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Margaret Sitawa, 2019-02-01

If you have ever wanted to make your own app but you have little or no idea on how to go about it, here is something that has been made especially for you. Wrap your head around this; an app that enables you to create and publish mobile apps in a matter of minutes. Zero Codes Company has made this possible for each and every one of you. Programming can sometimes be complex and tedious, but with this app, you do not need to know anything about programming to develop your mobile app. The era we live in now requires organizations as well as individuals to be accessible via the internet and Zero Codes Company gives you a chance to assert your place online. 


It’s as easy as…

You have the idea of what you want your app to be about. That’s all you bring and Zero Codes Company’s interface will work out the rest for you. Whichever features you would like your app to have are readily available for you to select from the comprehensive list offered. The next step involves filling in your content which includes images, videos, texts etc. To finish up, you need to generate your file and this is an automated process completed from Zero Codes Company’s server. These 3 steps allow a user to be part of the full procedure that is app creation. The interface’s structure incorporates all the components such as design, production, and publication of an app’s creation. Additionally, video tutorials showing the steps of creating an app will be available to users as much as it is a straightforward process. 



There are numerous features available that will enable you to customize your mobile app according to your specific needs. These features are grouped in categories such as organization, local, monetization, information and many more with each category having a number of features that will cater to the needs you require. Subsequently, if your choice is not currently in the list provided you will have a chance as a user to have an input in which extra features should be added to help you generate your app as per your personal design.


How we stand out

  • You will be able to make as many apps as you want under no extra charge. 

  • All the profits in in-app advertising belong to you as the user. 

  • Your mobile app creation is easily done by the push of a button and the file you set up is downloaded.

  • Our emphasis is on how best as a user you will be able to utilize the app builder effectively.


Another amazing fact that Zero Codes Company has incorporated is that from the time the app builder is launched you will get to access it in various languages. These include English, Greek, Catalan, Dutch and many more, so from whichever part of the globe you are from, you will be able to utilize the app builder in your language. I myself cannot wait to build my first app using this app builder.


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