iPhone 6s: User Review


What do you expect when you buy a brand new Apple iPhone even when it’s not the newest model? Well, in my case I was expecting new features, a really good camera and sharing a lot of experiences with it, no matter if I were with some friends, my family or by myself. I bought the Iphone 6s pink gold 32Gb in an At&t distributor. I have had my phone for over 6 months and the main reason why I chose it is because I love it when I saw it. And because I have never liked the big smartphones like the plus version.



Thinking real deeply in this point the charger always take too long for charging the 100% of the battery, it takes like four or more hours to complete it. The battery life should last at least 8h while the device is on use but it certainly only last like 4h. And it lasts less when I’m on a phone call or using apps like Youtube or even Snapchat. I have been thinking lately that I should buy a portable charger because I use a lot my iPhone 6s and it is really annoying to carry my charger everywhere I go and sometimes the battery gets empty and if don’t carry the charger I am forced to be without smartphone the rest of the day until I can charge it.


As I mentioned before, I love the Iphone’s design especially the pink color. About the usability, I must say that the device is absolutely light which is great because I always travel light everywhere. Also, I love the fingerprint function in the main button it makes easier to unlock the smartphone and use it. A detail about the phone is that I like the functionality I mean that I can use 5 or more apps and safari in parallel time and every one of them will be working really well. Although sometimes the apps stop and close themselves like Snapchat but I can enjoy working on the phone.


Just like everybody, I have thrown my iPhone for accident and it has been really dramatic. However, every single time it has fallen away from me it has always survived with som few scratches and nothing more. Perhaps could be due to the protector it has or because it has a good strength. Tough I have never sent the phone back for repairs it’s not the first Apple product I bought, so I’m pretty sure that if I ever have any trouble with my phone it could be easily repaired. I can remember once, I was going to Mexico city and when I left the car I didn’t found my phone so, when I check out my purse it felt to the ground with the screen on the floor and I thought it has broken but I picked it up and it was fine. Sincerely I surprised myself.


For me, some of the best features on the iPhone 6s are the following:

  • Screen sized. One of the best features in the iPhone 6s is that the screen is bigger than regular with 4.7″
  • As I’m a photography fan I gotta say that another perfect feature in the 12MP camera that allows me to take awesome pictures wherever I am, no matter the environmental light thanks to the Backside illumination sensor, and also other technology such as Photos with stabilisation, Face detection, True Tone flash, Exposure control, Noise reduction, auto HDR for photos, Panorama (up to 63 megapixels), Burst mode, Timer mode and Photo geotagging make pretty cute the photo shooting and video recording.
  • Another element I considered in the iPhone 6s is the FaceTime HD camera with 5-megapixel photos. Is very practical when you need to have video conferences or just talking with a friend.
  •  I also need to mention the fingerprint sensor built into the Home button which makes easier the access to the device.
  • The technology in the iOS 10 is another great feature and one of the main examples of this is the new characteristics in iMesagges.
  • Finally, I must add to the list the pay with the iPhone using Touch ID in stores, within apps, and on the web. A specific feature that solves the problem about IDs and passwords. Useful for every purchase.

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It is difficult to describe the worst features of an iPhone but I believe that no matter how great can something looks like there is always a bad thing hidden somewhere. But certainly, the worst features in this context can always turn into great opportunities.

In my experience with the iPhone, I am really disappointed because regardless the technology it seems that the performance will always have a cost. In this case, I am referring to the battery life that I explained already in this article. Probably the Apple engineers always try to get some new features and improve what is already in there but they always forgot to develop a last longer battery. Even though in the spots and specifications they always mentioned that the battery lasts 10 hours in talk time, eleven hours on Wi-Fi and even 50 hours of audio playback, but the reality is that the battery just does not last enough as a user would like.  I’m not saying that is a missing case on the phone having this short term battery because there are always some user’s settings that can provide much more durability. But the point is that compared with other smartphones the iPhone leaves some blanks in the costumer’s wish.


I must say that this is not my first iPhone but answering to my initial question, I was waiting for a little bit more of my smartphone. But anyway, every person has a different point of view and this is mine. Maybe we all always buy this kind of phones because they give us some prestige and recognizing and they do indeed. I get happy with the camera 100% and if you’re looking for a great piece of technology for carrying in your pocket, this surely is your option. I have had some great remarkable experiences with my device and that is something I would not change. I do love everything about my smartphone; the good and the bad. It has made my life much easier talking about organizing the University or the job tasks.  Tell us about your overall experiences and feeling for the device… do you love it, or hate it?   How has it affected your life?  Any stories about the device?

In conclusion, the iPhone 6s has worth it price in all the time that I have own it because it is a singular useful phone or more than a smartphone I could say in every part of it; Hardware, iOS, and Accessories.


