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Four weeks ago, I stepped into the local Apple store in the hopes of buying an iPhone SE or something low range, basically, since I had lost my previous iPhone 6 to the beach. I walked out with a shiny new, Jet Black Apple iPhone 7 with 128GB storage. From the moment I even held the device in my hand, though, I knew it had to be it. I was taken at the sheer speed of the beast in my hands.

Battery Life & Charging

After viewing the Apple website, I was expecting exceptional performance. The iPhone 7 packs a heavy battery life of 40 hours audio playback and a 14 hour talk time. But Apple definitely missed the mark for me here. Even after ignoring the fact that these figures are only for medium usage and don’t cater for heavy users, I was disappointed. For the first five hours, all was fine. But when the battery percentage hit 50%, it went downhill. Within another three hours I was looking at a blacked out screen and a phone with no juice left. This is one of the only cons for me here.

iphone battery life


However, Apple’s lightning fast charging negated the bad battery life for me. The speed at which this phone charges just amazes me! Within 2.5-3 hours I am good to go with a full battery life. This aspect made me extremely happy and definitely cancelled out what was disappointing earlier.

Design and Performance

Personally, the design for me was perfect since I’m not really a fan of change. However, the 7 is noticeably thinner than the 6, and lighter too, which was great, since I didn’t find it to be too heavy during one handed usage. The absence of the headphone jack didn’t really affect me personally since I was already a user of wireless earphones, however, during car rides if I had to use an aux cable, it was a real pain if I didn’t carry the connecting cable. This was only a minor con for me. The new home ‘button’ was a pleasant surprise for me and I was happy that at least the button wouldn’t get spoilt after some intensive usage.

The iPhone 7 packs the A10 fusion chip. To translate: it’s bloody fast! There is absolutely no lag, and that’s coming from a very demanding user. I already have over 25 applications installed and it is as fast as the day I got it home. One thing worth mentioning is the speed of the Touch ID. There is a very small difference, but once you’ve used it, it’s hard to go back.

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Strength and Durability

Personally, I’ve handled this phone with the utmost care and it has barely slipped through my hands. However, due to the water and dust resistant exterior, I’m assured that if ever I accidentally do drop it in water or get it damp in a coat pocket during rains, it’s safe. This is actually great fun at the beach and we have great pictures in the water.

I would suggest that you get a good, heavy-duty cover for this smartphone because I’m sure getting the display changed would cost a pretty penny. I would also recommend that you put on a tempered glass screen protector because the screen tends to get scratched easily (especially if you have long nails!). If you do not use a heavy-duty cover, be sure to at least buy some sort of protection for the camera lens because it is not flush with the body and jutts out; perfect recipe for scratches obscuring your pictures!

Best Features

Where do I even start? I am so in love with this phone. The camera, however, has to be one of my favourite features. It is what enticed me into buying this device as well. I knew whichever iPhone I’d take would have a good camera, best available. But this cannot even be compared. The 12 MP rear camera paired with the beautiful display turn out to be a solid combination. Live Photos is a favourite feature of mine here. The moments come out stunning! The pictures in low light come out so vibrant!

The speakers and sound quality is also amazing. I’m not sure if it’s just this device or if it’s an iPhone thing these days but my 6 did not sound this great. Even without speakers, in closed quarters, the speaker works amazing. I love to sing along and play music while I cook and I don’t even need to bother with speakers anymore!

The upgraded home button is a huge plus for me! All Apple products I’ve owned till now have had issues with the home button. While only time will tell how this one takes it, I’m guessing it will pull through better since it’s no longer a physical button.

The microphone on this is extremely clear. I record almost all of the voice over for my Youtube videos on this and honestly, I don’t think I will be investing in an external microphone any time soon.

One of my all time favourites is the super quick charging. Whether you’re in a pinch or leading a jet-setting life, this is one feature that will be a lifesaver.

Worst Features

The bad battery life did manage to dampen my mood a little, however, I think it is still one point that can be excused since the fast charging manages to makeup for it.

