SOLUS – The Most Efficient Radiator In The World

Ella Travels, 2019-03-26

Little by little, we realize how important it is to save energy.


Not only fossil fuels are getting harder to reach, but even more environmentally friendly sources of powers have their limits.

At the end of the day, we can never be 100% environmentally friendly.

But nobody is perfect, and at least we want to try!



How to reduce your energy footprint and save money at the same time?


You should be able to control the temperature in your home.

The longer you stay at home without moving, the colder you feel.

It does not necessarily mean that the room temperature went down. It’s just because when you rest, your body does not produce so much heat as when you are moving.


It’s easy to press a button to feel immediately warmer, but it’s going to cost at the end of the month!

For every additional degree, it is said to increase your utility bill by approximately 3 percent.


So whenever you are using a heater, you should make sure to set the right temperature. 

The best is to use a thermoregulator to ensure you don’t overheat your home.


You should set a lower temperature for your bedroom, as you sleep better in a cool room. All you need is a thick duvet to keep you warm all night!


When you start to feel a bit chilly at home, use a cover or a jumper when you stay still, you won’t need to overheat your living room either.


Another tip is to take warm drinks. My favorite is a herbal tea with honey!

Then I usually have a bowl of soup for dinner in the winter. It keeps me warm and helps me get my intake of vitamins.

Finally, I use much more the oven to cook, as it warms up the whole room!


Choose an efficient heater


Solus is probably one of the best heaters on the market.

Thanks to its technology, it will help you reduce your energy consumption by up to 80 percent compared to a usual heater. This device allows you to regulate the temperature as recommended earlier.


Technology at the service of the environment

What I love the most about this heater, is the fact that it’s been thought to be durable.

I hate to buy a phone nowadays, knowing that they are programmed to fail after a couple of years, for the sake of consumption. It’s completely unsustainable in the long term, especially because it uses lots of materials that cannot be recycled.


The great thing about Solus is that it will work in 30 years the same way it does today.

It is also using materials that can all be recycled and therefore environmentally friendly.


A versatile heater

You can use it as a portable heater thanks to its lightweight, or you can hang it on the wall. 


It’s built to plug and play, and it can be used off-grid, with solar or wind energy. Which is something important to think about. Our electricity is mainly coming from fossil fuels at the moment, but scientists have warned us for decades that it is not going to last.

So for those who already are off-grid or thinking of it for the future, this heater is already adaptable to any type of energy source.


On top of this, it has an elegant look and will fit easily, no matter the style of your home!


This is probably the best investment you can do in the long term, as it will quickly pay for itself!




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