HP Pavilion Gaming Laptop (2019): Owner Review

by Rishabh Khanna

Hey guys!!! Rishabh here from techbreaker.in and I’ll be reviewing the HP Pavilion Gaming 15 inch Laptop (2019). It is a budget gaming laptop which comes at a price range of  Rs 75-80k. People who are fond of moderate to high-level gaming and don’t want to shell out heavy money can buy this laptop. As far as I am concerned, I bought this laptop for 4Kvideo editing in Adobe Premiere Pro, Photoshop and running some heavy software with ease which I’ll be further discussing in my review. Here, I’ll be providing an in-depth review of this laptop and whether you should be buying this laptop or not. I’ll be categorizing my review on the basis of- Design and Build Quality, I/O ports selection, Display, Keyboard and Trackpad, Sound, Performance, Battery Life and last but not the least Thermals produced by the laptop in different conditions.

Design and Build Quality

So, let’s start of with the design and build quality. The HP Pavilion Gaming 15 provides an excellent build quality although it is made of plastic. But the matte plastic used here is of good quality. Although the older Pavilion gaming laptop had a mixture of metal and plastic which certainly provided more premium feel to the laptop itself. Nonetheless, the laptop looks sturdy and would last long if used in normal conditions. It weighs about 2.3 kgs and is 23.4 mm slim which is great for a gaming laptop and can be carried around easily. Talking about its design which is the USP of this product. It has a futuristic design which has cuts and angular shape and display floats with middle hinge setup as found in their high-end HP Omen gaming laptops. The middle placement of the hinges feel solid to me but this gives a certain amount of flex to the display which is pretty normal.  The speaker grill is placed right above the keyboard with a hexagonal design element which gives a stunning look to the top of the laptop. The HP logo placed on the surface of the laptop is clean and has a metallic violet finish to it. At the bottom, we can find heat dissipation grill with 2 fans which extend to both sides of the laptop which looks as exhaust pipes resembling the design language of Lamborghini, making it look cool. Overall it has a subtle gaming look to it which looks both sturdy and futuristic and would age well with time.

I/O ports selection

The laptop is equipped with all the necessary ports which would be needed for everyday work. On the left side of the laptop, we have the regular sized HDMI port, USB 3.1 Gen 1 Type-A with HP’s sleep and charge technology, RJ-45 Ethernet Port, USB 3.1 Gen 2 Type-C which is not a Thunderbolt port but can be used for 2 way charging of devices and connecting to displays as well and last but not the least the SD Card reader which would come handy for content creators. On the right side of the laptop, we get two USB 3.1 Gen 1 Type-A ports for data transfers along with charging port and headphone and microphone combo port. Also to mention is the 720P HD Camera with Dual Array Microphones which has average quality and the image just looks like a potato!!! Although it would be sufficient for almost every person out there. All in all, in the ports department HP has done a nice job.


Talking about the display, it supports a decent 15.6 inch 1920×1080 Full HD IPS Panel which has good viewing angles and decent colour reproduction. This panel is 60hz WLED Backlit panel, unlike HP Omen which gets a nice 144hz refresh rate panel. It also has an Anti-Glare coating to it which makes it easy to view it in great lit areas as well. It gets a brightness of 270nits which is pretty average but gets the job done and is overall considerable for gaming and media consumption.

Keyboard and Trackpad

It has a full-sized ultraviolet backlit keyboard with a numeric keypad with brightness adjustments which compliments the gaming theme of the laptop. Also, it has a decent key travel of 1.8mm which makes it ideal for typing purposes as well. The trackpad of the laptops is also made of plastic and not glass and has a smooth matte finish to it. It is fairly accurate as it supports Windows Precision drivers and has a tactile feel and decent depth to its clicks.


Coming to the Sound Department, It has dual speakers powered Bang and Olufsen which provide great sound with decent meds and lows. However, they are not very loud and one shouldn't expect to fill a large room with its sound. Overall the audio quality is great having great treble but lacks bass. You can tune your speaker according to your taste with B&O Audio Control Centre.


It comes with the latest Core-i5 9th Gen. 9300H CPU with 2.4 GHz base frequency, which can be clocked up to 4.1 GHz base with Intel’s Turbo Boost technology. The performance is excellent and can handle CPU extensive tasks with ease as compared their 9500U counterparts. Also, it comes packed with 1TB SATA drive with 7200rpm, 8GB DDR4 2666Mhz RAM AND 256GB of M.2 SSD which makes the laptop tad faster. It can play games like Farcry, CSGO, PUB G etc. with ease at 60 fps with high settings as it is powered by NVIDIA’s latest Geforce GTX1650 dedicated GPU. Also, the laptop can be used for running heavy softwares like FL Studio etc. and doing graphics intensive works on Photoshop, Aftereffects etc. which are generally used in content creation.

Battery Life & Thermals

It has a 3-cell 53 W/hr. Lithium-Ion Battery which can last up to 4-5hrs on moderate usage and performance set to medium and lasts around 2-3 hrs, on high performance and full usage. Thermals are one of the best I have found on a gaming laptop. The temperature on it doesn’t exceed 40c in normal usage and under heavy gaming as well it stays cool as well (approx. under 70c). No signs of frequent thermal throttling were found on this laptop and the fan was always under and a person can barely hear them as and when compared to other gaming laptops. Finally, I would conclude by rating this laptop 9 on 10 and is good for budget gamers and people who want a powerful machine with great performance can buy this laptop.