Garmin Quatix 3 Marine GPS Smartwatch

Garmin has launched a smartwatch that cruising yacht sailors will love to own. The quatix 3 marine GPS smartwatch sets a new benchmark in style and functionality. It allows sailors to perform a long list of tasks from their wrist. The unit is stylish yet powerfully versatile.

More a wrist-computer than a watch, it receives data from compatible on-board Garmin electronic devices as well as devices that are certified to operate on the NMEA 2000 standard. Most marine electronic product manufacturers conform to this standard and literally hundreds of their products are NMEA compatible. This ability to interact with on-board electronics makes the quatix 3 a commanding navigation toolbox.

Global Positioning

The watch features a tri-axis electronic compass. The wearer enjoys a constant reading of boat position and heading, even when down in the galley or relaxing in a bunk. The positioning capability of the watch is boosted because it is Global Navigation Satellite System (GLONASS) supported. GLONASS is the Russian satellite-based navigation system. If a positioning device has GLONASS support, it has the ability to draw on both the US satellite-based Global Positioning System (GPS) and GLONASS. This means the device benefits from the power of an additional 24 satellites, allowing it to deliver position coordinates 20 percent faster than devices that rely solely on GPS. This powerful positioning capability incorporates an omni-directional stainless steel EXO antenna.

garmin quatix 3

Boat Speed, Water Depth & Wind Data

Quatix 3 wearers enjoy constant on-board access to boat speed, water depth, and wind data. This high level of situational awareness helps sailors maintain their yacht on course and away from danger. When navigating on land, wearers will also appreciate the auto-calibrating altimeter providing an accurate elevation above sea level.

Anchor Alarm

One of the most powerful functions of the quatix 3 is its anchor alarm. It alerts users if their anchored boat drifts outside a pre-set swing radius. This feature provides cruising sailors with enormous peace of mind and helps them sleep soundly when at anchor.

Barometer & Air Temperature

The quatix 3 helps mariners keep a watchful eye on the weather. It is equipped with a barometer and measures air temperature. This information, combined with wind data, allows mariners to better anticipate weather shifts.

Man Overboard Hot-Button

The quatix 3 has a dedicated man overboard hot-button. It allows users to mark a waypoint immediately someone falls overboard making it easier to navigate back to the exact point. This function can also help record the location of a floating navigational hazard or an uncharted shoal.

Remote Control for Garmin VIRB Cameras

The quatix 3 wirelessly interacts with a Garmin VIRB camera allowing it to act a remote control for the camera. The wearer can take still shots as well as start-stop video recording with the camera without removing it from its mount. This can be a handy capability for mariners. For example, it provides and added dimension with which to document an entry into a tricky anchorage, making it easier to exit safely if it becomes necessary to leave in the night or if the weather closes in.

Interacts with Compatible Smartphones

The quatix 3 also wirelessly interacts with a compatible smartphone to provide a range of handy functions. Perhaps the most useful of these is to help mariners keep tabs on the tide by having the information on their wrist wherever they go, on boat or land. For any selected area, the watch receives tide data downloaded through a compatible smartphone. The information remains stored on the watch for seven days. This capability is particularly convenient when sailing or anchoring in areas with limited water depth where accurate monitoring of the rise and fall of the tide is critical to avoid a grounding.

Users can also connect their watch to a compatible smartphone to receive call, text and email notifications on the watch. This allows sailors to respond quickly to messages without carrying their mobile phone with them on deck when the risk of it dropping in the drink is high.

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Yacht Racing Functions

When users decide to unleash their competitive streak and race, the quatix 3 can help them come out on top. It comes equipped with several handy racing functions including race countdown timer, distance to start line, tack assist, and time-to-burn.

Fitness Functions

The quatix 3 helps users monitor their exercise regime. It tracks daily steps, mileage walked, and sleep time. It features for a range of sport functions for jogging, rowing, swimming, hiking, skiing, and golfing. The unit is water resistant to a depth of 100 metres.

Interacts with FUSION-brand Audio Gear

When it’s time to relax, the watch helps mariners entertain themselves. The quatix 3 interacts with on-board FUSION audio equipment. The wearer can adjust stereo settings, change radio channels, switch from radio to CD player, and search through tracks to find a favourite piece of music.

Stylish, High-Strength Case

All these impressive functionalities come packed in a high strength, glass-fibre reinforced housing that is ruggedly attractive. The watch face is a customisable colour display with a LED backlight. It is readable even in full sunlight and protected by a scratch-resistant domed sapphire lens.

Compatible with Garmin Connect IQ Mobile App

The quatix 3 is compatible with Connect IQ, a proprietary Garmin mobile app. This software allows users to wirelessly download and customize their watch with a new face. The appearance can be changed as often as users want, allowing them to regularly alter the look of their watch as well as the mix of data fields, widgets and apps displayed. Connect IQ also allows users to wirelessly upload data they collect on their quatix 3 to their computer.

Battery Life

The unit boasts up to six weeks of battery life in watch mode (depending on settings), 50 hours in UltraTrac mode and 20 hours in GPS mode. It is expected to be available during the first quarter of 2016. And, by the way, the quatix 3 also has an alarm clock and tells the time.


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