Project Ara : A new type of smartphone

Project Ara : A new type of smartphone

What is Project Ara? :

A picture of the back of an Project Ara phone. You can see the different modules and how slim the phone is.

A picture of the back of an Project Ara phone. You can see the different modules and how slim the phone is.

Project Ara is a new technology that is will change the game of smartphones. It has a modular hardware that allows the user to fully customise their phone, so that it is tailored with the technology modules that best suit their needs.

The phone is said to run using the Android software, but it yet to be decided if the phone will be an official Android or Nexus product.

Project Ara is still in development but it is set to debut in the upcoming year of 2016.

Whats so good about it?

  • When you need to, you can upgrade different parts of your phone.
  • You don’t have to be certain with what you want from your phone – maybe one day you need more power, maybe the next you want a better quality camera, its at your leisure to chop and change.
  • It will be at a very competitive price to other smart phones which are far less customisable – there will be a base structure price and then most of the components will be between $50-$100USD.
  • Its a new device, which means new technology!


Related Articles :

Online magazines such as and, two very reputable technology commentators, have both written very in depth articles on how Project Ara is reinventing the smartphone.

The Time magazine article focuses mainly on the history of the project. It also highlights the ATAP (The Advanced Technology and Projects) group and also focuses on the technical side of Project Ara. Throughout the piece there are referrals to iPhone and Samsung and the influence that both these phones had on Project Ara as well as highlighting the difference between those two models and the new project Ara model.
The article can be found at :

The Verge article however, discusses the mechanics of the product and specifically highlights how the modules stay together by the use of innovative new electromagnet technology. There is also discussion on the customizability of the product as well as commenting on the skins and shells that your phone can have.
The article can be found at :


A video taken from’s article on Project Ara. It highlights the mechanics of the phone as well as what the whole project is about. Its a great video to watch to get a holistic idea of the project.


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What do we think?

I think that Project Ara is a great concept. It fully allows the user to choose what’s most valuable in a phone and then be able to have all those things and still keep it interchangeable if you decide to change your mind.
The Android technology is state of the art and will definitely compliment the new technology associated with the mechanics and ideas behind this phone.

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