Apple iPhone 6 : user review

by Tatas

I can describe the process of buying a new mobile as a painful mission. Is so hard to get used to a new one when you feel so comfortable with what has been working so far. I'm one of those people that dislike hearing “Why you don't change your phone? There is a new model already”. I totally agree that technology changes a lot over time and very quickly and of course we should keep the pace. Nevertheless, I believe that a compromised company must produce devices that can make the evolution's process for themselves, all things and limitations considered of course. Everyone desire is to make the purchase worth every dollar paid and when the time to buy a new mobile comes, is easy to make a mistake. I will describe my experience with the iPhone 6 the Apple mobile device in order to justify why is a good option.

Reasons why the iPhone is the best choice


I bought my current mobile phone from the Apple store in May 2016, is an iPhone 6 model A1549. It has been almost a year from the purchase and I'm more than satisfied with it. Is very easy to buy from the Apple website in case you don't have an Apple store nearby, but I highly recommend you to personally visit a store because the staff is super friendly and you can have a real experience with the products. People that work at the Apple store are so proud of the products as the company is, consequently they don't make an effort to sell, they only try to guide you in the hard decision of choosing. I enjoy visiting the Apple store every time I have some spare time or extra dollars. It reminds me my first experience with the brand. After a month of my first Apple product purchase in 2011, I bought an iPod (music player device), I was passing by the store and I saw in exposition the new iPad (tablet device), which had been launched just that week and I commented with one of the staff that I regretted my last purchase because I really wanted the iPad, amazingly the stuff told me that because my iPod purchase was only one month ago I could return to them and pay only the difference for the iPad (because the iPad was more expensive), they would have take my iPod for the exactly price I paid. The story concludes in me been so happy with their confidence that I bought the iPad but didn't give up of my iPod because I loved it too much. Let just describe the Positive features and then the Disadvantages of the iPhone 6, so you can later weight then and decide.

Positive features


The battery can be really durable if you don't ever charge your mobile device with another charger that is not the original one. This is just the secret of making your battery infallible in the future, which is extremely necessary because you cannot just replace the battery as you can do it with the Samsung mobile device. My battery last 12 hours per day, without needing a single recharge during the day. I'm always connected to WhatsApp, I also make several short calls during the day, and check on the Google Maps almost every half an hour (because I just moved to a new city); just for you to have an idea how much I relied on my mobile and understand its battery life in use. Using the mobile's camera or accessing to social media accounts will reduce your battery life to 8 hours per day. I never recharge the battery with the portable charger and I don't suggest you to use them unless is an Apple's product, which last time I check they didn't have it.


iPhones are fast devices. Everything happens quicker on the Apple devices, there is almost no waiting time. The size is perfect, not too big neither makes you struggle with the shape of the screen, is big enough to all the plus activities you need to do on a mobile phone, like writing emails, checking out websites or using infinite of the applications available.


iPhone durability is admirable. I have dropped it so many time, of course, nothing too serious. My iPhone wears a screen fill protector and because of that, I believe the iPhone screen has survived all the falls. Still working perfectly (the screen protector is only 10 dollars).


Another great iPhone's singularity is that the apps you download in your mobile can synchronize automatically, if you want to, with the same apps you have in your other Apple devices, as MacBook, iPad, iPod and so on. This means for example if you have a music app in your mobile device, them you will be able to open it in your MacBook without paying extra for this. The same for files, you can share your documents in the cloud of all your Apple devices and because of this, you have an immediate access to them on your mobile. The security is a relevant differentiation that the iPhone has, you will never have virus problems and is just great to feel safe. I heard more than once from a Samsung's user that its mobile deleted all the photos or the music in a file, this is not a problem for iPhone's users. Additionally, Apple grants you a tracking application which complements the security options. The iPhone and all your devices share a tool that helps you to find your mobile device, or even if someone is trying to access to your Apple ID on your MacBook or iPad, then you will receive a message on your iPhone informing you of this activity and even tells you the location that this activity is occurring. Like I previously mentioned, the mobile software makes an automatic actualization, which is a great advantage if it doesn't fail.This model never got hot because using it a lot, like I previously described above, I have it on my hand almost all day and never bothers me in terms of getting warm. Is a really light and good size device even with the thin case protector it wears. On the other side to all this advantage and good qualifications pointed out above, I will share many disadvantages the iPhone has and describe them in the following lines.



Apple products are expensive. In general, whatever you buy from Apple is not the cheapest option in the market. The comparative price of the Samsung mobile device, the iPhone is 200 dollars above at least. Moreover, all the accessories, tools, replacement parts you need to repair something you broke, everything will cost you at least 40 dollars more than the others brands. Since we just mentioned the Samsung mobile device, let compare the camera of this two mobiles. I'm sorry to disappoint you but the Samsung's camera takes better pictures, this is only my humble opinion for sure. The wifi connection is another feature that comparing it to Samsung, the iPhone doesn't have the best grades. It happened to me many times, that my friend's Samsung mobile reach a wifi signal that I just could find because it wasn't that strong as Apple wished. Let introduce now the software actualization. This is a double-edged sword, and I will explain why. At the very beginning of this article, I expressed that independent actualization of the software the devices run is a primordial feature that good products should have, all Apple products do this. Your mobile will inevitably require an automatically actualization of the software, and it will ask it periodically. You just need to agree with the desired time to do it so, and the mobile will make the actualization for itself. That is just a positive and wonderful aspect of the iPhone. You can be a user of a two older generation of iPhone, but because of the software actualization your mobile essentially looks different just on the exterior but you have the same platform that the iPhone new generation has. On the other hand, it happened with me and with at least 3 other iPhone's users; in the actualization process the mobile must shut down, but what happened was that the mobile didn't turn on again, no reason why. When this happened I took it to the authorized support store and they make it work again. It didn't really take them a long time to do it, but this is a situation that I didn't hear of from my Samsung friend's users. Lastly, the apps in the Apple store are more expensive than in the Samsung store. This is refutable of course because you can just use another free app with similar features and then just spare the purchasable app.


Now that disadvantages and positives features about the iPhone 6 the Apple mobile device have been debated, I leave to your criteria to grade each point as more or less relevant. I closed this review recognizing that I do not regret the many times I paid high prices for the services of my iPhones or the purchase price. So far I have bought two generations of iPhones, and because I'm highly satisfied, I'm sure I will keep doing it. Apple simplify my life because I love technology and taking advantage of it but I do not have the time to keep its pace. Although being an iPhone's user helps you in this constant process leaving behind unnecessary manners and optimizing a lot of time and consequently stress. This is a 8/10 product, just because I expect from Apple nothing more than an unstoppable evolution over time.   Just love AppleiPhone 6iPad 2011 The first picture is just to prove how much the Apple products gain my respect, I didn't buy them all at once, my first device was the iPod touch in 2011, which still works perfectly. Them the iPad 2, the iPhone is not in the picture because is its camera I'm using for this purpose, and the MacBook I bought in 2016. The second picture is the print screen of the iPhone 2014 platform, just for you to compare it with the 2011 iPad platform print screen, exactly the same because of the software actualization.