DualFuel – Charge Any Device On The Go

Lauren Himes, 2019-03-19

DualFuel offers a compact 2-in-1 portable battery charger and lighter, allowing you to easily keep your devices charged wherever you go.  With many incredible features working together in a small pocket-sized device, you can light up or charge up anytime you need. 

2-in-1 Device Lets Users Light up and Charge up On the Go

With this convenient dual-use device, users can meet all of their needs.  From lighting up to charging up, this offers the best convenience for everyone wherever they go.  Making for easy addition to your everyday carry, the DualFuel helps simplify your daily life.

Pocket Powerhouse Anywhere you Go

The DualFuel is a 1250 mAh charger which offers USB-C input and output as well as USB output, ensuring you can charge any devices you need!  It also uses a micro USB input, which is the most universally owned adapter.  Allowing you to simultaneously charge both USB and USB-C devices, you can fit in your emergency charging for multiple devices at once.

Easily Carry it Wherever you Go

With its compact sleek design, the DualFuel easily fits just about anywhere – in your everyday bag, gym bag, purse, or pocket!  At only 60mm in height and 40mm in width, it is less than half as tall as an iPhone.  It also weighs only 87 grams.  Every aspect of this device has been designed to make it highly portable.  

Windproof Flameless Coil and Smart Timer 

It contains an unrestricted thermo-coil which stays fully concentrated to ensure it never goes out.  With the smart timer, users simply need to tap it for 8 seconds for constant ignition, and then again in order to turn it off sooner.  The smart times helps ensure there is no risk of fire hazards and keep users safe while using this device.  Also, with its 360-degree range, users are able to light anything with the recessed coil and make sure they won't burn their thumb. 

Stylish Design coming in Multiple Different ColorS

With this device, you are sure to power up not only with convenience but also in style!  Made out of zinc alloy and stainless steel, it has a very slick look.  Its sleek design is also offered in three different colors – stainless steel silver, gold, and black.  The stainless steel edition comes with a glossy yet softly brushed pattern.  The gold edition gives a subtle brushed luxurious look, while the black gives a discreet classic style.  All of these options make sure that you will keep your everyday carry in style at all times!

All in all, DualFuel ensures the perfect mix of convenience and quality!  It has received the ROHS (Restriction of Hazardous Substances) certification and ensures to put safety first in its design.  Along with being a convenient 2-in-1 device, you are sure to always be in style while charging or lighting up with the DualFuel in its various styles and colors.  With so many excellent features fitting into a compact and simplistic design, you are sure to find all your needs met with this device!


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