Sub – The World's Smallest Torch

Fiona Mai, 2019-03-07

How does it feel like to own the world’s smallest flashlight? One that is not only convenient to carry around but also durable and fashionable for your everyday use? The answer is here. We are proud to introduce Sub – the world’s tiniest torch that is just one inch long. Read below to find out more!

The small and powerful flashlight you have been waiting for

With a mere one inch length, a diameter half of that and a weight of just 8 grams, Sub is officially the tiniest flashlight in the world. To specify how small that is, imagine putting Sub next to a medical pill and a sim card. You will see they are all roughly of the same size.

Albeit lightweight and small, this tiny torch can do wonders. Made from aerospace titanium, it is amazingly waterproof, fireproof and dust tight. Therefore, this newly launched tiniest flashlight is also our strongest and most durable ever. It can still function well even after being driven over by cars. To operate, Sub runs on batteries which can be purchased at only $2 for a set of 10, which are enough to use for one year.

When to use Sub – the smallest torch in the world?

Sub definitely sounds very cool, but do you know in which situations it will come in handy?

Imagine going home late from work or from a cool party after midnight. You can easily use this tiny flashlight to provide lighting while unlocking your door. Then, you can get in the house quickly and avoid possible crimes in such darkness.

When was the last time your car broke down and you struggled to keep the light from your smartphone in one hand while checking the oil and machines with the other hand? With the smallest torch in the world, you can now easily get under the hood and fix your car quickly.

Sub is also perfect for reading in bed. With this small torch, you can now refrain from disturbing your partner while diving into an interesting book at night.

Never lose your torch again

Lightweight and chic, Sub also has a hole on it for you to easily attach to different daily items. You can attach this tiny torch to your key ring or backpack’s or hand bag’s zipper so as not to forget it whenever you need. 

During your late-night jogging or walking home, this tiny torch can also be attached to your jacket zipper to light up your way. That allows you to focus on where you are going without the need to hold it in your hand. In addition, how about putting Sub in the tiny pocket of your pair of jeans, which is originally made for storing the pocket watch?

A must-have every day carry item

With free shipping worldwide, you can now easily purchase Sub with just one click and have it delivered to your door. Sub is certainly a must-have item for everyone who looks for convenience and an organized lifestyle.


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