Autonomously capture the action with the HEXO+ Drone

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With the recent advancements in technology, their has been a large amount of buzz around drones and the amazing footage which is able to be captured from them. Initially having to manually control these drones was not easy, and required a lot of skill. As the drone required you to manually control its flight path, as well as the camera. This meant the user was never able to enjoy taking amazing aerial footage of themselves while partaking in outdoor activities. However, this has now become achievable by HEXO+, which is the worlds first autonomous drone system, which will follow you, so you can get the most amazing footage possible.  Their Kickstarter driven campaign was asking for $50,000, but to this day has $1.3 million+ pledged, and a large backing.

HEXO+ has been able to develop an autonomous drone, which is able to track the user through the MAVLink Protocol (Micro Air Vehicle Link) communicating between the GPS & sensor inside of the drone and the smartphone, which has the HEXO+ app installed on either an IOS or Android device and is being carried by the subject/user.

This technology has opened the opportunity for almost anyone who has a smartphone and the HEXO+ to capture impressive aerial footage of themselves doing the activities they love, or even just to capture an amazing selfie, by just a few simple taps on your smartphone.


  1. Framing the shot at a touch of a button

Hexo+ app


The smartphone app displays a figure representing the user and a 3D perspective of your camera’s point of view, letting you pinch the screen to set the distance of the between yourself and the drone. The app also allows you to choose the angle of which the HEXO+ will film the subject, whether it’s the front, back, side or wherever you would like.


 2.   Just press start!

hexo+ gesture

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When you complete setting up the angles and frame for the drone, it will automatically take off and fly to the position which the user set on the app. It will begin to hover in place until the subject/user begins moving, where it will begin tracking the subject and capture the amazing footage.

 3.   Let the HEXO+ do the work

HEXO+ tracking

All you have to do now, is do what you do best and let the HEXO+ do, what is does best. The Drone will continuously be repositioning itself to your movements and its trajectory anticipation algorithm, allowing the HEXO+ to capture the best footage possible from the angles you set on the app before take off.

The HEXO+ build is as magnificent as the footage it allows you to capture. Being built with an attached 2D or 3D gimbal mount for a GoPro, allowing the HEXO+ to produce extremely steady footage while travelling through the air at up to 45mph (70km/h), being able to capture the shot from as far as 1.2 miles (2 kilometres) away from the subject and have a flight time of up to  15 minutes.

If you’re interested in learning more about the HEXO+ or are interested in purchasing one head over to either their kickstarter campaign: HEXO+ Kickstarter

Or head over to their website:

sources: hexoplus.comHEXO+ Kickstarter

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