Apple iPhone 5s (Gold): User Review

by Joana Lisboa

apple-iphone-5s-gold-gallery-img1-bp3-011215 This is the iPhone 5s (Gold) and it was brought into the world in 2013. It was brought into my world in 2015 when I got one in FNAC  after my iPhone 5C had a not-so-happy encounter with my closet and that was his last encounter ever. The phone was blue and so was I, there was really no way to salvage it. The iPhone 5C with all its happy colours could've looked like a phone made out of Lego but it certainly didn't have the resistance of one. I knew I had to replace it and fast because sadly enough, my life kind of depended on it. Honestly, I wasn't ready to let go of Apple just yet. So I went ahead and got myself the older version, moved forward going backwards because sometimes brand new in technology doesn't necessarily mean that it's best. Here is my review of the iPhone 5s.


I know you're not reading but Mr. Cook this is  one little problem that you should really attend to. One recent developed feature that came with the iOS 10 was the Low Power Mode (the name speaks for itself) and in my humble opinion, I do think it helps saving some battery. There were so many times that I had only 1% (while on Low Power Mode) and I thought “Now I need to call someone and it's gonna die mid conversation), but it never did! But as for the battery in general, it drains very fast and that's what really bugs me about this phone. The good thing is that it charges rather quickly. Still, it feels like I charge my phone almost every day and for the battery to really last I'd have to keep my WiFi turned off pretty much all of the time.


abc_iphone_5s_gold_ll_131001_4x3_992 I think it's as fast as it is beautiful. Aside from some serious iMessages glitches I had in the beginning (back in the old iOS 8 days), it runs perfectly – with a 64-bit core it had to be powerful. Now with the iOS 10 it has become even faster , I don't even remember the last time an app just stopped working or crashed. This phone really offers an extraordinary performance and reliability. As for the design, it's just stunning and so well crafted and I immediately fell in love with the introduction of this new colour – the gold. Also, because it is a relatively small and slim phone it's super easy to fit in your pocket or simply carry around since it's the size of the palm of your hand and very light.


After the tragic fall of my last one, I took it upon myself to choose a phone that was more resistant. Although the iPhone 5S looks thin and light thus making it seem like it's fragile, its aluminum body gives it a certain strength. To add to this strength, the phone also has perfectly cut edges which makes it pretty solid. With all the big Pluses out there (iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 6s Plus and now the iPhone 7 Plus), the iPhone 5s looks really tiny in comparison but that doesn't make it any less tough. Personally, I haven't used a case on my phone (so risky, I know. I'm living on the edge!) and there are no scratches on it.




Today, the iPhone 5s is already ancient history – especially because it's already been replaced earlier this year by the newer and improved version: the iPhone SE. Well, it may be old but it's still gold to me. Do I wish the display was a bit bigger? Yes, I do. I used to be a fan of the small 4-inch screen (that is why Apple developed the iPhone 5SE – to please the customers that didn't like the new big tablet-like screens). I thought less was more, but I guess a little bit more wouldn't hurt here. Still, this is the perfect fit for someone who's looking for a phone that is comfortable, light and not too pricey. I'm very happy with it and highly recommend it.