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by Rajitha

Saturday, December 3, 2016


Before about one year to start my university degree programme, I entered to develop software and websites.Therefore I decided to purchase a notebook for my purposes. Apple MacBook Pro 13 inch(Early 2015) model  was my choice. It is thinner and lighter, the silver colour finish is very attractive.There are excellent hardware features,software features and data security options in this notebook. Those features moved me to purchase this notebook. I purchased my notebook from FutureWord  Apple Authorized Reseller. Now, about two years have passed after my purchase and still I’m using my notebook.

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MacBook Pro 13 inch



Apple MacBook Pro 13-inch model  contains a built-in  49.2-watt-hour lithium-polymer battery.In following facts,the battery life is described according to the user activities.

  • Up to 10 hours of battery life,when using wireless web.
  • Up to 10 hours of battery life,when using  iTunes movie playback.
  • Up to 30 days of standby time.

A 61W USB-C power adapter was received with this notebook.It takes about 2-3 hours to charge from 0% to 100%. Normally I use to charge my laptop when the battery level is about 20% and I charge it up to about 98% percent. It takes about one and half hours to charge according to that pattern. Battery is one of the most important equipment in the laptop for my purposes because I am doing software and web development. In my development process, I need to code,run and test my applications. To run required applications  for a long time,a  good battery life is important. According to my experiences, I can satisfy about the battery life for my purposes.


The screen size of Apple MacBook Pro 13 inch model is 13.3 inch(diagonal) and it is very thin. The notebook is not much heavier. Therefor it’s easy to carry in travelling purposes.The retina display and  the LED backlight are wonderful features.Following hardware features are available in my notebook.

  • 2.7 GHz Intel Core i5 Processor
  • 8GB 1867 MHz DDR3 RAM
  • Intel Iris Graphics 6100 1536MB
  • 251 GB HDD
  • 2560*1600 maximum resolution.

Well performed processor speed,RAM and attractive graphical options are excellent for my continues works in software and web development. Following options are available to connect external devices to this notebook.

  • Two Thunderbolt 3  (USB-C) ports
  • Two USB ports
  • One HDMI port
  • One audio port
  • One power port

The Thunderbolt port can use as a charging port or a display port. If we talk about the keyboard and touchpad of my notebook,the full size keyboard contains an ambient light sensor.The touchpad enables force clicks, accelerators and pressure-sensitive drawing. In data communication, Wifi and Bluetooth technologies are available in the notebook. The 720p FaceTime HD camera is performed well during video conversations. Otherwise there are two microphones are available in the notebook. Although there are above facts, sometimes the notebook get heated specially if we are using too much RAM. I noticed that fact about 4 or 5 times until now.


I’m glad to say that still I didn’t get any kind of large problems in my notebook.There were some problems when I’m trying to connect my dongle with the notebook. But still these problems haven’t noticed in a large scale. Even though two years have been passed after purchasing the notebook, still its performing speed and memory management features are not reduced. The physical strength of the device is in a good condition. According to my experiences,the physical connection between the components of the notebook is well safe. If you follow the safety instructions, the device’s durability may be in a good condition.


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User Friendly Environment

I mostly glad about the processor speed and the RAM capacity of my notebook. It’s excellent when I am doing advanced projects which require higher memory capacities. Rarely the system was terminated during the projects. My notebook came with OS X Yosemite Operating System. It’s a very user friendly operating system. The graphical preferences of the operating system and the notebook provide an attractive environment to work. As a web developer, I could view my applications with higher performances of graphics. I think that the OS X operating system is one of the best feature which come with the notebook. Without the OS X operating system, the hardware options of graphics will not be useful as my decision.

Video Conversation Features

As my experiences, Apple MacBook Pro has excellent options in video conversations. 720 p FaceTime webcam with the microphones provide well performed video and audio options. FaceTime Application provides wonderful experiences in live video conversations. The audio output features provide high quality sounds in video conversations.

Security Settings

Due to the best features of security options specially when using the internet, I use my notebook for many online works and transactions. There are very useful options in Network and Firewall settings which can be activate or deactivate manually. These options contains internet user account management,parental control options,file sharing options etc. Apple’s keychain option is one of the best option that provide security to store username,passwords and credit card details.



One of the worst thing about Apple MacBook Pro Notebook is it’s price.I spend about 1450 USD to purchase my notebook. I think its difficult to handle this price for many people even though they are interesting in  this product. Therefore a person should have  a good financial background to purchase this notebook.