While for me it wasn’t that big an issue, the removal of the headphone jack may be problematic for many. I’ve only been inconvenienced a few times because of this, that too usually in the car, so now I keep a lightning cable to headphone jack cord in my car.

One last thing I completely disliked was the fact that the 7 Plus had a better camera. The discrepancy didn’t particularly make sense to me and I hated that I missed out on a better camera because I didn’t want that big a screen size.

Overall Review

This is definitely the best smartphone I have used to this day. Of course, whatever technology Apple comes up with next may just be better. It has definitely been a treat to pamper myself and buy the latest iPhone, but it is definitely paying off! Since I’m a photographer, smartphone photography never really made me happy, but there are times when I am completely satisfied leaving behind my DSLR, with this as a substitute.

There are a few areas of improvement, but then there will always be room for improvement. Nothing major though, because nothing has been taken away from the experience.

I’ll probably be using this phone as my daily driver for a few more years, considering Apple hardware doesn’t get outdated as easily Android may.

What I feel: BUY IT! This is the most value for money you’ll ever get, and it is worth every penny.

Thank you for reading!

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Apple iPhone 7 : User Review



The excitement of the audience, which was caused by this year’s presentation of the new iPhone was not forgotten this time again, both for lovers of the iPhone, as for the members of the opposite camp – one to delight the novelties, others to ridicule.  Innovative or self-sacrificing? With the launch of the new iPhone 7, Apple drew attention mainly due to the missing of the headphone jack – no other innovation of the smartphones was so much discussed in the last few years. No easy starting position for the big player from Cupertino. Each of us had something to say on this subject, and we have no other choice but to show you the new iPhone model in its full glory.


Despite leaving the same physical dimensions of the chassis, designers of the iPhone have additionally arranged the interior and made room for a larger battery capacity. This increase will be pleased to welcome you all, as compared to last year’s iPhone 6s, the iPhone 7 now has 1960 instead of 1715 mAh battery. Increased battery capacity and improved energy efficiency of the A10 Fusion Chipset has a positive impact on the autonomy of the device. I have gained some rough impression that the autonomy is better than the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus models.According to my subjective impressions, I estimate that the iPhone 7 can achieve about 8 to 9 hours of use. These figures should be taken with a grain of salt, because a lot of parameters depend from the user. There is, however, point deduction for the charging time – Good 2:34 hours needs the iPhone 7 to be fully charged again. Unfortunately, Quick Charge is not on board with the 4.7 inch mobile phone.




One of the major obstacles due to which many existing users of iPhone 6 or 6s models will not switch to the new iPhone 7 is almost the same design. But why is the new look of the iPhone phone so important to us? Taking into account the previous models, we know that Apple seriously changes the design every two years with a new numerous label. As it was the case, for example, with the transition from the 5 on a 6, it was logical that as in previous years, a jump from 6 to 7 brings a concrete redesign. But that did not happen this year, and only Apple knows the real reason to do so, like all the others, we can only speculate. It is very likely that the “spectacle” with the change of the design is left for the iPhone 8 next year, and also the tenth anniversary of the launch of the first iPhone model.

I recently had the opportunity to discuss this with an owner of iPhone 6 Plus model, and my question of whether he plans to move to the iPhone 7. As I’ve expceted, the answer was negative. The explanation of why the new iPhone is not interesting was that “the phone looks almost the same as the old iPhone 6 “. Many will think this way, especially people who are interested in Apple phones due to the brilliant quality and excellent impression left. However, a large percentage of the users gives great importance to the appearance of the phone and are reasonably concerned that it will not be so obvious to have the new iPhone, because it looks the same as the two predecessors.


