LG Spirit H420: Review


The LG SPIRIT H420 has been with me 9 months already, that’s a lot for someone who changes his gadgets often. I got it as a gift during one of my travels in Denmark, and since I’ve had no interest to buy a new one since, I kept this one around. I would say it’s a smartphone for average users, nothing too fancy, but it’s not a low-end device either, as it covers all the required necessities of a smartphone. Keep reading for a more in-depth personal review of the LG SPIRIT H420 smartphone. If you’re interested in seeing some technical specifications, click here to be redirected to the official LG website

Battery life & Charging

I am more or less satisfied with the battery life. It supports me during an average day of use, but I definitely wish I had more. On an average day, it can last for 3 hours of music listening, some internet browsing, a bit of camera usage, and I could have approximatively 40% battery left in the evening, that, assuming, it was 100% charged in the morning, so, I would say it’s a rather decent battery. Back in Denmark when I did work away, I would take off at around 6 AM, and since I wasn’t using the phone all day as I was at work, at around 7 PM I had around 90% battery left.

Performance & Design

Probably the most noticeable feature of the design is the slightly curved screen and the even more curved back of the smartphone. More on design, I like how the volume and power buttons are arranged on the back of the phone, inconvenient at first, but after getting used to it I even began to like it. The LED flash is right of the camera, which is above the buttons, and the speaker and LG Logo are nicely laid out in the left bottom corner. When it comes to performance, the smartphone does the job I expect it too. It easily runs basically any program I open, including a music studio application, and most of the games, sure, the games don’t run as well as on a more powerful gadget, but if you install any average game, you will be satisfied.

Strength & durability

The phone seems pretty durable, although, honestly, I have been keeping it in a case starting 3 weeks after I got it. Before that it suffered some minor falls, nothing serious, so in general it’s pretty durable, although, with the plastic casing I wouldn’t experiment dropping it or have too much faith in its life expectancy, given that personally, I like and expect a lot of durability from a phone which I pay money for, whilst for the average user, it will resist great. I would add as well, the fact that is well and sturdy built. When accessing the battery it is not as easy to get to it like with other smartphones, so in case of an accidental drop, the device won’t fall apart like pieces of a broken heart.

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Best features

One of the things that attracted my attention in this smartphone are the two microphones placed one on top and one at the bottom of the smartphone, this makes my voice very clear on the other end during calls and provides decent quality in audio recordings. Next, we have a good sounding speaker. To be honest, I was amazed at how well it reproduced sounds, and after a few minutes, I started enjoying listening to music through it. It’s worth mentioning that the speaker used for calls is also of a good quality, the sound is crisp and clear, and loud enough to hear the other person in the center of a crowded city, with car noises all around. The battery life is actually surprisingly good, compared to what I would expect from a device in this price range, sure, it’s not what I dream of, but for the money, it’s very good. It lasts the whole day and even more on average use. Lastly, I’d like to mention the stylish design. I can’t help but say I like it, honestly, it had me at the curved back, but even without that, all the microphones, speakers, buttons are nicely arranged so it creates a good impression.

lg spirit

Worst features

Starting on with the not so pleasant features of this device, I will put up the camera quality on top. For a smartphone these days a camera is essential to capture beautiful moments with friends or unexpected funny pet moments, and here, the LG Spirit H420 disappoints. Like, seriously? A whole smartphone made, designed, thought on, and they couldn’t put a better camera inside it? Anyway, the pictures are blurry, and the crazy part is that when you look through the camera the quality seems sharp, but when you take the pictures they are very blurry, and no, it isn’t just my hands shaking. Moving on, the next disappointing thing that comes with this device is the little internal memory. That’s 8 GB. Everyone knows, once you fill that up any smartphone starts to drag. Adding 8 more GB of internal memory and some RAM would’ve been a blessing, some would say. But, there are other models from the Spirit series, some of them have 4G coverage, and they cost a few bucks more, so you can always choose one of those (including an 8 MP Camera) although, most of the specs are the same.

Overall review

Let’s take a look from above at this device, shall we? We are provided with a rational screen size, so you can actually use the phone with one hand, not just with two. Enough juice to run the programs an average user needs, like chrome, word, power point, and probably most of the games on Google Play. A modern design, a little fewer cliché touches from Apple and Samsung, and a little more creativity invested. 2 microphones for god quality conversations and in addition to that 2 good sounding speakers (the one used for calls and the one for audio playback). Yes, it has a bad camera. The quality is bad both in pictures and videos. But, it is manageable, and it is a good fit for those of us who like music more than pictures. In conclusion, this is a good device for a low price, and I recommend it.


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