Document Node – Fast, Native, All-in-one Writing Tool.

Srijana PS, 2019-02-21


For most online writers and bloggers there is a different kind of a ‘block’ these days. A looming wall. A barricade that threatens our very existence by invading into our creative premise, wrenching our focus away from our core content towards unavoidable technical pleasantries that we wish we did not have to deal with. How often have we banged our heads in frustration on our keyboards in between malicious threats of web applications, templates, and codes? How have we despaired in the tangled web of ‘easy steps and processes’ as we battled on clueless in the pits of technical jargon? 


‘Well! If you haven’t yet caught on to the gist by now, let me introduce you to Document Node.


What is Document Node anyway?


This is an upcoming writing tool which is set to become your one-stop-shop for undiluted content creation and instant online publishing platform. This is a perfect distraction-free working space for the new age writer who wants to primarily focus on the content while writing online for a global digital audience.



How Hassle-Free is it to Set Up Document Node?


Document Node is a lightweight application available on macOS, Windows and Linux. The application can simply be ’downloaded and enjoyed’ after a 30 minute average set-up time.  Once the content is created there is no coding involved for the publishing process and fine-tuning of the written matter can be done at the same place as well. Users only need to choose a template for the website to automatically set up. Clearly, the absence of complex steps makes this an efficient and productive writing tool as it easily converts a plain-text folder into a website. 



Why should we choose the Document Node?


The user-friendly appeal of this application lies in its simplicity of use and instantly responsive programming. Once set up, the user can manoeuvre between content creation and updates along with the site building process simultaneously; both at one place. Custom pages can also be updated and there is no need for the admin UI.  What’s more? A full screen which allows complete concentration for text editing on the current sentence, paragraph or typing box is an unexpected feature for the writer's (literally) 'sore eyes'. An enhanced typewriter keyboard sound adds of the feel-good effect and the user need not bother with messed up formatting issues while you write in plaintext. 


This clever writing tool enhances the users creative writing skill as it encourages you to ‘mind-map’ your writing plan. Any text can be restructured systematically without much fuss and without any loss of those precious ’train of thoughts’. What seals the deal for this upcoming gem is the ‘real time preview on the side as you edit and polish your write-up.


It is no wonder that so many bloggers and writers are eagerly awaiting to update and publish their website with Document Node.





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