Omni Mobile Series – Powerful Fast Charging Power Banks

Rosalyne Field, 2019-02-04

Digital Nomads will be delighted with this new product by Omnicharge – The Omni Mobile Series: Powerful fast charging power banks. If you have any experience with travelling, camping, road tripping or living the outdoor adventure lifestyle, you will know about the challenges of trying to keep your devices charged where there are no power outlets. If you rely on those devices to make a living while you travel then you will certainly know the frustrations that come with devices going flat just when you need them most!

For work

A few months ago I had an article to write for a client that was due the following day. We had been travelling and my laptop was almost flat but I could not find anywhere to plug it in. Eventually, after lots of driving around, we found a small restaurant with a power outlet where I was able to plug in my laptop and get my work done. That time I was lucky – I was in an area where there was a restaurant – but there have been other times where I have been out in the bush, and I'm talking African bush-bush here, where there wasn't any power for miles and miles around me.

For study

Once, my family and I were camping in the middle of nowhere, Africa, for a week. I homeschool my children while we travel and they need their laptops to do a lot of their work, so it became very challenging finding ways to keep their devices charged in order for them to continue with their school work. The children didn't mind their laptops going flat, of course, but mama did!

For play

The Omni Mobile Series finally provides us digital nomads with the answer we need to all our charging difficulties. Not only do their smaller range provide quick and efficient charging options for smartphones, action cameras, gaming devices and the like, but their larger range (which are still small enough to fit in your laptop bag) have the ability to charge your laptop, speakers and the like as well as providing wireless charging for all your compatible devices. I feel like all my travelling dreams have come true!

The answer Digital Nomads have been waiting for

Never again will I have to worry about getting that article in on time or not being able to communicate with a client because my devices are flat and I am in the middle of nowhere without a power outlet in sight (which happens often for me). The Omni Mobile Series – Powerful Fast Charging Power Banks are the answer I have been looking for. If I were you, I wouldn't go past them. If you're looking for a small, affordable, lightweight power bank that fits in your pocket to charge your smartphone on the go, or need a reliable power bank to keep your laptop charged anywhere, there is something in this incredible series for everyone. This powerful series of power banks truly are the answer every digital nomad has been waiting for.


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