NS Glasses – First 3D Headset For Nintendo Switch

Abuga Aroni, 2019-01-15

The 3D and VR revolution have been taking off in the last decade. From the conception of the Oculus Rift to the first iteration of the Nintendo 3DS. These products have been making waves in the industry, as they progress on their quest to make gaming and other virtual experiences more immersive.

Not too far behind, the people over at NS Glasses are in the process of designing and developing the first 3D headset of the Nintendo Switch. This headset is designed to convert the 2D Nintendo switch into a 3D, VR capable gaming device. Find out more about it below.


NS Glasses – How do they work?


The NS Glasses use special filters that work through basic polarization. They only let a specific pattern of colors/light through them to give an 18% 3D effect. So whilst it's not 100% 3D, the picture filtered by the lens will still give enough of an immersive experience. It's been described as playing a 3DS on its lowest 3D setting.

The Glasses also magnify the size of the screen and produce a theater-like screen size when you are using the headset. So in a way, it feels like you're playing the game on a massive theater screen. Though users with glasses may not enjoy this feature at all – time to break out the contact lenses!

Finally, the lens on the NS Glasses smoothes out the pixel count from the Switch display. This allows the fuzzy images from the Switch to become smooth and easier on the eyes, once they pass through the lens. Presenting a high-quality viewing experience.

Limitations of the NS Glasses

Like any product, the NS Glasses aren't without their drawbacks. 
The 3D experience isn't that noticeable with some popular game titles. However, the company behind the glasses is working on a plugin game developers can use on future titles. This plugin will enhance the 3D effect of the glasses – should the developers choose to incorporate it into their future games. 

The Glasses use a one-size-fits-all faceplate. This will work for the majority of people, but may be uncomfortable to wear if you have a larger facial feature, like a big nose.

Is it worth it?

It's tough to say if the product is worth buying for the average gamer. A lot of gamers are already satisfied with the gaming experience the Nintendo Switch provides, and would rather spend money on new games and other things. That said, a lot of people would like to mix it up and introduce a fresh perspective to their experience.

The NS Glasses offer this fresh experience and allow you to immerse yourself in the game a lot more. If you are a gamer looking to take your immersion to the next level or just looking for a new toy to play with. The NS Glasses maybe for you.
I also recommend the NS Glasses for lovers of first-person games. The ability to play a first-person game with a 'huge' screen in VR mode is incredible. It provides an unparalleled level of immersion and makes you feel like you are really there, racing against Hamilton, or killing demons in DOOM. 


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