It wouldn’t be wrong to say that the iPhone 7 is identical to the iPhone 6 / 6s models. The dimensions and shape of the housing are identical to their predecessors, and from the front it is practically impossible to tell the difference between them. This is not the case with the back, especially in the iPhone 7 Plus model that brings a whole different dual camera, and therefore takes precedence over 7 iPhone model when it comes to “recognition” of the new iPhone. Another detail of which Apple was thinking about on how to improve the design, are the antenna lines, making the back a lot “cleaner”. The cameras this year have even bigger bumps. Someone will care less, some more, but a lot of users still prefer that the bump is as small as possible or none at all as on some smartphones.

It is known that the front side of each iPhone is decorated by the home button that changed the look and received new qualities as time passed by. The home button actually works quite differently, than the button on the previous models. Instead of the physical mechanism of pressure as in previous models, the new button is designed like a touchpad on the new Macbook, where it uses haptic feedback to a emulate the pressure, in fact, the key is completely static. You also might notice that on the bottom there is no 3.5mm jack, as you already well know, Apple has decided to remove the “old” port, and bravely enters the era of wireless headphones.

Many will say that Apple’s solution with the AirPods handset is too expensive and not as convenient as advertised, requiring the wearing of the box and bringing a greater possibility of losing one handset because it has no cable that is linked to them. For those who still prefer cable, the solution arrives in the form of a 3.5mm to Lightning adapter that is a part of the package. Of course, EarPods headphones are still a part of the package, only now they have the Lightning connector, so you will not be able to charge your phone and listen to music at the same time. More precisely, it is possible, but only with the help of several adapters, which is totally impractical.



While many remain dissatisfied with the lack of more obvious redesign of the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus models, there is no reason to appeal when it comes to hardware improvements. It is known that Apple had the best chipset compared to the competition in previous years, and also this year, it goes to the top of the list. We are talking of course about the extremely powerful Apple A10 Fusion chip.

Apple does not want to get involved in the race of “who will have more multi-core processors”, and because of the ignorance of many consumers, it’s often considered inferior compared to quad-core and octa-core variants. This of course is not the case, because a good dual-core processor certainly can beat the other with four or eight cores. It continues the tradition with an extremely powerful dual-core, namely the A10 Dual Core processor with high frequency work of 2.3GHz ( 1.85GHz in the previous A9 generation ). An interesting detail is that it is not just about two powerful cores in previous years, but Apple has now added two little weaker, so to speak, extra cores. Graphic element chipset has also got an improvement – a six-core PowerVR GPU, which offers a 50% performance increase.

The storage capacity changed this year so, the iPhone now comes in 32, 128 and 256GB storage options. There is no microSD slot, nor will ever be, so you need to carefully assess how much memory is needed to because there is no subsequent extensions. The iPhone 7 has 2 GB of RAM , which is more than enough for it to work flawlessly.

One should not forget the camera, often the most essential characteristic and extremely important parameter to compare smartphones. Seemingly, it can be said that there is no change – 12MP just like last year. However, when you enter deeper into the subject matter, it is clear that there is an improvement. First of all, the aperture is substantially increased, with a central F2.2 to F1.8 excellent, and second, this year just like its bigger brother, it brings optical camera stabilization. Selfie lovers will also be delighted by increasing the resolution of 5MP front camera with the 7MP.

Why has the iPhone gained such a reputation that many call the best smartphone in the world? The reasons are numerous, and they include a combination of the most powerful hardware with good software. Hardware may not always be the best on paper, in this case it is not, but many think that the dual-core is worse than eight cores.

With all due respect to Samsung and Qualcomm’s chipsets that make great stuff, respect must be paid to Apple because the A10 Fusion is again in front of all that can still be found on the market by competitors. You may think you’re talking about a very slight advantage A10 chipset, but a more detailed examination and testing leads to the conclusion that the combination of dual-core processors and first sixcore-GPU significantly ahead of other solutions. Apple specifically states that the A10 brought 40% performance increase in processing segment and up to 50% better GPU performance, thanks to the atrocious six-core PowerVR graphics chip.


