Google Nexus 6: User review

by Danielle Gil

nexus 6 Google Nexus 6 – look from behind


Nexus, a brand google's extension come to demonstrate the ability of Android on a perfectly adapted hardware. I present the nexus six from Google and Motorola. Neither more nor less than that responsibility, in this review in-depth, sincere, honest and nothing condescending. First of all, I must say that this was a telephone that I had to accept in an emergency. My phone had fallen in the water and during the following weeks (which ended in 4-5 months) and my uncle who is a merchant gave me this one he told me was a new proposal of Motorola and Google and it was also free, so I said why not? So I had it with me for five months.



Google Nexus 6 has an excellent battery. It is not extraordinary, but it fits in the middle of any powerful terminal. There is always much controversy with the uses and battery times of each, and some teach supposed methods of 6-8 hours of the screen. I will not stress the complexity of a good analysis of the autonomy of a battery, so that reached that point, it is always better a simple field test, standard.  So, I can say I'm also like every young person; we are all the time reviewing and updating my social profiles, chatting, also my job require to be in constant in touch with clients, my superiors.  I can say that from the perspective of my job I use my phone from the beginning of my day (10 am) until I get home (6-7pm) without charging it and still with a 20% battery remaining.


Another very favorable point is the ultra-fast charge, an extraordinarily effective solution to a limitation like that of contemporary smartphones. The Nexus 6 can fully charge in 90 minutes. Very helpful if you are on a constant move you go to a meeting then you have to travel to another state and bang! Only 30 minutes of ultra fast charging and you are safe. We can use this phone with a high use without fear of being thrown during a whole day, 24 hours of regular use. And the fast charging option is the best life saver to be able to squeeze the potential of the Nexus six without the battery percentage looking at us fixedly and menacingly to the eyes.



Speaking of performance, the Nexus 6 is a good phone, however, does not reach the excellence of 9 or 10. One of the strengths of its performance is that it facilitates many things, functionality is typical of all devices with Android, but it has that touch of ambiguity that does not allow you to enjoy the experience, the menu display, the specifications of sound or image or video formats. The quality of the camera leaves much to be desired; I had the worst experience in gaming with this phone, open slowly, execute slowly (sometimes reasonable) but mostly slow, besides that, it’s a great phone.


In my honest opinion, its size reaches the allowable limit for comfortable use. Not only are they 6 inches, but by the total size of the terminal, its curved shape and the material of which it's built, which causes it to slip from the hand too easily like every time.Its use requires and capitalizes all your attention, two hands and very firmly or you can lose control of the cell phone All in all, it feels a robust mobile, with a very tight construction and without highlighting in its design anything, it is nice and maybe a little elegant (in meetings everyone always asked me where I got it) On the screen, the level of detail is excellent, as you would expect from such a resolution, but the maximum brightness is very low, and the big problem comes out with the little brightness, where the screen becomes a very accented pink, very annoying and that tarnishes all the quality of it.


All the people in the world have something in common, and it is that each one of us has touched us to live for that little traumatic moment in which the phone escapes us of the hands in free fall towards the floor. And as I said before the material is a bit slippery so several times it fell from my hands or the desk, surprisingly the screen did not break, barely and a few scratches, in that aspect I have nothing to complain about of it. And for the durability, I can say that during the five months that I use it never under its performance nor had features of decay of its operating system, it seemed the same phone that I accompanied me from day 1 when my uncle gave it to me.


Software: the Android Google performance on the Nexus is one of its best features. It flows in a splendid way and more if we are facing the latest os update, with a lot of animations and details that make the experience, and never better, delicious. The biggest problem with Android 5.0 in this terminal is that the adaptation of the os is practically null, that is, it does not take advantage of the extra space of screen with functions. The easy maneuverability makes it a device that will generate a positive user experience, even for me that I am a fan of Apple 100% I did not think that there was an operating system of easy handling like ios, but the Nexus proved that I was wrong. Sound: I must admit that one of the main reasons why I accepted this phone at first was because of its involvement with Motorola, instantly said to myself Motorola is synonymous with good sound, and I was not wrong. It is one of the best experiences in sound I've had with a device (since my very very old Motorola), the quality is just marvelous. Has two excellent stereo front speakers, (inherited from the last Motorola) that, on the one hand, make the sound not obstructed and always reach us in the right direction, which is the one in front of the screen, and because its maximum volume is compelling.


Camara:  Performance in low light below high range and disastrous management of color and dynamic range. I'm one of the people who think that the camera is one of the most important features of a device and this left a lot to be desired. Low-quality photos, pixelated just with the two zoom level, night flash did not light much and did not wait for the “adjustment optical “or the focus of the camera, it is as if you asked for a photo half dark and unfocused at any time. It took the time to open the application; the video camera did not capture the sound of the recording well, I would say it is the worst of the defects that this phone has. The material on which it's built: Honestly, the most slippery material I have had in my hands, is not practical at all if you add the large size of the device, it causes you to fall out of control several times. Charger: I would dare to put this here, and I think I would do it with all cell phones reviews, but why do they have to be so short and fragile? As we have all had the need to use the phone while charging and becomes uncomfortable when the charger is short.


In summary, the Google Nexus 6 is a mobile too large, very powerful and fluid but does not take advantage of its size with software adapted. It has a good battery and an almost unique form of charge (ultra charge) that more than one will get out of trouble or it's going to save your life. A sober, beautiful, elegant design its high point is undoubtedly its speed and fluidity and immediate updates. Its huge sound and perfectly worthy of everything that is involved in Motorola as well as its resistance, in my opinion, it is framed and essential that a telephone can resist blows or falls (everyone has dropped the phone more than once). I can honestly say that it is one of the best backup phones I've ever had (taking away the slowness regarding games, camera and the almost deadly combination of a large size by adding slippery material). Otherwise, I have been very happy with this device.Best of all this is that Google, once again, is approaching perfection in the Nexus range indeed I would be inclined to try the Nexus 7, if the next delivery manages to optimize the camera and games bugs, it will be an excellent phone that could touch or attribute excellence. More information can be found on the Google official website