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Bicycle Theft is an Issue

It is an unfortunate fact of life that bicycles are stolen every day. In fact, around the world hundreds of thousands are stolen each year and, until now, there isn’t too much you can do about it.


Taking a trip to the supermarket, commuting to work, visiting your local craft brewery or even touring across Europe during a Summer holiday, you are at some point going to have to leave your bike somewhere that you cannot keep a constant eye one it. Most of us would use a form of physical bicycle locks for security, from a basic cable with padlock or combination lock to a state-of-the-art Abus or Kryptonite D-Lock.

However, in most of these cases, you are only preventing the casual thief from taking off with your bike; most professional bike thieves, and yes, there are actual professional bike thieves out there, can take from just a few seconds to a few minutes to remove the lock and be on their way, bike in hand.

Whilst the issue of securing your bike with a physical lock in public will never go away, you can add an extra layer of protection for it in the form of a tracking device. Below are 5 devices that may help prevent your bike from being stolen and if it is, help tracking it down.

Tracking Devices


Price: $59.oo USD
Availability: Now

To protect bicycle from being stolen, the UNDERCOVER II uses a digital RF wireless bicycle alarm can be the solution. The Tag unit is installed underneath the bottle cage on bike, and once Tag unit senses vibration, both Tag and Base units will alert with siren up to 95 db; cyclist can take the necessary actions spontaneously. UNDERCOVER II, again, is a perfect additional protection for cyclist when taking a short break during the cycling journey.

UnderCover II

The Base (handheld) unit uses a CR-2032 battery, whilst the Tag (bike) unit uses 2x AA batteries.

When a tagged item is misplaced, you can use the Base unit to search for it, if it is within a 500 m (1600 ft), line-of -sight radius. Before searching, you must first calibrate the Base to the current terrain and environment. Next, begin the search by slowly scanning a third
time from right to left. The “Direction Indicator” on the Base Unit will illuminate (green) when it establishes the direction of the tagged item location. Move in the direction of the Tag Unit. As you approach the Tag unit, the frequency of the chirping and blinking (LED) on the Base Unit will increase.

UnderCover Search

Connected Cycles: Connected Pedal

Price: $189.oo USD
Availability: Soon

The Connected Cycles Connected Pedal was recently successfully launched on Indiegogo as both an activity tracker and an anti-theft security tracker.


The elegant design of this device is quite ingenious and uses the best of form and function, combining the electronics inside a beautifully looking pedal. The smart pedal is totally autonomous generating its own energy from the pedalling and uses its own Internet connection working in US and EU.eclate

The smart pedal tracks and records route, speed curve, incline curve, and calories burned on every single trip. You forgot your phone at home? You don’t have battery on your smartphone any more? No problem. All of the data can be retrieved through the Connected Cycle smartphone application at any time.


Once you have left your bike somewhere, you can easily find the fastest way back to it through the Connected Cycle smartphone application. You are also instantly notified on your smartphone when someone moves your bike (trying to take off the lock for instance).

And installing it is as simple as installing a normal bike pedal, but, the pedal is protected with an additive coded screw. Only the user can take it off.


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SpyBike: SpyLamp Tracker, Seatpost Tracker, Top Cap Tracker

SpyBike has three offerings that are designed to look like standard bike components, but looks can be deceiving because hidden inside are state of the art GPS tracking systems enabling you to locate your bicycle’s whereabouts at the click of a button. The clever vibration sensors will even send you an alert if someone tampers with your bicycle.home_bike_hotspot

Arm your bicycle with the latest tracking technology. Covert and secure, the innovative devices provide you with the peace of mind that your bicycle can be traced should it be stolen. The tracker pairs with your mobile phone using Bluetooth. When it detects vibration it will check if your mobile phone is within range. If it is not, then it will assume it is being stolen and notify you and then begin uploading its position to our servers. You don’t need to arm/disarm the tracker, just carry your phone.


The tracker contains a rechargeable lithium battery and comes with a charging cable. The tracker can go for months between charges so long as you remember to disarm the tracker before riding your bike.

SpyLamp Tracker

Price: £92.50 GBP
Availability: Now

This device is a covert GPS tracker disguised as a rear bicycle LED light. It even functions as an ordinary bicycle light. But this device is anything but ordinary. Bicycle tail lights are not expensive but people still steal them. spylamp is attached with a special security screw to prevent casual thieves. You will receive the matching driver with your tracker.skylamp

Seatpost Tracker

Price: £72.50 GBP
Availability: Soon

This innovative and clever device contains a GPS tracker concealed within an aluminium seatpost tube. There are no external wires, making detection almost impossible. The tracker contains a very large 5000mAH rechargeable lithium battery and comes with a charging cable. The tracker can go for months between charges so long as you remember to disarm the tracker before riding your bike.

Seatpost Tracker

Top Cap Tracker

Price: £97.50 GBP
Availability: Soon

Spybike Top Cap Tracker is a GPS tracking device designed to be concealed in the headset of your bicycle. Once installed, it is indistinguishable from a regular top cap. Your bicycle must have an “AHeadset” in order for the top cap tracker to fit inside the steerer tube. The top cap tracker has a diameter of 23.5mm which fits steel, aluminium and most carbon fibre steerers. Your steerer must be minimum of 250mm long.

Top Cap Tracker


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