Galaxy Grand Neo Plus : User Review

by Andy Mummery

Wednesday, February 15, 2017


The Samsung Galaxy Grand Neo Plus was a top tier smartphone when it was first released. I own the GT-I9060 model operating on Android Version 4.4.4(KitKat).  This phone was given to me as a gift around a year ago because my current phone at the time was almost completely dead with a broken screen. Even though I did not pick this phone myself, I’ve had this phone for a whole year and maybe a little more and it’s still holding up very nicely to my constant abuse due to it’s durable design. I wouldn’t trade it for a newer phone, If I’m being honest. Initially when the phone was brand new it’s battery life was quite decent, in comparison to other phones.


The Samsung Galaxy Grand Neo Plus sports a 2100 mAh battery pack and initially it could last me around 7 hours of constant use. However, after an hour of playing high-performance games on it, the battery started to drain rather fast. With that being said, I could spend at least 2-3 hours browsing on social media before I had to connect the phone to a charger. Nowadays it’s different, I have to charge the phone once or twice a day, at least, If I’m spending too much time surfing on social media, playing games or listening to music. This is very annoying for me because I’m always having to carry a USB charger or a Plug In charger with me because once it hits 30% of battery life, It drains too fast.




Performance & Design wise, the Galaxy Grand Neo Plus is pretty good. Sporting a 1.2Ghz Quad Core Cortex-A7 CPU and accompanied by 1GB of RAM and 8GB of ROM. When this phone was being manufactured, highly demanding apps and games were not in mind as beefy games are virtually unplayable. However, when it comes to the actual design of the phone itself, Samsung did an amazing job as the phone boast a 5″ screen, a 5MP main camera and a 2MP front camera. The size of the phone itself is very comfortable to hold in your hand, even for longer periods of time as it weighs only 6g and it’s design is quite slim so it fits very nicely in your pockets. However, despite of boasting so many good qualities I’m not too fond of the touchscreen in itself as sometimes it has a hard time processing fast gestures such as typing a text message in a hurry which can be frustrating at times.



When it comes to Strength & Durability, the Galaxy Grand Neo Plus is a real tough guy. Being as inattentive as I sometimes am, I often drop my phone and up till now, the worse that has happened was the battery falling out and tiny dents on the phone’s casing. Despite all the drops it suffered I never had to send it for any kind of repairs. However, I noticed that with each and every drop, the phone’s main and front camera become a little bit more pixelated and quality is lost. This is very noticeable when comparing a picture taken right off the bat when I unboxed the phone and pictures taken after a few drops. With all this being said, I feel like the phone holds up its ground very well when tested in regards of Strength & Durability.


The Galaxy Grand Neo Plus’s best features are its 5” TFT screen that boasts 16M colors.
The colors on display are amazing especially when accompanied by a 5” screen to display it on. Videos, images and games look gorgeous on the Galaxy Grand Neo Plus and it also supports 720p at 30 frames per second which is rather neat! One thing I truly like about this phone is the shortcut system. Instead of fidgeting around swiping left and right, trying to find the settings icon, you can easily swipe from top to bottom one time and you’re presented with a menu which from there you can turn on/off Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, Screen rotation and many more. This saves you a lot of time when you’re trying to quickly access a setting or trying to quickly put the phone on silent mode. Aside from all of this, by dialing *#0*# a popup screen will appear and you will have a variation of different tests. These tests include, Calibration, Color testing, Camera testing, Accelerometer sensor, proximity sensor and a few more.



The Galaxy Grand Neo Plus doesn’t boast many spectacular features and thus there isn’t very much I can say and review in regard. However in my honest opinion the worst feature about this phone is its touchscreen calibration. Sometimes when calibrating the phone it seems like the sensors miss out on the pressure and do not even recognize my fingertip as its sliding around the screen and this can get annoying very quickly when you’re texting in a hurry, trying to scroll up and down or enlarge / zoom into something.




The Galaxy Grand Neo Plus is a very neat device and inexpensive at the same time. It has a very slick and elegant design whilst being incredibly durable. It can withstand drops nicely without any major damage. This phone is perfect for anyone who wants a decent and reliable smartphone but doesn’t want to shell out bags of money to get it. The Samsung Galaxy Grand Neo Plus proved to be worth its cost and I would most definitely recommend buying it because slight issues with the battery life and the occasional touchscreen stutter, this phone is worth your cash. It’s inexpensive, effective, easy to use, durable and has a very consistent performance. Hats off to Samsung!

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I rate this phone a 7/10 because despite it lacks in certain minor areas, it’s still a great phone and holds it ground even though it was released three years ago in February 2014.



by Andy Mummery

by Andy Mummery

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

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Touch Screen Replacement for Samsung Galaxy Grand Neo Plus / I9060I (White)

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

by Alex NLD
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Wednesday, February 15, 2017

by Nakedcellphone
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