Hexbot | Versatile All-In-1 Desktop Robot Arm For Everyone

Andreia Batista, 2019-01-30

Are you interested in buying a 3D Printer? Is browsing over online stores pursuing Laser Engraving tools? If the answer is Yes, this brand new product is for you! Let me introduce the Hexbot!

What is Hexbot?

Hexbot is a Desktop Robot Arm combining 3D Printing, Laser Engraving, Pen Holding, Soft Griper and Suction Cup, controlled by an easy-to-use software. The modular design allows you to switch out modules in one click.

The full package contains 6 changeable end effectors and extra accessories to empower your creativity to build great things!

Kickstarter Fundraising Campaign

The campaign created at Kickstarter to support Hexbot cracked the goal in impressive Five Minutes! Till now, the amount achieved is almost Eight times over the original intent of $50.000, 777 supporters, and 39 days are remaining to go (considering 28/01/2019).

What is behind of this stupendous success? What can Hexbot make?

The Features

High Precision and Repeatability are essentials to get a great performance from a robotic arm. Hexbot has 0.1mm Precision combined to 0.05mm of Repeatability, which allows the robotic arm to repeat the same task again and again and still got the same result. Similar options available in the market has 0.20mm of Repeatability, so that is such differential to be considered.

Pick & Placing it is assured with the Suction Cup, perfect to lift objects with flat surfaces, and the Soft Gripper, to handle with delicate objects as an Egg. The payload is Up to 500g, and the High Speed is Up to 500mm/s. The Pneumatic Tool is an add-on available to increase the Hexbot perform.

The Pen Holder module transforms the Robot arm into a tool to plotting, Drawing & Writing. Connect the appropriate pen; you can use ink brush, gel pen, etc. to reveal the artist inside you.

Now, the great fun! The 3D Printing and the Laser Engraving modules!

The 3D printing supports 1.75mm PLA, Polylactic Acid, the most common 3D printing material made from renewable resources, assuring to the printed parts an excellent surface finish and high precision bringing quality to your prints.

Use the Laser Engraving module to add a special touch to objects, as a name or a logo from your business. Hexbot supports engraving into aluminium, wood, leather, plastic, fabric, paper, and other materials. All you need is to create a file (JPEG, PNG, etc.) and press the start button. Always use the protecting shield for security during the laser engraving process.

An Easy-to-use software integrated to Blocky to facilitate the controlling. Can you code? Lucky you! There is an API in Processing, Python and G-Code.

If you don’t, use the button on the base combined with the 3.5 Touchscreen Module to Teach & Play the Hexbot. Pull the arm, record and play the movements and watch Hexbot repeat them accurately and faster.

To complete the package, a Noiseless Design.

If that is not enough, explore the Extra Accessories to increase the functionalities:

  • Linear Rails

  • Conveyor Belt

  • Vision Recognizing

Where can I buy?

You can buy the Basic Pack, the changeable modules and extra accessories according to your needs at Kickstarter.com

The Basic Pack comes with:

Hexbot Robot Arm

Pen Holder Module

Power Adapter

USB-C Cable


Remember that is a pre-order Sale, the shipping is planned to start in October/2019.


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