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Vision - An Intelligent Home And Office Assistant

Vision offers users an intelligent home office assistant which uses voice control technology to help simplify users daily lives.  With an easy 3 step set up, users can set up their device using any smartphone or tablet through the intelligent mobile app.  

Features Assist Users With Daily Activities

From playing music to ordering items, Vision makes it easy to complete daily tasks.  Vision can answer questions and provide interesting information to users.  It can even provide deep scientific knowledge when asked.  Another excellent feature of Vision is its ability to control lights, turning them on and off through its advanced settings.  It's also easy to connect Vision with other smart devices such as the TV using device synchronization options simply by scanning QR codes.



Voice-Controlled Music Options

Users can transform their Vision into a home entertainment center simply using their Bluetooth speaker. With voice-controlled music play, it is easier than ever to play music whenever and particularly in situations where it is inconvenient to physically control music such as while in the shower.  Children can also use this device to play and open their favorite stories and fairytales.  Using its Spotify integration, it is simple to access and play all your favorite music easily.



Personalize to Fit Your Needs

An excellent feature of Vision is its ability to become personalized and customized to fit your needs.  In addition to changing the color, voice, and appearance, users are able to also add and learn new commands using the latest settings.  With unlimited possibilities for individual visual presentation and personalization, users are able to change the voice tone and gender, choose their own name, and overall style.  This means users are able to truly make Vision their own unique assistant.  


Provides Rescue Assistance

Vision also works as a support system during any type of life-threatening or crisis situation as it is able to call for help during a rescue situation.  This is particularly useful for older people who may need to contact their senior care assistant during an emergency. Simply by saying "Vision help me" users are able to contact the necessary services to help them during their crisis.

Becomes a Home Management Center

Working for users by bringing everything together in one place, Vision supports its users with all their daily activities.  Functioning as a communication center, it combines the possibilities of both the home and office.  Through its access to online information, ability to answer questions and respond to your commands, and so much more, there is no limit to the support that Vision offers its customers.  

Vision becomes both an effective and cost-efficient solution for users as it provides an overall enjoyable experience and relief in completing daily activities.  Working for its customers, Vision allows them to relieve many of the stresses of daily life.  It is available and easy to use for anyone with a smartphone or tablet.  With so many amazing features and options for personalization, there is no limit for what Vision can do for you!

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