SwitchPod — The Minimal, Versatile, Handheld Tripod.

Lauren Himes, 2019-02-17

The Switchpod offers ultimate convenience with its super-slim, versatile hand-held tripod design.  Simplifying video-making and photo taking while on the go, it has become an excellent tool for vloggers and photographers alike.  


Thin and Lightweight, yet Strong

One of the best parts about the Switchpod is its extremely lightweight and compact design.  Although it is super thin and weighs only about 11 ounces, it is extremely strong.  Made out of aluminum alloy, it easily supports heavy cameras, lenses, and microphones without collapsing.  In fact, it can easily hold upwards of 100 pounds while remaining steady.  Its solid strong base makes it virtually indestructible.  

Quickly Switch Between Handheld and Standing Tripod

With three legs supporting its base and its slip-resistant feet, users are able to easily put their attached tripod down without worrying about it sliding away.  The three-leg base is very sturdy and maintains good support for your camera or phone even on uneven ground.  The legs also have built-in magnets which allow them to collapse into one another and join together.  This feature makes it easy to switch between handheld use to standing tripod in a matter of seconds.    The first of its kind, the Switchpod makes it easier than ever to conveniently alternate between these two modes.  This means you can save time in between shots and focus more on shooting and less on fidgeting with your tools.

Easy Gripping

Not only does it have a thin design, but it is also super easy to hold with finger grooves that allow for easy gripping at various points along the neck.  This means, if you are using a heavier camera, you can hold a little higher up.  On the other hand, if you are using a lighter device such as a smartphone, you can hold at a lower point on the neck.

Works with Many Different Devices

The Switchpod also works easily with any type of camera ranging from smartphones to basic point-and-shoot cameras to professional DSLR's.  Its embedded 1/4-20″ standard tripod screw and tightening knob allows you to easily attach any camera within just a few seconds.  This lets users switch cameras quickly while ensuring the camera remains safely attached.  This makes it highly versatile and easy-to-use for many different purposes and with various devices.  

Adjust and Accessorize to your Preference

Another useful feature is that the Switchpod allows you to add your own quick release plates or ball heads in order to adjust it to your liking.  You can also use the two threads coming off the legs in order to add more accessories for your camera – such as a mic, a monitor, or an LED light.  

All in all, the Switchpod offers speed and agility like no other tripod on the market.  Its slim, minimalistic design and lightweight size allow you to easily fit it in any camera bag, backpack, pocket, or fanny pack.  You can also easily clip it onto your bag if you prefer!  With so many amazing, convenient features, this tripod works well for just about anyone – from vloggers, to professional photographers, to the everyday camera and smartphone users.  Making for simplified camera use, the Switchpod is an excellent gadget to bring along any adventure!


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