Lily: The 1st Smart Speaker That Teaches Chinese

Kasia Szema, 2019-01-17

In the world of today knowledge of a language other than English is a very valued aptitude. Speaking and communicating in a rare language in European and American countries is a very desirable skill by many employers and corporations and it can open many new doors in your life which are not available for everyone.

Language- the power of the world

Do you belong to people who like to learn new languages or set yourself new challenges? Or would you like to be able to improve your skills easily and with fun? This may interest you. Have you ever wondered what language is spoken by most people in the world? Some of you may probably think that it is obvious that the most common language in the world is English because everyone learns it in any part of the Earth. Nothing wrong with that omitting the fact that it is not. English is the third most commonly used language nowadays. So the question is which language is the first?  The answer is simple, just think of the most populous country in the world, then think about items around you that are produced on a global scale and probably come from one country. Yes, almost everything in the world is made in China.

A new way to a better future

Have you ever thought about learning Chinese? Or maybe you bought all the Chinese study books and a dozen practice exercises but you gave up because it seemed to be too difficult or you could not find the right teacher? Now you have a great opportunity to learn Chinese quick, simple, easy and with fun. Imagine your personal teacher who is always with you every time you feel it is time to study Chinese and all this without leaving home or any comfortable place you are in thanks to one device. Sounds unbelievable for you? The capabilities of this device which I am talking about are unbelievable. Let me introduce you Lily.

Your personal teacher- An easy and simple way to learn the new language

Lily is the 1st smart speaker that teaches Chinese. You can practice your language skills by having a real conversation with Lily. This is a very good method to learn faster and more easily than in a traditional way by using books or making monotonous and time-consuming vocabulary lists and flashcards. The best way to practice and improve your skills is to speak as much as possible and Lily give you this possibility. It is an incredible way to learn Chinese. No matter how advanced you are, it is perfect for any skill level from beginner to advanced. Lily talk and sing in Chinese, all you need to do is ask for everything you want to know and Lily translate it on Chinese. Forget about buying special books and spending many hours trying to learn one word. Do it with pleasure and in a natural way of doing daily activities. Surprise yourself and your friends with your new language skills presenting them Lily and learn new words together or have conversations in Chinese.

Be a pioneer among your friends

Introduce some Chinese culture into your life and become a person speaking the most spoken language in the world and make it in an easy and simple way. Make it with Lily. 


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