Asus Transformer Book T100TAF-BING-DK010B - User Review

by Titus Astariko Ambuka

Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Asus Transformer Book T100TAF-BING-DK010B is a 10.1-inch Windows 8.1 tablet and also a laptop due to its detachable keyboard. There are around three things that make me love this 2 in 1 laptop-tablet. The first one is its long life inbuilt battery. I’m always guaranteed to work on my stuff without the fear of being cut out by a quick draining battery. The second reason is the 500 GB HDD that comes along with the tablet that has a 32GB SSD. I’m never worried about storage at all. Finally, the ability to attach and detach the keyboard via the one-piece stainless hinge. To add on, it has a fairly good graphics performance- thanks to the Intel HD graphics. I have used this device for around 1 year and therefore the following review is purely based on my personal user experience. The images were originally taken by me.


The first thing that anybody would be interested in before thinking of anything else about any gadget is its performance. Well, Asus Transformer Book T100TAF-BING-DK010B has an exclusive performance. Based on my own experience with it, it has a good boot up speed, quick response to touches and a high-resolution screen that readily displays sharp images. If you are not much into gaming and running programs that require a little bit of more ram, then Asus Transformer Book T100TAF-BING-DK010B is one to consider. It provides a smooth working experience. Not to forget that it’s very portable hence increases flexibility.

Asus Transformer Book T100TAF- Best Features

The most interesting part that you might probably be looking for in this review. What then are some of the best triumphs of Asus Transformer Book T100TAF-BING-DK010B? Let’s find out.

Battery Life

If I were to rate this one, I would definitely give it a 10 over 10 or rather a five star. I’m yet to establish any other gadget of the same capability with same battery life as this one.  With a battery that lasts up to 8 hours, you have no reasons not to complete anything you were working on. Such is ideal for places that there is no power. Meaning you could have your work done as you bask somewhere at the beach or maybe traveling. A micro USB port on the tablet part allows you to do all the charging. This is an incredible stamina in windows powered tablet.


I must admit that I truly love the design that comes with this laptop-tablet. To start with, the idea of having a detachable keyboard rather than a wireless one deserves an applause. Sometimes I just don’t feel like having the tablet with its keyboard attached. Besides, tablets with wireless keyboards can sometimes be less secure especially when the software fails to communicate properly. The entire tablet and the keyboard are primarily made of plastic apart from the hinge.

When combined together, the keyboard module and tablet weigh around 1.07kg. For easy portability, the tablet part is around 10.5mm slender weighing just 550g. There is a microSD memory card slot a power button, a volume up-down key, micro USB port, headphone jack, and a micro HDMI video output on the tablet. The keyboard, on the other hand, has only one USB 3.0 port that you could either use it to plug in a mouse or an external hard drive.

The Asus Transformer Book T100TAF-BING-DK010B has the keyboard protecting the screen when folded. It opens up to about 135 degrees before it locks. These simple design must have made the product to be quite cheap.

Screen and Keyboard

Like mentioned earlier, Asus Transformer Book T100TAF-BING-DK010B has a 10.1-inch screen. The screen has 1,366 x 768-pixel resolution. Although that resolution is quite low for a tablet, there is one thing that totally impresses me. It has good viewing angles – thanks to in-plane switching (IPS) technology. The keyboard is much of high-quality as compared to some of the Bluetooth keyboards out there. It is fully functional with F-keys that lets you control things like volume, screen brightness, WI-FI, and also put your laptop to sleeping mode.


Honestly speaking, there are stereo speakers on the tablet part that have respectable good sound quality. For music lovers or movies savvy, this is good for you.


A tablet that runs full Windows 8.1 means added advantages. There are no app limitations and therefore you can download and install whichever you wish or like to the laptop-tablet. It uses a 1.3GHz Turbo Quad-Core Intel Atom Z3735G Processor. It has a 1GB installed RAM and runs on a 32-bit operating system.

Asus Transformer Book T100TAF-BING-DK010B Worst Features

Obviously, for reasons not known to me, there will always be the other side of the coin. In our case here, they are things that I found to be sucking on this device. Though they’re just a few things that the manufacturer should consider fixing in the future.

Lack of rare camera

This is a tablet and I find it very useful if it had a rare camera. There are moments when you would wish to use it only to remember that it doesn’t have one. Even though it has a front 1.2MP camera, I feel that’s not enough.

Very limited SSD

32GB SSD is a big joke for a device running Windows 8.1. Bear in mind that around 20GB only is visible and available. There are always numerous updates that the system keeps prompting. Due to this limited storage, I decided to disable Windows updates. Something else is that you’ll always have the responsibility of freeing up some space on your local disk c to maintain the momentum of your tablet.

The tablet part is slightly heavier than the keyboard

If you happen to put the Asus Transformer Book T100TAF-BING-DK010B on your laps then get carried away by something else, the chances for it toppling off are very high. Again, if you place it on an even surface, the same will happen.

There should be more than one USB 3.0 port

I’m always troubled when it comes to multitasking with more than one external accessories. If only the manufacturer could consider having more than just a single USB 3.0 port, then things could have been different.


The good features outweigh the bad ones. The Asus Transformer Book T100TAF-BING-DK010B is tablet-laptop that has tried to bring out the real feel of a fully functional Windows 8.1 normal laptop. With the two combined together and having a retail price that’s just fine. I would recommend it to anyone who is looking for a Windows 8 hybrid. Whether you’d like to use it outdoors or the other way round, it’s up to you. The 2 in 1 has something exclusive for you.

My rating

I would give it 8/10 based on my experience.


by Titus Astariko Ambuka

by Titus Astariko Ambuka

Wednesday, May 9, 2018

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