Nebula Capsule II: World’s First Android TV™ Pocket Cinema

Narasimhan, 2019-01-05

Have you ever wondered about carrying cinema in your pockets? Well, It is now possible with the new Nebula Capsule II, a handy projector with Android TV support. It has a lot of features that will amaze you and also ease the process of experiencing it. Even though there are many other projectors, this one stands out of the crowd with the marvellous feature of supporting Android TV which allows you to access thousands of movies, shows, and games. Few of the most head-turning features are listed below.


The Nebula Capsule II comes with an HDMI port, a USB-C port, a USB-A port, Chromecast, and Bluetooth which are used to connect to the source device. The availability of many ports makes it easy for you to connect to almost any device with ease. 

Quick charge

The usage of USB-C port with 30W power charging makes it easier to charge even quicker. It can charge from 0 to 100 within 2.5 hours which is astonishingly faster compared to other products. It can also be used while charging. The quick charger is also included inside the box so you don't have to use another one for charging the device. 

Ease of use

The pint-size of this device makes it much easier to handle and carry. It also comes with Android TV which has tons of features that make the interface more reliable and user-friendly. Setting up the Nebula Capsule II is easier than ever. It uses a camera to adjust the focus according to the proximity between the screen and the projector so we don't have to do any adjustments. Another great innovation used in this device is keystone correction which by using gravity sensors will automatically align the image vertically on the screen. The Nebula Capsule II also comes with the support of Google assistant which makes your works, even more, easier with voice commands.

Better experience

The Nebula Capsule II along with all its features also comes with advanced technology to give a lively and better cinema experience. Its 720p HD projector increases the detail of the image far better than conventional projectors. The colours are more saturated too. The Nebula Capsule II is powered by OSRAM LEDs, which not only makes the picture more detailed and saturated, also makes it a lot brighter, even in bright environments. The device also has a speaker which features deep and sharp sound quality with much more bass than the predecessor of Nebula Capsule II. With a great battery, this device can run up to 3 hours of HD movies with a single charge. 

Worth the money

With all these impressive amenities, The Nebula Capsule II starts at the price $399 now in Kickstarter which is highly anticipated by the customers since all its competitors which lack one way or the other in any specification, are all priced more than the cost of Nebula Capsule II. The fact that this project is done by the people who work under one of the world's greatest companies, Anker innovations makes the project more trustworthy and more reliable. 


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