UFour: Apple Watch Wireless Pad W/ Multi Charging Cables

Srijana PS, 2019-04-15


For most of us, our regular work routine involves intermittent bouts of struggle as we shuffle around with the laptop cable or the mobile and smartwatch chargers;  either hunting for them or looking for appropriate places to make use of them.  It is reported that an average (organised) household will have a cabinet dedicated to cables and wires for a range of devices that they cannot live without.  Even while on-the-go a fair percentage of time and space is required to organise and pack up the appropriate accessories for our devices.  And then there are those awkward forgettable situations when you get stopped by the airport security because you are carrying a little more than the legal cabin allowance for cables & wires.


So, before you decide that this is nothing new but a familiar and unavoidable scenario, hear me out. What if there was a possibility to redo our daily routines? What if there was a solution to completely do away with our current unavoidable status of multiple chargers, tangled wires and messy cables? If this even remotely interests you, its time for you to get acquainted with ‘U Four’.


Get yourself the new U Four already!


This ingenious little multitasker is a combination of a magnetic charging pad plus a trio of charging options. With U Four you get your very own Apple Watch wireless charging pad with multi-charging cables for your other apple or android devices. A single point charging station for multiple devices anywhere, anytime.




How does this work anyway?


Compatible with almost all devices whether IOS or Android, the U Four fits right into any your home or work scenario. This is the perfect one-stop solution for all your charging woes as it brings to you the concept of a four-in-one portable charging unit that is super easy to use.  Not only does the U Four offer a single-charging option for 4 devices at the same time but it also provides instant wireless charging for the Apple Watch and ensures high-speed charging of the other three devices simultaneously.  In terms of efficiency, the U Four has been proven as the best in comparison with the devices available in the market.



Get Effortlessly Organised 


As the ideal travel companion, the U Four offers a discreet and simple option that guarantees no more embarrassing situations with unruly cables or painful numbers.  It is light-weight, takes a small corner of your work-space, easily fits into a small section of your handbag or backpack and even offers a convenient and tangle-free travel experience. 



Upgrade your work style 


Having established how smart the U Four actually is, its genuine premium quality deserves a mention here. The makers assure that the U Four is so durable that it may ‘outlive most of our mobile devices. What’s more? The best part of this newbie lies in its brilliant combination of an Apple Watch charger, micro USB cable, USB c cable, lightning cable in a single unit which is made available to you at just a fraction of the price of their composite total. Go on and check this out right now! 


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