Apple iPad Mini 2 Product Review

by Govind Bharat

Sunday, February 5, 2017



I’d like to introduce you to a product that has been sweeping the market since 2011. It’s the Apple iPad Mini 2! I received this space gray colored device in September 2013 as a gift from my aunt in New York. I have been hearing a lot of positive and affirmative reviews from this product so I was really enthusiastic when I received it. From then, and I’m proud to say, to now, the Apple iPad Mini 2 has been durable and has accompanied me throughout my studies and post studies journey. I have held this product for over four years and I absolutely love it. Of course, it has its pros and cons and will be discussed in the following.

Battery Life and Charging 


If it’s one of the most astonishing things about the Apple iPad Mini 2 is it’s Battery’s Function. The battery, as quoted by the Official Apple Website, delivers 10 hours of battery life. With it’s A7 Chip, it makes this product actively remarkable. I’d call it an A+7 Chip! Personally, on an average, the battery lasts me three days provided that I lower the opacity. At one point it went four days without a thought of even charging it. When charging, on the other hand, it takes around three to four hours, but I’d say it’s worth it. The battery life is really what keeps me using this product every day for over four years. I remember one time I went to a beach house for the weekend and forgot the charger. At the end of that very enjoyable excursion, my battery wasn’t even below fifty percent although I used it throughout that trip.

Performance and Design


The performance of the iPad Mini 2 is top notch. This portable device was manufactured to be super light and super thin and it has been that of what was disclosed. There’s a button at the bottom where, when pressed, redirects to you the homepage of the iPad and when pressed twice, lists all your open tabs. If I have, to be honest, I must say Apple needs to work on that button because I’ve come across a lot of people whose home buttons were spoilt. Luckily I have never encountered that issue but it’s a common occurrence. The button should be more sensible. I’d say look out for that! There’s also the power button and side button that’s really responsive. I’ve never come across any overheating from the Apple iPad Mini so that’s a plus.

Strength and Durability

One thing I’d recommend with the Apple iPad Mini is to invest in a casing. I’ve got the Aduro Rotata Rotating Stand for iPad Mini since the day I’ve received the product and never came across any accidents. It has securely held the iPad in place and prevented scratches. As for screen protectors, I’ve never purchased any because the screen is really strong and fingerprint resistant. My iPad has dropped numerous times but thanks to the strong casing, it has held its stance.

Best Features

This product by far is overweighed by its positivity. One of the main and best features was aforementioned, and that is the battery life. I think I could say I’ve overused this device and it has definitely handled the heat. Its battery life is outstanding, overcoming numerous activities within days of not charging. Another function that is remarkable is its durability. Throughout my four years of using the iPad Mini, it has rarely ever given me slow responses. Its quick commands are what makes me so loyal to the iPad Mini. You can multitask without a hesitation from this portable device. Another feature that is exceptional is the various apps on the store that can facilitate your needs. The App Store contains millions of quality applications that are designed for you. There are so many free Apps with phenomenal quality that you can download. It’s like freedom in your palms. Additionally, there’s the physical part that stands out to me. That is the light, thin and strong construction of the iPad. You can take it anywhere without a weight on your shoulder…literally! It’s like your little journal full of the many advanced technological advancements that respond to you.

Worst Features

This is a definitely a tough one but apart from the many impressive functions of the iPad Mini 2, there are a few features that need improvement. Of course, nothing is perfect. For one, the camera is of really poor quality. I love to draw, do graphic designs and illustrations and invitations. This, of course, requires a high-resolution camera to be accommodated and unfortunately, the iPad Mini cannot handle the job. It does not focus where I want it to focus and the little details that I need are never included in the photos. This five mega-pixeled camera needs to be reworked by Apple. Furthermore, the video quality is even worse. Anytime I look at my videos I always see these grain-like qualities that just discourages oneself. In addition to the pixel part of the iPad Mini, there’s also the music portion that turns me down. It’s just too difficult to use! I’m more of a drag and drop kind of person. These advancements with iClould (keeps devices in synced) is just too complex. I never listen to music through my iPad Mini and I doubt I ever will in the future unless they do a much simpler re-work with user-friendly guides.

Overall Review

Overall, I must say, the iPad Mini 2 was probably one of the best gifts I have received. It has provided me with so much entertainment, assistance, and trust. I have used this device for watching my favorite tv shows, movies, and videos. It has aided me throughout my studies where I wrote my assessments, constructed my powerpoints and researched. Likewise, it gave me it’s trust due it is durability and strength. It’s truly a one of a kind device that you can use wherever you go. It has made my life much easier knowing that there’s a gadget that provides a lot of assistance on the go. In fact, just recently I decided to learn a new language and thanks to my iPad Mini 2, I was able to view my eBook through Apple’s iBook App, learning at the comfort of my own time. In fact, another prime example of the many usages of the iPadMini is writing this product review. It is really simple and easy to use and can definitely provide ease to your daily activities. Apart from the quality of the camera and video, I would one hundred percent recommend this device to anyone. My overall rating for this product is 9/10 (Strongly Recommend to Purchase).

by Govind Bharat

by Govind Bharat

Sunday, February 5, 2017

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