Google Pixel: Owner Review

by Dee Kandy

In the fast-growing world of technology where our smartphones are now expected to perform tasks as fast as a PC. Take photos as clear as a camera, handle our day to day business errands and during playtime be able to handle gaming all in one phone the competition for such phones is high and market value increases by the day. As a globe trotter about a year ago, I set out to buy a new phone. A phone that could take very good quality photos, Run my online jobs in case I didn’t have my laptop. Having had previous experiences where I dropped my phone and that was the end of it, I needed a phone that could sustain harsh conditions like being dropped. The phone also needed to have a lot of storage space for photos, videos among others. The battery life of the phone is among the highest priority. It needed to be huge and could last long over time. Finally, I needed a phone with a huge processor that can maneuver through various apps without any crashes. After tonnes of research, the Google pixel ticked most of the items on the list and with no hesitation, I decided to try it out.

Build Quality

The Google Pixel which is built with an aluminum body is protected from cracking if you happen to drop it from the back and sides, which is probably not recommended but just in case you happen to drop your phone. On the other hand, the screen is built from Corning Gorilla Glass 4 which prevents scratches from any accidents. The screen is not completely free from cracking I highly recommend a screen protector since the screen replacement for the Google pixel will be a bit costly. Overall the Google pixel build has taken care of clumsy people like me to increase the phone lifespan in case of accidents. You can also include a phone protector to further protect your phone if need be. However, when buying the phone a protector is not provided.

The Design

Having used various other phones the design of the phone is a major priority. Personally, I am not a fan of a notched phone because of the struggle that comes with the notification bar so the Google pixel was a perfect fit since the screen is not interrupted by a notch. However, the screen to body ratio is extremely noticeable. The Google Pixel has a fairly large chin at the bottom but all the keys are incorporated onto the screen The design would’ve probably looked better with a smaller chin but all in all it doesn’t affect the performance of the phone. The phone is weighed at about 143g which is a good feel on the hand. It is neither too light nor too heavy to carry. The phone is also fitted with a 3.5mm jack for people like me who feel it’s still cool to listen to your music from a jack as opposed to the wireless connectivity. However wireless connectivity is still an option if you prefer to use it. The Phone is also fitted with a 5″ inch screen display which makes it fit in the hand perfectly. The screen also comes with a multi-touch screen function. The fingerprint-unlock feature is placed at the back of the phone where it is easily reachable by the index finger. On unlocking the phone using the fingerprint feature the unlock happens instantly and there is no delay in unlocking which is a plus. The phone allows you to also choose from face recognition or fingerprint recognition

Performance and Battery Life

The phone comes with Android version 7.1 but the phone is upgradeable to the current Android version 9.0(pie) Which makes the phone future proof even in 2019. The phone also runs on a Snapdragon 821 chipset so don’t you worry my fellow gamers the phone can run heavy processing games with ease. The Google Pixel is also fitted with a 4GB RAM with a storage choice of either 32GB or 128GB( varies with the price). When it comes to the performance of the phone the Google pixel is a stock android phone. In the description, a stock android phone is a phone which has the most basic version of Android, unlike other companies who take the basic android and add their skins to it. The advantage of running stock android is that the phone’s RAM is not used to update the skin and other features that are not used by the user but by default come with the phone. With the Google Pixel, the updates and background data running on the phone is that which has been input by the user. The Google pixel battery life is a very valuable feature of the phone. After using the phone for a year the battery quality has not dropped. The phone can go up to 2 days while dormant but if you’re actively using the phone a full charge can last a full day. In cases of long flights, a 15-minute charge can give up to 6 hours of battery life when not in active use.


The most marketable feature of the Google phone is the camera. With a main camera of 12MP and a front facing camera with 8MP, the cameras on the Google pixel are giving big branded products like Samsung and Huawei a run for their money having been ranked among the top cameras on the DXO Mark ranking. The picture quality and color variations for each image produced by the pixel are of very high quality. The camera is also able to take photos in motion as an inbuilt feature by Google. The Camera on the Pixel can record 4K videos as well.

My thoughts

The Google Pixel phone has definitely exceeded my expectations. The phone is currently being sold at a current price of between $250-$300 which is a very good flagship price considering all the features that have been included on the phone. The phone comes highly recommended. On a scale of 1 to 10, I would rank the phone at a 9 having used it for quite some time. Also having used the phone for a year the device is still functioning perfectly and no changes have been made to the phone thank you Google.