SuperTank: Power Your Phone For A Week, Recharge In One Hour

Laura Swallow, 2019-02-13

In our world today, our electronic devices are so much more than just a line to talk on. Our phones are our navigators, our cameras, our watches, our address books, and our jobs.


Electronic Devices and Travelers

For travelers they can be compasses, forums, flashlights, journals, and livelihoods. They’re the way that you stay connected with those from whom you’ve traveled far. They’re how you share your adventures, your thoughts, and your lessons learned. They’re how you connect with fellow travelers and learn from others’ experiences and recommendations. They save you time and money by helping you find the best places to go at the best prices.


With limited time and the whole world to see, your time is precious. You already have to pick and choose which sights you’ll see and which ones will have to wait. There’s no time to waste, so what do you do when you have to charge your phone?


An Empty Toolbelt

Without your electronic devices, much of your travel tool belt becomes empty. There are so many unforeseen circumstances that can prevent you from charging your phone. As a traveller, I’ve had too many days where I’m left staring at a black screen. Think of when you’re scaling mountains and fording rivers and you don’t have access to a charging port. When you stay in a hostel to save an extra buck but there’s no electrical outlet in your room or you forgot the voltage adapter. When you get on the plane without your charger and have a planned excursion from the moment you hit the ground. Of course you would never travel without them if possible, but what happens when the impossible happens? Without battery power, your phone might as well be a paperweight.

So how do you prevent this from happening? How can you make sure that your toolbelt is completely full for every single part of your journey? This idea will likely bring you to the conclusion that you need a portable charger, but which one? What features are necessary and which ones are just a nice plus?



Versatility matters because you’re never bringing just one device. What about your laptop, your tablet, and your camera? You can’t travel without any of them and they’ll all need a charge at sometime. You don’t want to need a different portable charger for each.


Charging Speed

This goes hand in hand with versatility. Because you have more than one device, your portable charger needs to be fast. It can’t take several hours per device or you might as well find an outlet and hang out at a coffee shop while you wait.


Amount of Power

Again, because you have more than one device, it needs to have enough juice for all of them.


Which would you choose?

The good news is that you don’t have to choose. With SuperTank, all of these criteria are met and expectations are exceeded. You can charge almost any device in an hour from one charger that holds power for an entire week. With SuperTank, there is no more worrying whether all your devices are ready for your journey – because you’ve got more important things to worry about.


About Laura Swallow

Three years ago, I moved from the U.S. to Japan to teach. As I live here, I have the unique opportunity to learn about this amazing country from the inside. Each day, I am amazed at the unique, beautiful culture and heritage of Japan. I’m passionate about sharing these experiences that are truly unique to just one country.

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