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iPhone 6s : User Review



Last summer I was in California, Santa Barbara on vacation. There I decide to buy my phone from Apple store and with a lot of discussion with the employees there I decide to buy iPhone 6s Rose Gold. Before that, I was using phones for 15 years and all of them were on Android, so I wanted to change on iOs. Also, I wanted to see why everybody are crazy about iPhone, and I must admit I didn’t make mistake with buying it. Admittedly, I wanted to buy iPhone 7 because it just came out, but the employees in the store said that they can’t guarantee that the phone will work in my country. So, I didn’t want to risk and the prices for the iPhone 6s were lower than iPhone 7.

Battery life & charging

The battery life was one of the reasons why I was skeptic about getting iPhone in first place. Most of my friends have iPhone and after the years pass they were more and more complaining about the battery. When I get my phone, I bought also an external solar battery for any case. I have my phone for around 8 months and the battery is pretty good. Like most of the people these days, I am social media maniac and I am also on my phone, in public, home, on the street, in the bus, everywhere… I must admit that I use the external battery sometimes but the battery is greater that I expected.

Performance & Design

Like an ex-student of engineering, we are discussing with colleagues and friends about a performance of different phones.  I think that the technology is so advanced that there is no bad phone anymore, it’s all about the taste of the clients and the phone that they can afford. The fact is there are phones that have better performance than iPhone 6s, but for me, this phone is good enough. He works fluidly at nearly every task, the display is clear, bright and colorful. The phone is not getting hot and he is almost never slow. I especially like the live photos and 3D touch that is genuine innovation. iPhone 6s has a great and elegant design. I love how that fit in the hand and how light it is. I didn’t like in iPhone 7 that they removed the plug for earphones and I think they had a lot of negative reviews about that. I will recommend to all girls, especially rose gold model, because is very easy to use and he will make all your wishes true. I don’t want to talk about the specification about this phone, but you can look it on this link:  Specifications for iPhone 6s

Strength & Durability

Before I bought the phone I was reading for the strength of the phone, that he is made with a stronger aluminum and even watch videos where it shows his strength. For these several months I haven’t dropped it once, but in any case, I bought a case and tempered glass that gives an added layer of strength to the phone. I don’t want to try and find out about his strength. And for the phone itself to stop working never happened, so till now, I haven’t sent it for repairs. I have seen phones that are crushed, but if you keep it safe it will be alright.

Best features

   iPhone 6s has a few features that make him unique. These are my favorites:
  1. 3D Touch – One of the functions of this smartphone that is giving him a multidimensional multi-touch. I like it because he will let you do more than you expected.
  2. Live photos – Pretty awesome!!! With live photos, when you take a photo it automatically saves a video in the background. Thanks to live photos, we can also put a live background too. And when you are watching these photos it’s like you are in that moment there again. I LOVE IT!
  3. Hey Siri – This is not a new feature, but now you can call Siri even when the screen is off. Because this is my first iPhone, I was very surprised of everything she can do! And when I am too lazy to do a thing or I don’t know where to search for a thing I call her, she knows everything!
  4. Tricks and tips and hidden features – There are a few under-the-hood changes that are unnoticed unless you know where to look. And also some of them are available only to new users. I always find it interesting to look and search for new features and explore everything my phone can do.

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Worst features

It’s so sad that in everything there are good and bad side, good and bad features… There is nothing perfect out there! I love my phone, but these are the bad features that my friends are always mentioning when we are talking about iPhone:
  1. Storage – Even there is a phone with different storage some people want more than that. I have iPhone 6s with 32 GB and that is enough for me. I don’t want to have too many stuff on my phone because that will make it slow.
  2. No SD card – One of the features that make clients change their mind about buying this phone is that there is no SD card slot to expand memory. They have a phone with different memories, but the prices are increasing if the memory is bigger.
  3. Price – In most of the cases about buying a phone, money is a crucial factor. The thing is that these phones are one of the more expensive phones these days. In my country I don’t believe that a lot of people can afford it, maybe around 30% has iPhone. They will better give a less money, but with similar performance than having iPhone. But as long as it serves for long time turn, I can say that it’s worth every penny.

Overall review

 I will start this paragraph with the Apple’s idea that ‘The only thing that’s changed is everything.’ After all, you can easily see that I love my phone! Being part of the Apple experience it’s just like a journey with no ending. Even if you a first time using iOs, there is no space for worrying. iPhone 6s is easy to use and you will easily figure it out how it works. I didn’t mention about updates on the phone. When I get my phone, on it was iOs 9 and every update that was till now really live up the software, bringing major changes. The iPhone operation system is totally different from Android and after I used for awhile it became second nature. I like the camera and the great snaps that you can take with it, and the sharpness that has been updated this year too.  The feeling of holding the ceramic back of the iPhone 6s, it’s just great in the palm. And the last thing I want to mention is the FaceTime, which is a great application and the video or audio calls are ridiculously easy to do. The application is naturally available for all compatible iOs and MAC devices and is very helpful if you have friends in other country or you are traveling somewhere abroad.  I will recommend this phone to everyone that want pretty good and elegant phone!

Overall rating: 9/10

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