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AIRISH ABELLA, 2019-02-05

Smartphones play a big part in our daily lives. Apart from using it as a way of communication, you can use it for various activities for school and work or even for leisure purposes. Thus, not only smartphone cases are quite popular these days, but also accessories such as a smartphone holder.

What is a smartphone holder?

Smartphone holders come in many available forms for different purposes. Some of these are for a mobile stand for their desk, car mount, and even as a grip for such devices.

The Intelligent Magnetic Stick or also known as an IMStick is a smartphone holder in a single form to be used in so many ways. The IMStick, made from high-quality, lightweight aircraft grade aluminum integrated with neodymium magnets. The magnets are safe both for the phone and the user. Moreover, the IMStick has hardened high carbon steel wire, covered with silicone that is soft but never slides.

What are the uses of IMStick?

Have you ever lost hold on your phone and drop it on the floor? Or perhaps, texting while lying down on your bed and your phone fell on your face? Well, the IMStick allows you to multitask with the guarantee of securing your smartphone. For everyday use, you can use it to have a better grip on your device while walking, texting or merely browsing on your social media feed. All you have to do is to fix the metal base on the back of your phone and use the silicone plugs to attach the IMStick wherever you want to.

Many content creators nowadays make use of their phone to shoot for photos and videos to post in various social media platforms. Aside from that, there are many YouTubers, started filming on their phones before investing in expensive cameras. Your smartphone is the cheapest and most convenient way to create video content. All you need is your smartphone and an IMStick. If you have a tripod, you can use the IMStick to attach your phone to it. If you do not have one, no worries because you can use the IMStick to make sure your phone would not drop as you film your video. For Vloggers, we know how tiring it is to hold your phone as you capture the moment, so it is best to use IMStick to secure your phone as you vlog.

To those who love to stay active, keeping track of their progress is vital. Aside from that, getting the correct order of exercise routines are necessary for your gains too. With the help of IMStick, you can use your phone to make sure you follow your exercise routine and attach it on fitness equipment. The IMStick comes with a spare wire and its lifetime depends on your usage. Some also prefer to take videos of them to check on their posture and development. Fitness videos are not only for tracking progress but also for inspiring others to do the same or at least to stay motivated.

There are more than a hundred possibilities to use IMStick such as car mount for your phone or even attaching it to car seats for backseat passengers to watch while on a road trip. It is also possible to affix to bicycles, strollers, and many more. Valuing your smartphone means investing in other phone accessories that will help in securing the lifetime of your device. Get your IMStick now!




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