Hisense L 675 : User Review

by Mau Zapiain


As the world's economy keeps on growing it is most common nowadays to heard about new tech enterprises and new products. This is the case with Hisense Company. LTD. A Chinese multinational electronics manufacturer whose products include the smartphone brand Hisense L 675. A basic gamma smartphone that actually offers a little bit more than others in the same category.

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When I saw the phone for the first time, I judge it based on the price. And though it may not be a good phone or just another simple phone compared with a Samsung or an iPhone. But later when I had the need to change my phone, I went to the store and ask about new brands because I have always like to have things that no other likes to have. The salesman showed me the Hisense and I remember I told him, “I don't think that could be even a good suggestion”. And he replied, “Allow me to show you, I'm sure you will like it”. Afterwards, he made a very laborious comparison that convinced me to buy the Chinese phone.

Battery life & Charging.

 The Hisense L 675 offers a quality battery. I think the battery life is one characteristic of the Chinese technology because it lasts a considerable period of time. Battery life is about 18 hours without use moreover when the device is on use the battery still lasts approach 12 hours due to the performance and power saving. The awesome part is that the charging lasts at least 2 hours in being complete.

Personally, I use the phone always because of my work. So I have a lot of applications running at the same time which means that I used to bring with me a portable battery for emergencies. Curiously with my old phone, I had daily emergencies. Now, I can leave my portable battery at home because I don't need it anymore.

Performance & Design.

The design is actually pretty basic with no big difference from another smartphone. The weight is 135 Gr, the case is made out of plastic and the screen is 5.0 in. The only detail is the rounded shape of the sides that allows the user to handle it easily with one hand. Hisense L 675 is available in black, white and golden.

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The operative system makes you able to do a lot of activities at the same time and move all along the using apps and the main menu. Also, I believe that the usability of this device lies within the owner. Recognising Hisense L 675 as a pretty basic smartphone you can adapt your routine to your device gaining all its potential and performance. For example, the apps included in the Hisense L 675 are for common use, such as calculator, alarm, lamp, calendar, etc. So you just have to download the apps you really need whichever they are. Thanks to the internal 8 Gb memory you don't have to worry about erasing some content or app. And that's a huge contribution to someone's life.


Strength & Durability.

At this point, I can say that my phone haven't had any terrible fall because I always try to keep it safe. I bought it a quite pretty red cover so if I throw it or let it fall nothing happen to it. Anyway, it is a personal choice because I'm kind of uncareful sometimes, but in general, I think that the Hisense L 675 seems to be a tough smartphone. Able to resist and endure any fall or scratch.

I just bought it at first for the need I had and because I wanted to try it, but I hope it lasts at least 1 year. So when I change it I'm still able to sell it and not just give it away.

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Best Features.

In my opinion, Hisense L 675 has several characteristic and functions that make it a profitable smartphone. The most important features are listed below:

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Worst Features.

On the other hand, the Hisense L675 has several things that could be fixed or erased. In my opinion, the worst features of this device are:

Overall Review.

To conclude, I will say that Hisense L 675 is a smartphone that has completely amazed me. Because even tough it is a considerable “cheap” device as I wrote at the beginning of this article, “it offers a little bit more than others in the same category”. Considering all the details and experiences I have had with this Chinese's technology product. I would highly recommend it if you are looking for a cheap and profitable new smartphone. I just can say that I really like mine and I don't regret to have experimented with a brand that I didn't know. Know on I will be looking forward to heard from Hisense Co. and maybe from Hisense L 675 in the rest of the world.

And for the last review, the device is completely useful for social media and other apps that require having access to the camera. This related to the great definition that the camera has. Also, you can use other functions like the GPS to find a better search in google maps or the rotation to read a PDF. You can find the perfect use for the device besides the messages and the dialling. It is really useful for daily activities.


Overall Rating 9/10