To see what the results are compared to the best chipset of Samsung, as a competitor is thrown Galaxy S7 Edge with the Exynos 8890 Octa chipset. How A10 is really fast, you can see from the results of the benchmarks below.

Apple iPhone 7:

BaseMark OS II: Overall 3500; System 6483; Memory 2228; Graphics 6763; Web 1537
KrakenBenchmark: 1133ms (less is better)
WebXPRT: 206 points
Jetstream: 134.91
GFXBench: Manhattan 58.73 FPS ; Offscreen 40.76 FPS
Passmark: 317 MB/s Write; 899 MB/s Read

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge:

BaseMark OS II: Overall 2621; System 4005; Memory 2587; Graphics 4247; Web 1062
KrakenBenchmark: 3316ms (less is better)
WebXPRT: 165 points
Jetstream: 41.61
GFXBench: Manhattan 27.00 FPS ; Offscreen 39.00 FPS
Passmark: 819 MB/s Write; 2710 MB/s Read

One might wonder whether this numbers reflect the true performance in the real use of the phone. The answer is yes, and while the jump in practice compared to the previous generation iPhone’s iOS is not so drastically noticeable and tangible, it is still present. The problem is that all the flagships lately are quite quick, so when the already excellent performance gets even better, there is a decline in the perception of  high-performance, and they must be compared synthetically.

Another way is to compare two high-speed smartphones directly executing identical operations simultaneously, which means that if you would like to notice even better performance, you need to test two phones simultaneously. The iPhone 7 is specifically faster than the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge models, but it is questionable how much is this important to the average user, because the difference is expressed in fractions of a second.

Yes, the iPhone 7 is the king of synthetic tests and has the best performance of the phone today, but at the end of the day the question is whether an individual prefers iOS or Android platform. It is known that the iOS platform is a lot more fluent compared to Android, but we can not say that it is absolutely perfect.

Just like Android, there are some milder defects and bugs, while nowadays both platforms are equally rich in abilities. The decision at the end of the day remains on the user – which more suits to his requirements and needs. The important thing, of course we have to mention is that with the launch of the iPhone 7 smartphone arrived the upgrade to iOS 10 which I will be discussing in the future.


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Let’s pay attention to the screen of the iPhone 7. The diagonal is unchanged, 4.7 “. This diagonal in today’s smartphone world is a rarity since many Android manufacturers are pushing screens that are 5 inches and up. Of course, fans of smaller screens will have no problem with the 4.7 “, but as we have said, such a diagonal is slightly lower compared to today’s average. Resolutions and diagonals aside, let’s talk about the IPS panel, which Apple uses for its phones. An awesome feature of the new screen of the iPhone is an outstanding screen calibration, which is carried out on them, placing them at the very top when it comes to color accuracy. Of course, I had to check it out in person, and my opinion more or less agrees with the others. But, in comparison to the Samsung’s Super AMOLED screen, it is still behind, as the AMOLED technology allows higher contrast and color quality as it can turn off the backlight for every pixel and create a true black color. The second thing is the resolution of the iPhone 7 screen – 1334×750 pixels and sharpness of 326 PPI, which has not changed for six years since iPhone 5. One can not say that the sharpness bad, but it is unusual that a lot cheaper-budget phones have larger screens and HD sharpness compared to the iPhone 7.


One notable feature of the iPhone that alternated generations has always been a good camera. It is arguable whether the iPhone camera models over the years provided the best picture quality, I would say that they have not, but the difference compared to the best camera has always been low.

The results I obtained are very interesting, and we can say that it is very difficult to say because there are so many good cameras among competitors. This time I have compared the iPhone 7 camera with a Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge camera and it seems that Apple has overall a small advantage. The iPhone 7 brings more comfortable appearance and better details when the picture is big, the processing is simply natural, in opposite to the artificial sharpening on the S7 Edge model. On the other hand, the color temperature is less we like about iPhone 7 which is in all conditions warmer than it should be, making pictures bright and lively when in reality the colors are not like that. Samsung better “hits” the right color temperature, although it can happen that photos have a cooler tone. Neither Apple nor Samsung in this area are not exactly perfect. With the noise in photos both parties are equally good, while comparison of the dynamic range varies from situation to situation, more difficult to tell what is better because both phones cope very nice with the bright and dark areas at the same time. 4K video recording is in my opinion better on the iPhone 7. The video is very detailed and sharp, and it is simply more advanced compared to the 4K footage of the S7 Edge.


