told you I was an Apple fan), but since buying the iPhone 6 there is no need for me to take it on shorter trips as my iPhone 6 now has everything I need while I am away for a couple of days (I’ve even read a book on the iBooks app before!).

Considering how tough I’ve been on this phone, how much I have expected from it, the conditions I have asked it to operate in, it has performed remarkably well. Now I wonder whether any other Apple iPhone model will live up to the fantastic Apple iPhone 6.

Overall Rating 8/10

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