Bluetooth Settings

Apple MacBook  Pro provides bluetooth options only for connecting another Apple devices. This fact put  me in trouble in many situations when I need to communicate with another person’s device. If Apple devices are not available for others, I need to use email options to receive what I need. To connect a mobile phone with the notebook, the user should have an iPhone. That’s worst because the ability to connecting a mobile phone with the notebook is essential in many situations.

Connecting external devices

I  had problems when I try to connect my HUAWEI dongle with the notebook. When I was trying to connect  them, the notebook was restarted sometimes. Sometimes that happened twice continuously. If I was doing another work during that time, it would put me in trouble.  I have noticed some internet connection breakdowns also when I ‘m using my dongle with the notebook.As previously, the notebook was restarted. I never so that problem when I am connecting the same dongle with another different brand notebook.


Even though Apple MacBook Pro is very expensive, It’s an excellent notebook with great features. I have seen a lot of unique attributes for Apple devices rather than other devices. Specially when handling the graphical features, I think Apple is the best artist. I explained many of my experiences about the notebook related to  my programming purposes, but the notebook is not only for that purpose. High performing  graphical options, High performing processor speed and RAM,user friendly environment etc may surely  support any other purposes such as graphic designing,video editing,document preparing etc. Long lasting battery life and the great durability prepared me a relaxed environment to continue my works. Mostly I feel comfortable when using the product’s options. If you think that this product is not much suitable for your works, you can check out other notebook products of Apple. As an example Apple MacBook Pro 15 inch model also available. You can check out other products from here: Apple Mac Products



by Rajitha

by Rajitha

Saturday, December 3, 2016

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VersionTECH. USB External DVD CD Drive Burner Superdrive for Apple Mac Macbook Pro/Air iMac Laptop, Retail Package

Saturday, December 3, 2016

by VersionTECH.
VersionTech Ultra Slim USB External DVD Drive Burner is special designed for the Apple Macbook, Macbook Pro, Macbook Air or other PC or Laptop without internal drive. No eject button design, powered by USB port from your PC or Laptop, plug and play. It's fully compatible with Mac or Windows OS, no need to install any driver program. More convenient for you to play music, movies or install software with this USB external DVD drive, copy & burning music from your laptop to a CD disc in a flash. Features: [1] 100% Brand New and High Quality. [2] Ultra Slim and Lightweight, Classic Appearance Designed. [3] Support DOS Start and System Recovery. [4] Brand New Import Chip, Power Ability to Correct Errors, Shockproof, Low Level Noise. [5] Route Optimizing Design for Power Saving and Low Power Consumption, NO External Power Required. [6] Easy to install, Plug and Play, No Any Driver Required(Excluded Windows 98SE). [7] Unique Intelligent Replication Technology, easy to Pause or Record Files. [8] Automatic Slot in Design for the Disk, Prevent cockamamie process of opening or closing the machine's door by hand. [9] Compatible with All Laptop and PC with USB Port. Specifications: Writing Speed :8X Speed +R 4.7GB; 8X Speed +R(DL); 6X Speed +RW 4.7GB; 24X Speed CD-R; 16X Speed CD-RW Reading Speed: 24X Speed CD-ROM Reading; Buffer Under Run Protection Support USB2.0 (480Mb/sec), fully backward compatible with USB1.1 (12Mb/sec). Troubleshooting Methods: Q: CD was stuck A: 1. As insufficient power supply, the dvd drive should be connected with USB port on laptop rather than connect with USB HUB. In addition, please connect the item with USB port behind of computer host if you use a desktop. 2.Check the cd is unwounded and not out of shape. 3.Eject cd by clicking eject button on computer. Q: Driver cannot be recognized by computer or it cannot play cd well A: 1,The dvd drive should be connected with USB port on laptop rather than connect with USB HUB. In addition, please connect the item with USB port behind of computer host if you use a desktop. 2. Ensure cd is placed well and not scratched. 3. Ensure there is a build-in practical driver software. Or try it with another computer. 4.Setting area code according to different regions. Q: Making Noisy A: Some of DVDs is thicker than common discs, it is normal phenomenon with a bit noisy. But please ensure cd is placed well and not scratched. Q: Trouble in burning A: Blank cd is unformatted, please download a software-NERO, to finish the setting and add something that you want to burn. Usually, it works well with cd that in format: WAV, MP3, MP4, etc. Introductions In Operating: Ⅰ.This product is a data line interface properly to USB port of the computer, the computer display lower corner should opera device icon. Ⅱ.Click on the desktop, open the "my computer", in "the mobile storage device should display the drive icon". Ⅲ.Click on this icon button, select the "pop" in the tray into the appropriate disk read. Ⅳ.Do not place the drive close to any magnetic object. Ⅴ.To ensure normal running,please place the drive on flat desktop, do not place the drive under any pressure. BE CAREFUL: ☀Internal laser light source may be harmful to the eyes of the face, please do not look directly. ☀Do not have the machine on a strong magnetic object nearby. ☀Keep the machines steady on the desktop, do not put it unstable items. ☀Do not put the machines on the vulnerable to squeeze place, to ensure normal machine use. ☀Date transfer speed is also affected by computer and system environment. NOTE: PLEASE CONTACT OUR CUSTOMER SERVICE FIRST BEFORE RETURNING IF THERE IS ANY PROBLEM,VERSIONTECH OFFERS YOU THE BEST AFTER-SALE SERVICE AND PRODUCT. What is included: 1 x USB External Slot in Drive for Macbook 1 x User Manual

