HP 350 G2: Review


As the title suggests, this is the review of the HP 350 G2 model, an all-around laptop useful to almost any user. In the last 5 months, I’ve had about enough time to put this device to test and see the results, of which I am satisfied. After all, the performance and hardware are the reasons why I chose this laptop. Equipped with an i5-5200U CPU and 8 GB of RAM, it will easily satisfy an average user. I bought the device from an online international store, for a very cheap price of 300 EUR. Also having an integrated fingerprint reader, it was clear to me that these specifications, at this price – was something I simply could not beat.

Battery life

I tested the laptop a few times to see how efficient the battery is. It lasted throughout watching 2 and a half movies in high quality, with other apps being open at the same time, the total time of video would sum up to around 4.5 hours. Adding 30 minutes while I downloaded the movies, I can safely assume that 5 hours of watching videos wouldn’t be a problem. While playing Sniper Elite II, the battery lasts around 2.5 hours. I would say it charges rather slow, maybe in 2 or 3 hours, but that’s just me, never satisfied. I tend to use it a lot for work, but I’m also a student so when I’m at university it hurts to think that I need to use the laptop but I’m not sure if it would last until I either get home or finish the assignment, nevertheless, it lasts enough to carry out a job, watch a movie, listen to music and really any average use of it, so I’m ok with that.

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Performance and design

The laptop has an impressive design that is suitable for both business and personal use. The keyboard is nicely laid out and it gives a very good feeling while typing. The touchpad is accurately placed in the middle of the letters section, very convenient while typing, but not so much when playing games. The laptop honestly dos the job it promises, but the 5400 RPM hard drive really slows it down after some time, while using it relatively intense, like having 30 tabs open in chrome, and a few other apps, opening and minimizing apps gets very slow, with seconds of delay time. I, therefore, think of applying the pieces of advice I read online about changing the hard drive to at least a 7200 RPM or to an SSD one, the good part, however, is that it is a 1 TB hard drive, plenty for the average user.

Strength and durability

Although the casing is made of plastic, it is well and sturdily built, and it already managed to survive a couple of crashes, as I dropped it on the floor. The one thing that comes into my mind right now is the lid, it opens pretty easy, and if I use the laptop while in bed and I want to adjust the laptop’s position, as I pick it up in the air and place it down the lid falls back pretty easy, so I try not to open and close it too often, as it is best suitable to stay in one place and not be moved around. Other than that it looks good, sturdy and durable.

hp 350 g2 review

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Best features

Moving on to the best of features offered by this laptop, I shall start with the 2.2 GHz processor, with turbo boost up to 2.7 GHz. The core i5-5200U does an outstanding job in the opening and working with heavily-demanding video-editing tools like Unreal Engine, Unity 3D, and music software like FL Studio 12 and Pro Tools First. Next, we have 8 GB of RAM which is plenty for the average user, but for me using such programs, or for an IT student, adding another 4 or even 8 GB would be a good idea. The next best thing is the capacitive 1 TB hard drive, although a bit slow, space is something I am enjoying for the price I paid. I get to keep lots of movies and TV shows on it, which is pretty cool. Now let’s move on to the one thing that makes using social media accounts easier and faster – the built-in fingerprint reader, with just a quick swipe I can either login to a website that is currently displayed, or if I’m on the desktop, it will open up all the sites I have connected in the HP Simple Pass window and by clicking on one of them, the page opens in the default browser and I am logged in – no more password typing.

Worst features

The dark side of the article, the not so pleasant features of the laptop, let’s quickly cover them since there aren’t so many of them. Let me start with the 5400 RPM hard drive, it’s just annoying, it gets slow with many opened apps, and it doesn’t feel like the 8 GB of RAM are there. A 7200 RPM hard drive at least would’ve been a very nice touch. Moving on to the lid, as I’ve mentioned somewhere above it opens too easily and it creates concerns about how long before the lid would lean towards either of the sides without any intervention from me. And the last worst thing is the screen, I don’t know what kind of panel was used in its construction but it leaves me wishing for more. Don’t get me wrong, no, it’s a good screen, but at times when displaying a certain color I can actually see the pixels, which is annoying, otherwise when browsing the internet or playing games/watching movies everything looks very well, given the fact that it is not an IPS panel.

HP 350 g2

Overall review

In overall terms, the laptop does and works exactly as I expected it too – what I need for work and university, and a little bit more. I needed a laptop for university and basically just internet browsing, but which would be capable of more, like gaming, or video-editing programs. Sure, Far Cry Primal may be a little slow on this laptop, but other games work just fine. So in overall? For the price it’s an incredibly good laptop, I can use it for almost any average game, software, and it will not let me down. It doesn’t heat too much, only when playing games that require a lot of processor power, like Grand Theft Auto V or alike, sure it heats a little in Sniper Elite as well, but it definitely is entitled too, after all, it’s not even a gaming laptop, it is promoted as a business laptop. Unfortunately, I can’t give it a 10/10 rating because of the lid opening too easy and the touchpad failing to register some taps, but in terms of price per value it definitely is worth it, and I love it. Click here to be redirected to the official HP website for more technical specs and current prices. Please note, this model comes in different various configurations, so on the website, you won’t see specs of the specific model that I have, but general specs of this line of models.

Overall rating 9/10



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