Hp Omen 15: User review

by Abuga Aroni

The HP omen 15 is a high-end gaming laptop. I bought mine in the UK for around £600 at the beginning of summer in 2017. I was attracted to it because I wanted to have a gaming laptop that was powerful enough to handle most modern games and that wouldn’t be made obsolete within a year (basically, a bit of future proofing). I also need one that could run programs like Adobe Premiere Pro and Photoshop with ease. With all the features it has; it’s powerful processor and graphics card. I found the price to be more than reasonable. Read on to find out more about this pc in my HP omen 15 review.


The Omen 15 has held up decently. I primarily use it to edit videos, play games, write documents and to watch videos on it. It performs all these tasks effortlessly and it never glitches or freezes unless I am pushing it. It is a device and of course it has its limitations, you need to be reasonable when asking it to do things. If I have tons of tabs open on Google Chrome and then open up a video game. It will be a bit laggy and not perform too well. That being said, this hp computer plays most modern video game titles effortlessly, for eg. Fallout 4, Forza Motorsport 7, The Witcher 3 etc.. It can play them on high quality but not on “Very high”. This is more than satisfactory for me.

Best features:

Light up keyboard 

A low-cost option yes, but one that goes a long way and is ergonomic. I no longer have to squint and search for a key when using my laptop in a dark room. I can see each key clearly and type just as I would in a well-lit room. It’s super comfortable and makes it easy to use. It’s about the little things.

1 Year warranty 

The laptop is pretty expensive and god forbid if anything bad happens to it. In the event of the worst, there is nothing better than being able to replace the costly parts for free … well at least for a year.

Powerful processor and GTX1050 graphics card 

I’m playing games I never thought I would. I can play all the old games I could never play and I can play all of the new ones too. It’s great to say the least. Every task that happens on the machine happens pretty quickly. Whether it is copying things, producing a movie or compressing a document. It is all fast and takes a short time to complete.

HD 1080p screen 

It’s nice watching movies and playing games in HD. Everything is sharp and crystal clear, it’s beautiful. This goes a long way for my enjoyment and I can appreciate the art in games, artistic movies and images in a new light.

The carbon finish 

I don’t know if it’s real carbon, but it looks really slick and feels great. It is also super durable. As a gamer I usually have my palms rested on the laptop and I sweat through them (like a normal amount). On my previous laptop, the sweat corroded the paint/finish on some sections over time and this made the laptop look bad. After a year the Omen laptop looks the same and looks just as it did new. Super happy with that. hp omen 15-ax203na

It’s compact 

It’s a lot smaller than my previous laptop and is really light. This surprises me because of how well it performs and how powerful it is. When you look at other gaming pc’s, they are bulky and heavy. This hp computer is still very much a laptop. This has the best of both worlds. Performance and compactness.

Worst features:

Faulty screen

The screen cable came loose (or broke) and I had to have it repaired. Other users have reported this happening to their devices so don’t be too surprised if this happens to you if you get this laptop. Even if it does, there is a warranty to cover it for a year.

No disc drive 

You have to buy an external disk drive if you want to burn discs, watch movies off of discs etc. That being said, I haven’t had to use disks at all. If you have a reliable internet connection, you’ll probably be downloading or streaming everything that you need.

No SSD (solid state drive) 

You use a traditional 1TB HDD. This is honestly ok and doesn’t get in the way of much, but a SSD would go a long way to make the most out of the powerful processor. I feel like the HDD is limiting its potential.

Some parts didn’t stay on

The rubber bits on the bottom came off – I had to super glue the rubbers that the laptop rests on, back on it. This happens to most laptops, but you’d expect for this cost these things would stay on. Why couldn’t they use super glue at the factory? Doesn’t make sense to me.

Battery life 

The battery only lasts about 2hrs. For the price you pay, you should expect to get more. That being said, we live in a world where power is mostly consistent and almost available everywhere. Most of the time you’ll use this laptop when it is plugged in any way. Unless you’re playing video games on its battery, you have nothing to worry about. It will last long browsing the net or typing documents. I live in a place that gets powercuts every now and then. The battery life doesn't negatively affect me.


I would highly recommend this laptop to people looking for a pc that can handle games, handle video editing and be able to still be competitive in the future. I also recommend it to people looking for something that is powerful, but not overly specialised. If it’s one of your few options, go for it! It has a big brother which costs $1000, I highly recommend NOT to buy that you one if that’s what you were looking at this review for. It’s pretty bad value for money. But also, this laptop is about a year old now. If you can save up, buy a laptop manufactured this year to ensure even more future proofing.

Rating 8/10