Monkey Holder – Merging Laptops With Phones

Srijana PS, 2019-03-14


If you think this is another version of a fidget spinner or a sneak-peek of the latest Avenger merchandise, we have to warn that you are headed for a bit of a disappointment there. For the rest who have already decided to dismiss it, you may want to hold on for a bit and give it a second glance.  The Monkey Holder may just surprise you with what it intends to do.  Not only is it the latest tech-accessory, but this newbie is also a deceptively useful little gadget that may very well be the answer to all that you have ever needed to bridge the gap between your smartphone and your laptop. 


Why do I need the Monkey Holder?


Have you tried reading off your smartphone and typing the information on your laptop at the same time lately?


Do you ever wish you could travel around with your entire workstation without a fuss?


Or are you one of those who is just about done balancing different electronic appliances on various body parts as you multi-task, awkwardly? 


Well! Tricky situations often call for artful solutions which is why we have The Monkey Holder for you.



What does the Monkey Holder do?


There is no monkeying around with this little holder.   It gets straight to the point and effortlessly delivers its promise of a magnetic grip without damaging your devices.  


This holder comes with quality tested magnetic ends that stick on to your choice of devices without any hassle. The smartphone, tablet or even a monitor gets easily attached to your laptop or desktop to provide you with an extended working screen just about anywhere. Give flight to your imagination and test your efficiency as you discover a simple way to increase the limit of your screen surface. 


With the number of options available in the market, this clever holder stands apart with its portability. The Monkey Holder replaces annoying situations of lugging around heavy detachable monitors by offering itself as a lightweight, storage-friendly and a genuine mobile solution. Place it in your purse, backpack or pocket. Better still! Keep it attached to your laptop or desktop when not in use. 


What works for the Monkey Holder is its simplicity. No more bulky parts or complicated instructions; this Holder is designed to be compatible with all laptop and phone models.  Just stick it on, attach your choice of devices and start your work anywhere. Multi-tasking never had it so easy before!



Why should I get myself a Monkey Holder?


The Monkey Holder puts a bold tick on its ergonomics as it promotes better posture while working with multi smart screen-devices. Typing or designing on the laptop gets a comfortable perspective when the reference information is set-up on the side to match the eye level. No more bad postures and a sure-shot way to boost productivity too. Looks like this Monkey Holder is definitely here to stay or maybe even climb up a few notches higher!









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