The phone feels in the hand very luxurious thanks to the aluminum alloy body.
With the new models, arrived new colors, Jet Black, which also can be a visual indication that you have the latest iPhone, if it’s something important, but I believe that such cases certainly exist already. There’s an Interesting story behind the production process of the new Jet Black paint – a metal body receives a high gloss. It looks very interesting and elegant, but also brings a few problems – first, the phone is more slippery compared to the standard Black model, Silver and Rose Gold matte versions. Another disadvantage of the Jet Black variant is that the glossy back cover is a lot more susceptible to scratching. Apple recommended the use of masks (covers) as a solution to avoid scratching, which again defeats the purpose of the existence of new colors on offer.


As I’ve already said – The new iPhone comes with a luxury designed aluminum alloy body, and also with new colours, which are giving a new shine to it, it has improved Touch ID and security which is nowadays very important. It gives better performance thanks to the enhanced A10 fusion processor in combination with the nicely designed, almost flawless iOS 10. The improved battery life is also a big thing, since it’s the main problem of today’s phones, and also I have to mention the bigger storage as the data we process gets bigger and bigger every day. Maybe the biggest thing on the new iPhone, that a lot of Android smartphones have for a long time is water and dust resistance (IP67) which was finally implemented in the new iPhone 7. And, as always, there’s an awesome camera which will never let you down.


The iPhone 7 price is too high compared to the options it offers. There are a lot of good Android smartphones, near to the performance of the iPhone 7, that you can get for half the money. It’s also the third year of Apple using the same basic design, and implementing very few major changes compared to iPhone 6s. There is no headphone jack which is demanding use of adapters, and that’s not so practical as you can’t charge your phone and listen to music simultaneously. Also, the JetBlack colour scratches easily which can be annoying as noone likes his phone looking used.


Apple is a company that absolutely deserves our admiration and undisguised sympathy thanks to its performance so far in the field of mobile phones (of course, not only in this). I affirm that this particular company contributed the most to the appearance and functionality of smart phones as we know them today. That is why each time our expectations are greater and more specific, if not enthusiastic. Let there be no doubt when it comes to the new generation of iPhone and my attitude. It is one of the best on the market. If you believe that your smartphone is old, if it has issues, and you want to gift yourself a top smartphone, you should not have too big dilemma – iPhone is one of the best phones on the market, according to some, the best as it achieved everything that users today can expect from a premium handset.

iPhone 7 has the fastest chipset, extraordinary and absolutely fluid experience with perhaps the best camera among all smartphones, great 4K video recording, larger battery and reduced power consumption, waterproof properties, further polished iOS 10 OS. You absolutely won’t go wrong if you choose it, and you base your choice on technical characteristics that are at the top level. iPhone 7 is in this plan simply brilliant and from my side deserves absolute recommendations: in this plan it is likely that he has no equal.

Let us not forget, iPhone 6 or 6s are also extraordinary phones, which I’ve been using for some time. Therefor I think that an upgrade “from 6 to 7” financially speaking, is a very bad decision. IPhone 7 is an attractive phone, uless you own an iPhone 6s – it is an upgrade but not a revolution.

We will not add salt to the wound, and pull the issue of the lack of 3.5 mm connector from the phone. Even on the PC, there’s been no more parallel nor serial port for a long time, or PS2 peripherals  –  we replaced them all with USB or Bluetooth connection, and we have survived anyway … So I think that we will survive without a 3.5mm “jack”.

I’m excited for the next September and I expect … what else but a spectacle!
What about you?

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