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iwatch series 1


As we know, Apple Inc. has been developing more interesting gadgets throw the time. In this case, I’ll bring you more details about the first wearable watch that they made. The Apple Watch Series 1.

When we talk about a watch, everyone could think about the time, if it is resistant to water, the weight and if you’re comfortable with it. The first Apple watch brings you more than the simple expectation you could have. It is an original invention and modern. The performance that it could give you it’s the best you can find because of the duel-core processor. It fits perfectly with your iPhone because it will be always connected so you could stay in touch with all your friend without taking out you iPhone from your pocket.

I already had a watch before getting an Apple Watch but it was a simple one. The idea of having synchronized your iPhone with your MacBook or your iPad was simply amazing, so when the company Apple launched the new iWatch, I knew it was going to succeed. When I went to buy one with my mother, the first impression it gave me was the best. She was amazed and so do I.


The battery life is one of the most important aspects that everyone is looking for. If it is a wearable tech that someone is going to use all day, it has to be capable to last more de 15hrs. I use to charge it overnight so when I wake up it is ready to use. When is time to go to bed, most of the time I check and it has 15% of battery and I use it all day. When it gets to 10% the device sends you a notification so you can charge it. In case you want to save battery, there is a Power Reserve mode that it’s really helpful. Another important point, in this case, is that it takes approximately 2 hours to get a full charge using the included Apple Watch Magnetic Charging Cable.

Apple watch chargingiwatch cable



The performance in this device is faultless. As I said, the first impression you can get it’s accurate. It has everything you could look for on a watch. The touch-screen works perfectly, immediately response. With a simple tap, you can answer calls, reply messages, see the sender and subject on emails, get alerts when you have some kind of events (calendar) and more. Siri is important is this device because you can get things done just using your voice. I started using Siri, but in Spanish, when I get my first iPhone and it was helpful, and now when I use it on my iWatch, it works correctly.

The iWatch is good-looking and designed to make the wrist comfortable with it. If you get a Watch or a Watch Edition, it will come with sapphire screen material and there is one more material that comes with the Sport Watch, the ion-x glass.

apple watch right side screen material

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In spite of been small and feels light is resistance. I let it fall down 2 times by accident and it still working perfectly. The purpose of the material utilized by Apple was to make it strength and at the same time light because no one wants to feel like is having a rock on the wrist. I already have one year with my Apple Watch and I think the durability that it shows is excellent and won’t disappoint the people who are thinking about buying one.

You might be asking, is the Apple Watch waterproof? Well, it is but just to a certain degree (meters) like some other watches.


Despite the fact of having the best technology on it and let you synchronize your iPhone with your watch, it was also designed to track your health activity. Personally, I could say is one of the best and innovate features you can get on this device. I used to walk a lot, like from my house to the bus station, it’s like 10 minutes, and I do it daily, I walked to the tennis court, to the gym and more places; so my iWatch track every step I make and how many calories I’ve burned. Also, you can ask about your heart rate and there is a Breath option so you can sit 1 minute, breath and relax (also gives you your heart rate in that minute). If you’re a person who exercises daily, there is a Workout option where you can choose between outdoor and indoor workouts (walk, run, cycle, elliptical, rower, stair stepper and others) and when you finish, it tells you how many calories you’ve burned.

One more thing I like about this watch is that you can make it match your personality. There is a lot faces options you can choose, like a digital one or more serious like a Rolex design and if you like Disney characters, they also made one of Mickey and Minnie mouse who tells you what time is it just by pressing the screen. If you don’t like the brand the comes with it, you can also purchase various models they’ve made for us.


The charger in this device is unique, is not like when you have an iPod, iPhone and an iPad and you can use the same charger on each of them because they all have the same entrance. That’s one of the problems, but you can find extra accessories for it. There are already new charging stands or docks from other companies who fix this problem.

When your iPhone is connected to a wifi, the iWatch automatically attach to your iPhone and when you are outside without wifi, you have to turn your Bluetooth on to stay connected so that might use a good percent of your iPhone’s battery but it’s not a big deal.

New charging stands

iwatch chargeriphone and iwatch charger


The Apple Watch Series 1 is a well-designed smartwatch that gives you no just the time or sends you notifications (email, events or WhatsApp). If you’re sitting for too much time, it tells you to stand up because they are aware of the risks that can take been sitting for a long period.  It has one of the best data warehouse and it is going to be always connected with you iPhone.

If you have an iPhone, I totally recommend you to get an iWatch. It’s a complete device, good-looking and with a modern design. You can find them in two sizes (38mm and 42mm) depend on your wrist. You should give it a try.

If you don’t have one, this is not the only smartwatch. There are more intelligent watches who can fit your smartphone. Each one has their unique characteristics, it’s just about to read about them and choose the best option.

