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Tajana Mohnacki, 2019-01-11

Living in a world as busy as ours often means making sacrifices and cutting down on things we enjoy doing in exchange for things we are obliged to do. Today, every second counts and time you spend idly is time wasted. Guys and gals at Indiegogo know this, which is why they have created MovieMask, a creative solution to help you spend your free time in a relaxed and enjoyable manner!

MovieMask – the cinema of the future

They call it a portable cinema, however, uniquely portable magic definitely describes this revolutionary piece much better! The only thing you need to revel in this futuristic cinematic experience is your mobile phone. MovieMask supports all mobile phones, so no need to worry about the compatibility; all you need to do is pop your mobile phone into the device and immerse yourself in a world beyond your control. In addition to supporting all mobile phones, MovieMask supports all apps as well, giving online streaming services like Netflix and HBO another dimension. After rethinking how we view content, rethinking the spaces where we can view it seemed like a next logical step. Technological advancements, how wonderful you are!

Benefits of MovieMask

MovieMask is ideal for solo travellers, long commute victims, insomniacs, entertainment addicts, caffeine-infused university students or busy parents overburdened by day-to-day tasks. You can use it anytime, anyplace – during a long train ride or while waiting in the queue. Hey, this is the future, there’s no room for apprehension here. Anyway, is there anyone who wouldn’t rather exchange public transport clatter for some good, olDaenerys Targaryen and her dragon pets? You can fit MovieMask in your purse, briefcase or a backpack and carry it around with you wherever you go; basically, you can have a source of entertainment at the reach of your hand whenever you have some time to kill. If we knew this would be possible back when we were kids, waiting for our turn to watch the TV would be much, much easier.

MovieMask vs. VR

MovieMask may resemble your conventional VR, however, it is way more remarkable. For starters, its revolutionary lens technology has resolution four times better than the traditional VR has. The device is compatible with all types of mobile phones, mobile apps and audio connections which is definitely one of its greatest strengths. The user can modify the space between their eyes and the screen according to their need, which is pretty cool. A single lens system which enables an amazing panoramic image isn't too shabby either. It is super easy to use, meaning that even those who aren’t exactly tech-savvy can use it with half a sweat. Additionally, it has ergonomic face padding and it is glasses friendly! Wow, it looks like MovieMask crushed its competition before it even had any.


MovieMask will save you some money as well! Honestly, does anyone even own a TV anymore? Do millennials even have money to go to the cinema as frequently as they would like? By investing into a good mobile phone and a MovieMask, you are definitely saving up; so, basically, you are investing in your future and having fun while doing so!


Make sure to check out MovieMask and make your purchase today.


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