HTC 10:User Review

by Gaurav Timalsina

Wednesday, March 29, 2017




When you are an HTC fan, you always know that experience with HTC smartphones is nothing like using other smartphones.I have had an experience with HTC since HTC one M7.I waited a lot to get HTC 10 after the announcement and finally got the phone in July 2016.It’s been more than six months with HTC as my primary phone but it’s still my favorite in terms of both design and performance.

It is quite similar to other HTC smartphone from the “M” series but with exciting design upgrade due to chamfered edges which feels great in the hands.I knew almost everything about the phone from some initial reviews from YouTube and I was very happy and excited to get the phone after the long wait.


HTC Rapid Charger 3.0 - default

I want you to know that I am a heavy user.I play a lot of games, almost always connected to the internet.So, onIy have a good knowledge of the battery life and charging time of a device.

Honestly, this device has changed my charging habit of charging overnight.It charges more than 50% in 30 mins easily and slightly longer than an hour to get fully charged.No matter how you use this device, it gets through a day.If you are not a heavy user as I am, then you can expect a day and a half easily.Thanks to Qualcomm quick charge 3.0 and USB type C.


HTC 10 has a metallic uni-body with regular HTC design with unique chamfered edges.It is slightly thicker than other smartphones in the market just by few mm.Yet the phone feels incredible in the hand.

.HTC 10

Regarding the performance, this phone rocks.It supports all heavy games and runs it smoothly. It uses the latest snapdragon 820 processor and 4 GB of  RAM.Recently it is upgraded to Nougat 7.0.I can not say the phone is faster because it still performs the same incredible way when I bought the phone and is still gives better performance than any other phones I used.

Only thing that bothers me is that the bottom firing speakers is blocked sometimes while gaming.Luckily there is another speaker on top.


It has 5.2″ Quad HD LCD5 display with the highest screen resolution of 1440*2560 pixels.I can feel that the color of images are sharp and more realistic.It has a screen density of 565 PPI which is handy especially while gaming and watching movies. HTC sense UI and corning gorilla glass 3 over the Super LCD screen provide the highest level of security to the screen.


It has the best selfie camera because of the optical image stabilization in the front facing camera. It has 12 MP shooter, laser auto focus in primary camera  5 MP in front facing camera.But when I compared to the images from my friend”s Galaxy S7, It felt like the images are less detailed. HTC’s images are good enough but if you use the phone as the Camera device then I suggest other phones as pixel, galaxy, Iphone.


I felt like HTC downgraded the speakers when I saw they removed the bottom front facing speakers but the sound is still the best among smartphones.Also the High Rex audio headphones are the best I have ever used.I actually missed the dual front facing speakers but I got used to it


I am a very reckless person.I drop my phones now and then.If the phone with me is not durable enough, it hardly survives for two months, I bought a protective case and a screen guard with the phone.So there is no physical damages due to falling and barely any scratches.I once accidentally dropped the phone in the pool, and it was in there for around two minutes.I took the phone out and dried in the rice bag.I was worried because it was not IP68 certified.Luckily, it survived and there has not been any issues at all.


Display: HTC 10 has very good color accuracy but not as much as the Amoled panel.It has the highest screen resolution, so the images are clearer and more realistic.These display are awesome while gaming, Using VR and watching especially animated movies.The experience is worth mentioning.

Resistance: It is IP53 certified.It survives the accidental splash of liquid, dust but it is not build to be resistant when totally emerged in water.However my phone survived the pool.I slip it very often from my hand and yet there is no issues at all.It is pretty resistant phone.

Fingerprint: It does not have the fastest fingerprint scanner but unarguably the most accurate results among all the scanners in the smartphone.Scanner also works as the home button in this phone.

Duplication: I dont see any duplicate apps that do the same thing and just populates the app drawer. HTC 10 doesn’t have any duplicate apps and looks clean and easy to navigate.

Sensitive touch: This is one of the HTC 10 specs that surprised me the most.It works perfectly even when you put your gloves on.This became very useful when walking in cold snowy days.

For detailed HTC 10 features and specifications



Water resistant: HTC 10 is not IP68 certified.It can survive the accidental splash of water and dust but when you spend that amount of money then you expect it to be water resistant.

Camera: As compared to other camera phones as galaxy S7 edge, Iphone 7, HTC 10 camera has a lower megapixel count  that hampers the detailing of the images specially in the low light situation and HDR mode takes longer time to focus to the image.If you like taking lots of pictures with your phone then it in not the best choice.

IR blaster: HTC 10 removed the IR blaster from the phone that often proved to be extremely helpful as the master remote when we dont find one.Anyways these are being removed from almost all the phones.


We always try to buy the best smartphone possible from the allocated money. HTC 10 is not the perfect phone but I can say that it is close to that.There are certain compromises to be made for HTC 10 but it is way less when compared to other smartphones in the market.Camera is the main issue with the HTC 10 because that is the most used and important thing we do from our smartphones.It is not bad at all but not the best available at the same price range.I am more than happy to use this phone as my primary smartphone and its totally worth it.Phone is durable, best build, high performance, fastest charging and considerable battery life.If you are willing to get the High range smartphone, It is one of the best and you won’t regret.And you want the best camera for your smartphone, then you better go for other high range smartphones.





by Gaurav Timalsina

by Gaurav Timalsina

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Hello, this is Gaurav. It's been long being tech-savvy and the Gadget-Freak.Being too much into the technical world, Writing about the technologies around us seemed to be the better idea.I hope these articles help you get the help you get the right choice getting the gadgets you want that is worth spending your Hard-earned money.


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Wednesday, March 29, 2017

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Meet HTC 10 evo. The metal unibody phone that combines sophisticated style with sound tuned to you. It's a dramatic evolution of our sculpted by light style that's also water, splash and dust resistant. HTC 10 evo's introduces the world's 1st USB Type-C dual adaptive earphones that tailors sound to your ears' unique structure for a truly illuminating audio experience. HTC 10 evo's display is covered by Corning Gorilla Glass 5. This new glass solution that helps your phone resist life's inevitable knocks and tumbles. Now dropping your phone while taking selfies doesn't automatically mean a smashed screen. While Gorilla Glass 5 is tougher than ever, it doesn't compromise optical clarity or touch sensitivity. The ultimate combination of drop protection and performance. HTC 10 evo's metal unibody has been subjected to grueling drop, bend, scratch, submersion, climate and corrosion tests. This phone is water, splash and dust resistant. You'll enjoy exceptional build quality and style you can take almost anywhere no matter what the weather. Things are more entertaining on a 5.5-inch screen. Which makes it easy to enjoy the action and details in your favorite videos even when you're out on a camping trip. HTC 10 evo also has multi-window support, so you have the space you need to watch movies while multitasking, surfing the web or chatting online with friends. Incredible moments can happen when you least expect them. HTC 10 evo's 16MP camera has OIS (Optical Image Stabilization) that reduces camera shake capturing sharp photos on the go even in low light. OJ

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