Apple iPhone 6: User Review

by Said Azmi

January 1, 1970

What’s up with the Apple iPhone 6?

My iPhone 6 W/ official cover

My iPhone 6 W/ official cover


My phone is an Apple iPhone 6, I got it while I was on a trip to Dubai because my iPhone 5s had died from screen connectivity due to a fall. I’ve had the phone with me for about a year and a half now, and I have always been a fan of iPhones, but I must say that, while  I have had a rather pleasant experience, Apples iPhone 6 has a few issues such as the battery life that need to be addressed.

Battery life and charging:

charging Screen

The battery life starts out as satisfactory, I don’t remember any instances where the battery life felt suspect for the few first months, it would last for about 8-12 depending on usage.  Of course as is the case with many iPhone models, the batteries reliability takes a nose dive when you least expect it. Before I knew it my phones battery life has been shortened significantly, lasting no more than 6-7 hours a day (battery issues are a commonly reported issue for the iPhone 6) it starting dying out at around 20 to 30 % battery which was incredibly inconvenient as you can never predict when the phone is going to run out of charge. You’d think that’s the worst of it but sadly it not, it then developed a problem with its charging such that the charging process was slow, intermittent, and highly unreliable. This issue also extended to which cables will charge the phone requiring a great deal of effort and set up to get the phone to charge properly.

You’d think that’s the worst of it but sadly it not, it then developed a problem with its charging such that the charging process was slow, intermittent, and highly unreliable. This issue also extended to which cables will charge the phone requiring a great deal of effort and set up to get the phone to charge properly.

I have recently switched to a different phone of the same model which shows fewer of the signs of the battery problems. I put it to charge before going to bed and take it out with me in the morning, but I always know that if I have a long day ahead of me I will need to charge the phone again before the day is over.

For more on the iPhone 6 battery issue follow this Link.

 Performance and Design:

In terms of general usability, the iPhone 6 really shines, but there is a very real dichotomy in that the iPhones closed loop design does not allow the user to mod their phones in order to make them a more useful tool to each person individually.

I have been using an iPhone for quite a while now before this one I must say that for people who are not concerned with modifying their device, the iPhone 6 is a very comfy option. One of the reasons I picked up the iPhone and not one of its competitors early on was because I always felt that the iPhone had been superior in terms of implementing a fast, reliable, easy to use touch screen interface.

Although in all honesty, I hate what apple has done to the iPhones simple, beautiful music player, I refuse to except the ugly new music player design with is far less user friendly and which is put me off listening to music from my phone\’s music player instead opting to listen to music off applications that offer online streaming of music.

For a comprehensive list of the iPhone 6’s Design specifications click Here.

Strength and Durability:

If I have to give Apple credit for something, it is that they understand how careless the average user can be with regard to their iPhones, and they have been making their phones generally more and more sturdy. My iPhone 6 has had its fair share of bumps and even a couple of drops, and aside from a panicked moment where you pick up the phone to assess the damage, you leave the entire process with your phone more or less intact. If I have durability problems they would be specifically for the screens and the charging boards as they were the culprits for most of my old iPhones dying off.

Here is a drop test conducted on both Apples iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus:

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Best Features:

Screenshot of iBooks audiobook section.

Screenshot of iBooks audiobook section.

Best features are a very subjective topic and are relative to the person using the phone and their individual needs but I will speak as a person who is heavily reliant on my iPhone to stay connected and in contact with all the benefits of using a smartphone.

My #1 favourite features is a bit unusual, but I really enjoy the iBooks app very much, I am a very big fan of audiobooks and back before there were audiobook players I would have to manually write down where I stopped in the book every time I decided to have a break. This is no longer an issue however as the iBooks apps audiobook player remembers where you left off and offers a smarter user interface.

Another feature to mention is the vast number of phone applications you have access to through the Appstore, there is a seemingly infinite number of different iPhone apps that do a whole number of different things and you are bound to find an app that suits your needs.

Worst Features:

I could go on and on about have stressful it can be when you are constantly worrying about when your phone is going to run out of charge, and leave you unable to communicate with others, but aside from problems with battery life, battery display, and charging behavior which can be very erratic in some cases.

What I can say however is that while this problem is nothing new to apple users and is an issue that apple has been silent on for quite a while, but according to Forbes’s contributor Gordon Kelly, Apple has finally admitted that there is a problem with their battery shutting down at the 30% mark and they claim to have already solved the issue in the newest   iOS (10.2.1).  Apple claims that the recent update has reduced the issues occurrence by about 70% for the iPhone 6 which remains to be verified.


Overall Review:

Regardless of anything I still feel that the iPhone 6 is one hell of a smartphone, and depending on what a smartphone means to you, an iPhone 6 might fit the bill. It is generally easy to use and learn by anyone, supports a great deal diverse applications giving it the flexibility to suit a variety of different needs. If there are issues that Apple needs to work on or consider in future iPhones is by making sure the newer phones don’t suffer the same hardware difficulties so we are not just patching up a faulty boat.


Verdict: 8/10


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