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MOSISO MacBook Pro 13 Case 2018 2017 2016 Release A1989/A1706/A1708, Plastic Hard Shell Cover with Screen Protector Compatible Newest MacBook Pro 13 Inch with/Without Touch Bar, Crystal Clear

Saturday, December 3, 2016

MOSISO High Quality Soft Touch Plastic Hard Case Series Specifications Designed ONLY to be compatible with The Newest MacBook Pro 13 Inch (A1989 with Touch Bar, A1706 with Touch Bar and A1708 without Touch Bar, Release 2018 2017 2016). Snap on design, easy on easy off Fully access to all buttons and features Plug your charger, cable or headset without removing the case Super light-weight with smooth rubberized exterior texture to protect your MacBook from scrapes and scratches Material: Polycarbonate Case Compatible with Newest MacBook Pro 13 Inch with Touch Bar Model: A1989 / A1706 Newest MacBook Pro 13 Inch without Touch Bar Model: A1708 Release 2018 -- MR9Q2LL/A, MR9R2LL/A Release June 2017 -- MPXV2LL/A, MPXX2LL/A, MPXW2LL/A, MPXY2LL/A, MPXQ2LL/A, MPXR2LL/A, MPXT2LL/A, MPXU2LL/A Release October 2016 -- MLL42LL/A, MLUQ2LL/A, MLH12LL/A, MLVP2LL/A, MNQF2LL/A, MNQG2LL/A Case NOT Compatible with MacBook Air 11 Inch (A1465 / A1370) MacBook 12 Inch with Retina Display (A1534) MacBook Air 13 Inch (A1466 / A1369) MacBook Pro 13 Inch with Retina Display (A1502 / A1425) Old MacBook Pro 13 Inch with CD-Rom (A1278) MacBook Pro 15 Inch with Retina Display (A1398) Old MacBook Pro 15/15.4 Inch with CD-Rom (A1286) Installation 1. Please find the 4 clips for top cover and 4 cilps for bottom cover. 2. Please attach the bottom cover at the hinge location first, there are 2 clips to secure the back side of bottom cover. 3. Apply gentle force to the 2 clips at the front side of bottom cover. 4. Please attach the top cover at the hinge location first. 5. Apply gentle force to snap on the top cover.

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MacBook Pro 15 inch Case 2018 2017 2016 Release A1990 A1707, Kuzy Plastic Hard Shell Cover for Newest MacBook Pro 15 case with Touch Bar Soft Touch - Black

Saturday, December 3, 2016

by Kuzy
You will be delighted with KUZY MacBook Pro 15 inch Case Product. You will love how our MacBook Pro 15 inch Case Rubberized finish feels when you're holding your MacBook. It's smooth but still provides a good grip on the MacBook for your peace of mind. With each MacBook Pro case you're getting more than a colorful accent - you're getting complete protection that won't get in the way of what you need to do. Maintain access to every major feature of a MacBook Pro, including vents that prevent overheating DESIGNED ONLY for Newest MacBook Pro 15 inch Case - Models: A1990 & A1707 - Released in 2018 & 2017 & 2016 Case Specifications — Designed for Newest MacBook Pro 15-inch with Touch Bar and Touch ID and 4 Thunderbolt 3 ports — No cut out design, Apple Logo Shine through the case — Material: Polycarbonate Hard Plastic Case Case Features — Case give your MacBook Pro a smooth, semi-translucent frosted finish that easily slips in and out your bag while retaining a grippy edge for your peace of mind. — Hard Plastic Case with Rubber paint over Top and Bottom Covers for Matte Silky-smooth soft-touch — Allows you access to all your important plugs while highlighting the unique look of your MacBook Pro 15-inch with Retina Display — Smooth yet grippy rubberized exterior texture to Protect your MacBook from scrapes and scratches — Case Design lets you Open/Close your MacBook all the way and Access to all Ports. Compatible ONLY with: MacBook Pro 15-inch with Touch Bar and Touch ID Models: A1990 & A1707 Release July 2018 MR932LL/A, MR942LL/A Release June 2017 MPTR2LL/A , MPTU2LL/A MPTT2LL/A , MPTV2LL/A Release 2016 MLH32LL/A , MLW72LL/A MLH42LL/A , MLW82LL/A Case NOT Compatible — MacBook Pro 15.4" Model A1398 & A1286 Older Version — MacBook White 15-inch

