Alcatel U5 HD : Owner Review

by Farah Farah

My name is Farah Farah and I have been using the Alcatel U5 HD for a while. I have chosen this mobile phone due to its good specifications if we compare it to its cheap price. I usually use it to view the latest posts on Facebook, Instagram, and other social media applications and of course to play some games like Clash of Clans, Angry birds …etc. I also use it to read some famous ebooks (like Harry Potter, Twilight, and many other books), surf the internet with many useful browsers such as Google Chrome, and of course, I use it to listen to my favorite music tracks and songs. I have bought this mobile phone with just 110 $ which is a good price in this range of mobile phones (mid-priced range). Another reason why I have bought the Alcatel U5 HD is that because it is a very classic and simple mobile phone which I think is a very important thing that mobile companies should keep it in their minds.  

What specifications I will get if I buy this mobile phone?

Good performance

After using this mobile phone with different applications, I can say that this device can be used without any worries about its performance. I didn’t face any problems while using this mobile phone with games or with any other applications and I guess that it can give a very good performance in daily use.

You will get powerful hardware and software that can handle almost every app

The Alcatel U5 HD mobile phone comes with a quad-core MediaTek MT6737 processor, 2GB of RAM, and 16Gb of internal storage (and you can expand this storage by using a microSD card with storage capacity up to 128 GB) which will help you to run various sets of applications without any kind of problem.

Very good rear and front cameras

The Alcatel U5 HD mobile phone has a 13-megapixel rear camera (and after I have tried it I have found that it is a very good camera), and an 8-megapixel selfie camera powered with a flashlight so that everyone can take a selfie even if there is no light at all.

Many ways to protect your phone

This beautiful mobile phone comes with many features that you can use to prevent other people from using your phone. Besides the traditional old ways like the pattern, password, pin number …etc, this mobile phone comes with a new feature which depends on the facial recognition technology and this feature called Trusted faces, and from its name, you can know that it is used to lock your phone with your face picture which is a revolutionary way to lock your mobile phone.

build quality

I have dropped this mobile phone so many times and on different types of land, but nothing happened. I can assure you that this mobile phone has a very good build quality so it can handle any hit on any side.


This is a very light mobile phone. It only weighs 129(g).


Every day we hear that some mobile phone companies have copied the design of their mobile phones from other companies. Uniqueness is the thing that makes this mobile very special because it has its own, unique design, so you can’t find another mobile that has the same design as this mobile phone.  

So what are the disadvantages of this mobile phone?

A low battery capacity which needs a long time to charge

The Alcatel U5 HD hasn’t got a very long life battery because of its capacity. The battery has just 2200 (mAh) capacity so you can’t use it for a long time with the applications that consume a lot of battery power. The charger also isn’t so fast (it is just 550 mAh) so this mobile phone needs about 4 hours to fully charged statue which is a very long time if you compare it with other mobile phones in the same category.

high temperature

If you use this mobile phone for a long time or with the applications that have a high graphical resolution, you will notice that the temperature will rise dramatically which will lead to draining the battery life (and it is already a low capacity battery) so you will have to replace it shortly.

The display isn’t big enough

In our days everyone looks for a big screen on his mobile phone. In our case, this mobile phone wouldn’t be suitable for many people because of its display size. It comes with a 5.00-inch (720×1280) touchscreen which is a little bit smaller than other screens in this time so you should keep that in your mind when you decide to buy this mobile phone.


When it comes to colors, each person has a favorite color and that is the reason why each mobile phone has many colors to suit everyone taste. Unfortunately, Alcatel didn’t consider that when they designed this mobile phone, so it only has two colors, black and white, which don’t leave you with very different options so you stick to these two colors only.

And what about the facial recognition technology

I have talked about this feature in the above section but there is something that makes this feature useless. I can’t use it when I am in a room with a low light condition because the front flashlight won’t turn on automatically or manually so the device won’t be able to recognize you in low light conditions.


What really bothers me about this mobile phony its low volume sound and the other thing that it doesn’t have two types of speakers, one for the calls and the other for the other sounds, and the volume will remain very low even if you use your headphone and that is annoying because it doesn’t give the users total freedom about the way they want to listen to their favorite music.  

Overall Rating

Weight: 9 Display: 7 Battery Life: 5 Build Quality: 9 Performance and other features: 7 So my overall rating for this mobile phone will be about 7/10. I think that it is a beautiful mobile phone with good quality that you can use it in confidence in your daily life activity.