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Apple Watch: User Review

 Apple Watch Series 1



I could not sleep the night before the Apple Watch was released. I was pretty excited because the release announcements were everywhere. The next day I woke up early, went to the store and bought one Apple Watch 42 mm Space Gray Aluminum Case with Black Sport Band, my dad bought one too. When we arrived to the store, everyone was pretty excited, the line was quite long but that did not stop me to wait and buy one Apple Watch. As the time ran, more and more people arrived to the store, when I realized, the placed was packed!


Battery Life and Charging

My experience with my Apple Watch has been great! I don´t have any problem with the battery, indeed it lasts until I get to my bed again. I do a lot of activity through the day, longs walks through the Campus and the Apple Watch does a great work tracking my steps, my flights climbed and even my heart pressure, what I want to emphasize here is that the Apple Watch battery lasts all day, no matter if it is performing continuously or by times and that´s important for me. It takes approximately from two to three hours to charge.

apple_watch_sport_42mm_space_gray_aluminum_case_with_black_sport_band_-_mj3t2_2__62122_zoom MLLA2_AV1


Performance and Design

At first sight, it looks beautiful; especially the screen which looks like it was carefully designed and crafted like most of the traditional watches. What I consider as an important feature of the Apple Watch Sport is that its screen is made of sapphire, this material is scratch resistant and when the watch is used in outdoors, the light tends to reflect less. If you get a new brand Apple Watch, you will note that the watch has a good performance, unfortunately as the time passes, you will note that the performance of watch will get slower, especially when you push the watch glass, you will note that the 3D touch function gets slower.



Strength and Durability

What I love the most about this watch is its strength and durability because I once fell over the floor, and the what face directly hit the floor, I was scared because I thought the watch was broken but…. not at all! It just got some scratches over the case but the glass was intact, that feature is important to consider! One that I like is the watch strap, it doesn´t matter what I do, the watch is securely strapped to my wrist and always feels comfortable.  One thing I don´t like is that the watch case gets easily scratched, so if you want to keep your watch without scratches, you should consider maybe the stainless steel case watch model!

alu-spacegray-sport-black-gallery2_GEO_US alu-spacegray-sport-black-gallery3

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Best features

One of the best features the watch has is faces. Why? Because you can change the watch face according to your mood or situation. There´s a wide list of options to choose a watch face, from something “fancy” to something funnier like a Mickey telling you the time! Right now with the new operative system you have more options to choose, now you can get inspired and try new combinations with the “complications” feature and the face you want your watch to have. Another amazing feature of this watch is that it gets connected with my iPhone automatically, once you have already configured of course, for example, while driving I don´t have to take my phone to change a song or the get directions, the only thing I have to do is to open the app I need in my watch, I´m ready to go! So, having an Apple Watch really simplifies your life and you can get also that “futuristic experience” to use a smart watch and feel like you’re a spy when you use the Phone app on your Apple Watch because I´ve always dreamed of having a “spy watch” with a lot functions and capabilities and now that dream becomes reality!


Worst features

Maybe one of the worst features is that it doesn´t have its own WiFi connectivity and it always has to be connected to the iPhone. Most people are complaining about this, because this people would love to use the Apple Watch but don´t have an iPhone! As I have previously written, the battery lasts only one day, and that´s amazing because you can track most of your activities in one day but it would awesome if the battery gets some improvements for example if the battery lasts at least three day, that would be enough! Because I sometimes forget to charge my Apple Watch and the next day while I´m wearing it I realize that it doesn´t have enough battery to go, so I have to wear my traditional watch, and that´s not cool. Another feature I don´t like is the heart rate sensor, it´s not accurate, I don´t want it to be specifically accurate but I feel that Apple should improve this feature especially for the ones that do exercise (I do exercise and sometimes I don´t get an accurate or approximate heart rate).  I think those are the worst features of the Apple Watch series 1, these are just a few but I still think Apple can improve this watch.

Overall review

Concluding, I do love technology and I think the Apple Watch Series 1 is the best expression of what is modern technology and the best is still waiting to be discovered! The Apple Watch is not perfect but it has everything! Once you buy it, you realize that it´s not obsolete, it´s pure innovation! The Apple Watch sport has inspired me to get fit and eat better! What I want to express is that the Apple Watch really impacts your life and is really useful simple way to get things done with style! There´s still a lot to improve and I´m excited for that! What´s waiting for us in this wearable technology, the possibilities right now are infinite. Let´s remember that innovation is something new, valuable for the user, applicable to the user and something better, and I can say the Apple Watch accomplishes with all of those features of innovation, there´s something to improve, however these are the first watches, what I want to believe is that Apple will get everything down and do the improvements that the watch needs in order to be competitive with other smart watches.


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