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Comfyable Laptop Sleeve for MacBook Pro 15 Inch (2016-2018 Models) | Waterproof Computer Case Provides Safe Storage & Stylish, Sleek Design

Saturday, December 3, 2016

by Comfyable
Treat Your Laptop With Kindness, Wrap It In A Comfyable Professional Mac Book Pro Case SIMPLE AND ELEGANT DESIGN PLUS PROTECTION AND SAFETY- Sleek, Slim, Thin and Elegant, our MacBook Pro 15 case is the smart solution for every proud laptop user that respects the basic principles of style! RESPECT YOUR INVESTMENT- A laptop or tablet is a significant investment and a laptop or tablet in a mobile environment is susceptible to any number of unfortunate accidents such as drops, falls, liquids, scratches. Purchase a Comfyable MacBook Pro 15 case and know you made a wise choice protecting your investment YOUR LAPTOP IS AN INDISPENSABLE TOOL- You need it every day and all your important files, photos, schedules and emails are saved there. That's why you need a Comfyable Mac Pro 15 inch case to treat your laptop with care and protect something so vital. NO WATER ALLOWED!- Caught in the rain commuting? Careless hands and spilled coffee? Never fear! Our MacBook 15 inch case features a water resistant fabric exterior layer in order to keep your laptop safe from liquids. A FRIEND IN NEED, NEEDS A 15 INCH LAPTOP SLEEVE INDEED!- Do you have a friend who is addicted to his/her laptop? If your answer is yes, put a smile on your friend's face! A Comfyable MacBook Pro 15 inch cover is a perfect gift idea! Be kind to your laptop. Order Your 15 Inch Laptop Sleeve Today.

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MAXOAK Type-C Power Bank for Apple Laptop MacBook Pro/Air MacBook 2006-2018 36000mAh 5/9/12/15/20V PD USB-C External Battery Pack Portable Charger W/2USB for Mac Notebook Phone(Recharge by AC/USB-C)

Saturday, December 3, 2016

MAXOAK 36000mAh Power Bank (Model K3) provides 1 x USB-Type C Connector, 1 x DC to MacBook 1/2 Charging cable, assure a maximum compatibility with a wide range of popular Apple laptops(2006-2018). It can charge Apple laptops as below but not limit to: MacBook Series: 2017-2018 MacBook/MacBook Pro (13&15inch) with thunderbolt 3(USB-C)port MacBook 12-inch(Type C port) Apple MacBook 13"-inch 13.3" Mid 2010 Late 2009 Mid 2009 Early 2009 Late 2008 MacBook 13"-inch 13.3" Late 2008 Early 2008 Apple MacBook Air Series: MacBook Air 13-inch 13.3" Early 2014 Mid 2013 Mid 2012 A1466 Mid 2011 Late 2010 A1369 Mid 2009 Apple MacBook Air 11-inch 11.6" Early 2014 Mid 2013 Mid 2012 A1465 Mid 2011 Late 2010 A1370,etc Apple MacBook Pro Series: MacBook Pro 13-inch 13.3" Mid 2014 Late 2013 Retina A1502 Early 2013 Late 2012Retina A1425 Mid 2012 Late 2011 Early 2011 Mid 2010 Mid 2009 Aluminum Unibody A1278,etc. 5V USB Powered Device Compatible with any device that charges via standard 5V USB cable. Including, but not limited to: iPhone/iPad Samsung/MOTOROLA/NOKIA/SONY/HTC Tablets Game machine Bluetooth headset Wearable devices, Google glass MP3, MP4, etc. Car DVR, GOPRO Camera or other small camera can charge other PD1.0/PD2.0 Type-C device Tips: can take on airplane (133.2wh)

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