MobiScribe: The E-ink Notepad

Jamie Bennett, 2019-03-18


The MobiScribe is the first all-in-one e-reader, notepad and sketchbook. The simplicity of its design means no more distractions and all the more productivity while still having the convenience of a Wi-Fi connection. It’s the best e-reader for both professionals and students.


An e-reader with no distractions


The MobiScribe was designed for productivity. The device has no games, no messaging or shopping apps and definitely no social media.  The screen is incompatible with video, so there’s no possibility of watching TV or movies. By removing all these distractions, you will be able to focus on the work that needs to get done.


The best e-reader for productivity


With the MobiScribe, you can retrain yourself and break bad habits of wasting time on aimless scrolling and meaningless gameplay. Many apps on the market use powerful psychology to essentially “hack” your brain and keep you coming back again and again, hour after hour, to get your fix. It helps you keep off your Facebook and Instagram feeds and keep focused on the task at hand. In this way, the MobiScribe is the best e-reader for increasing and maintaining productivity.  


The most convenient e-reader


Many people don’t like e-readers or taking digital notes. It doesn’t have the same feel as paper and, as such, can be far less enjoyable to use. It can be a challenge to get into that productive and creative headspace we usually associate with paper. Yet, the convenience of e-readers is undeniable. You can carry around thousands of books in the palm of your hand at a much lower cost than traditional print books. Also, e-books are far easier to access with no waiting lists, lost pages or geographically restricted distribution.

The MobiScribe allows you to take your entire collection of favourite novels, textbooks, business manuals, travel guides or whatever else you’re reading with you wherever you go. The MobiScribe is just 230 grams with a width of 9mm and fits comfortably in your hand. It’s also ultra-energy efficient and can last weeks without recharging. The screen is completely glare-free, even in direct sunlight and, better than traditional books, it also has an adjustable frontlight. This means you can use the MobiScribe e-reader pretty much anywhere, any time.


The best e-reader for notetaking


With the additional notetaking feature and Wi-Fi connectivity, the MobiScribe builds on this convenience to become an indispensable device to any professional or student. You can handwrite notes in the margins, save them and efficiently share with friends, teammates and colleagues. This way you can eliminate the need for notebooks, easily organise your notes and never lose one again. Notetaking is simple with the dual capacitive and WACOM touchscreen so you can either use your fingertip or a stylus.


The best e-reader with a stylus


Writing and sketching on the MobiScribe is a pleasure. The screen is pressure-sensitive and gives the stylus that ultra-responsive, soft, pen-to-paper feel. You can choose from pencil, ink pen, or marker styles, all of which write naturally with the pen stroke growing with increased pressure. You can even flip over the stylus and use the other end as an eraser. The software cleverly tracks each individual stroke and rubs them out with the touch of the stylus eraser. Importantly, the MobiScribe comes with a palm rejection setting so the screen will only pick up the stylus, and not your hand commands as you write or draw.


The MobiScribe


The MobiScribe is the ideal e-reader for professionals and students alike. It eliminates distractions and boosts productivity, all while maintaining that real paper feel.



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