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Ummu Hurayrah, 2019-03-15

Ever heard of Blue Light?

Blue Light is a range in the light spectrum, visible to the human eye and in this modern day and age of modern technological advancements, you are a hundred per cent guaranteed to be exposed to blue light. Exposure could be from the sun, fluorescent lights or digital screens (Television, desktop computers, laptops, smartphones, or tablets.) Statistics prove that 60% of people spend over six hours every single day in front of a digital screen- whether it be for work or recreation.

Although blue light can be beneficial to health in some ways (it elevates mood, boosts memory function etc), it has also been declared harmful to the health of the eyes. Frequent and prolonged exposure to blue light can lead to eye strain &fatigue, difficulty focusing, and permanent damage to the retina. It also disrupts the natural release of melatonin (sleep hormone) thereby disrupting sleep time.

One of the ways to prevent overexposure to blue light from digital screens is the use of glasses. And not just any kind of glasses but computer glasses that can block the blue light from penetrating your eyes.

Vexor Glasses.

Vexor glasses are designed with Vexor Blue-Light Filtering Technology. This technology is integrated into the lenses with minimal colour distortion. Vexor glasses are also equipped with an anti-reflective coating which also repels water, oil and dust. So, your eyes will not only be protected from blue light but also from certain elements in the environment.

Vexor also designed glasses specifically built for gaming and esports. So, if you are a lover of computer games read on!

Take Your Gaming to the Next Level.

Meet the Vexor Gaming glasses. These glasses are also designed with the same technology as the Vexor Glasses but have been modified for gaming. They are crafted with thin, light-weight temples designed to pair comfortably with all headsets. The hand-cut, coloured impact- resistant material is durable and will retain its vibrant colour longer.

Benefits of Vexor (Gaming) Glasses.

  • Prevents the symptoms of long gaming sessions, such as eye strain, loss of focus, etc. With Vexor Gaming glasses, you can play your favourite game for as long as you want!.

  • With Vexor’s Blue Light filtering technology, your eyes are protected from the deep penetration and exposure of blue light which may lead to long-term vision problems such as age-related macular degeneration (AMD) and cataract.

  • Wearing gaming glasses helps to relax your retinas, and prevent permanent damage to them, which occurs as a result of constant exposure to blue light. Vexor glasses improve focus and even block other harmful light rays

So, are you a worker who spends most of his time at the computer/tablet screen? Then Vexor Glasses should be a part of your wardrobe. And if you are a pro/amateur gamer who requires a long stretch of time to achieve that long overdue victory, the Vexor Gaming Glasses are perfect for you.

Do your eyes a huge favour and invest. You’ll be glad you did.




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