Apple iPhone 7 : User Review

by Mallika

Sunday, June 4, 2017


Four weeks ago, I stepped into the local Apple store in the hopes of buying an iPhone SE or something low range, basically, since I had lost my previous iPhone 6 to the beach. I walked out with a shiny new, Jet Black Apple iPhone 7 with 128GB storage. From the moment I even held the device in my hand, though, I knew it had to be it. I was taken at the sheer speed of the beast in my hands.

Battery Life & Charging

After viewing the Apple website, I was expecting exceptional performance. The iPhone 7 packs a heavy battery life of 40 hours audio playback and a 14 hour talk time. But Apple definitely missed the mark for me here. Even after ignoring the fact that these figures are only for medium usage and don’t cater for heavy users, I was disappointed. For the first five hours, all was fine. But when the battery percentage hit 50%, it went downhill. Within another three hours I was looking at a blacked out screen and a phone with no juice left. This is one of the only cons for me here.

iphone battery life


However, Apple’s lightning fast charging negated the bad battery life for me. The speed at which this phone charges just amazes me! Within 2.5-3 hours I am good to go with a full battery life. This aspect made me extremely happy and definitely cancelled out what was disappointing earlier.

Design and Performance

Personally, the design for me was perfect since I’m not really a fan of change. However, the 7 is noticeably thinner than the 6, and lighter too, which was great, since I didn’t find it to be too heavy during one handed usage. The absence of the headphone jack didn’t really affect me personally since I was already a user of wireless earphones, however, during car rides if I had to use an aux cable, it was a real pain if I didn’t carry the connecting cable. This was only a minor con for me. The new home ‘button’ was a pleasant surprise for me and I was happy that at least the button wouldn’t get spoilt after some intensive usage.

The iPhone 7 packs the A10 fusion chip. To translate: it’s bloody fast! There is absolutely no lag, and that’s coming from a very demanding user. I already have over 25 applications installed and it is as fast as the day I got it home. One thing worth mentioning is the speed of the Touch ID. There is a very small difference, but once you’ve used it, it’s hard to go back.

Strength and Durability

Personally, I’ve handled this phone with the utmost care and it has barely slipped through my hands. However, due to the water and dust resistant exterior, I’m assured that if ever I accidentally do drop it in water or get it damp in a coat pocket during rains, it’s safe. This is actually great fun at the beach and we have great pictures in the water.

I would suggest that you get a good, heavy-duty cover for this smartphone because I’m sure getting the display changed would cost a pretty penny. I would also recommend that you put on a tempered glass screen protector because the screen tends to get scratched easily (especially if you have long nails!). If you do not use a heavy-duty cover, be sure to at least buy some sort of protection for the camera lens because it is not flush with the body and jutts out; perfect recipe for scratches obscuring your pictures!

Best Features

Where do I even start? I am so in love with this phone. The camera, however, has to be one of my favourite features. It is what enticed me into buying this device as well. I knew whichever iPhone I’d take would have a good camera, best available. But this cannot even be compared. The 12 MP rear camera paired with the beautiful display turn out to be a solid combination. Live Photos is a favourite feature of mine here. The moments come out stunning! The pictures in low light come out so vibrant!

The speakers and sound quality is also amazing. I’m not sure if it’s just this device or if it’s an iPhone thing these days but my 6 did not sound this great. Even without speakers, in closed quarters, the speaker works amazing. I love to sing along and play music while I cook and I don’t even need to bother with speakers anymore!

The upgraded home button is a huge plus for me! All Apple products I’ve owned till now have had issues with the home button. While only time will tell how this one takes it, I’m guessing it will pull through better since it’s no longer a physical button.

The microphone on this is extremely clear. I record almost all of the voice over for my Youtube videos on this and honestly, I don’t think I will be investing in an external microphone any time soon.

One of my all time favourites is the super quick charging. Whether you’re in a pinch or leading a jet-setting life, this is one feature that will be a lifesaver.

Worst Features

The bad battery life did manage to dampen my mood a little, however, I think it is still one point that can be excused since the fast charging manages to makeup for it.

While for me it wasn’t that big an issue, the removal of the headphone jack may be problematic for many. I’ve only been inconvenienced a few times because of this, that too usually in the car, so now I keep a lightning cable to headphone jack cord in my car.

One last thing I completely disliked was the fact that the 7 Plus had a better camera. The discrepancy didn’t particularly make sense to me and I hated that I missed out on a better camera because I didn’t want that big a screen size.

Overall Review

This is definitely the best smartphone I have used to this day. Of course, whatever technology Apple comes up with next may just be better. It has definitely been a treat to pamper myself and buy the latest iPhone, but it is definitely paying off! Since I’m a photographer, smartphone photography never really made me happy, but there are times when I am completely satisfied leaving behind my DSLR, with this as a substitute.

There are a few areas of improvement, but then there will always be room for improvement. Nothing major though, because nothing has been taken away from the experience.

I’ll probably be using this phone as my daily driver for a few more years, considering Apple hardware doesn’t get outdated as easily Android may.

What I feel: BUY IT! This is the most value for money you’ll ever get, and it is worth every penny.

Thank you for reading!

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by Mallika

by Mallika

Sunday, June 4, 2017

Mallika is a lover of technology, photography and art. She loves to travel and write as well.


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