hTC Desire 630: User Review

by Yusuf Lemiso

As a freelance writer who occasionally sends news reports to media houses for publication, owning a good smart phone that could take superb snaps was of essence. After being at loss for a while on which phone to go for, a friend suggested hTC Desire 630. I didn’t hesitate to check on its specs on the internet…and wow! there I was, impressed. Considering its pocket friendly price and my tight budget, it was exactly the handset I was dying for. I grabbed it a year ago from an online Kenya store, Jumia, at 15,000 Kenya shillings approximately $150. Here goes my honest review.


The device has been playing its role faithfully. I use it to take photos, browse the internet and sometimes typing, viewing and editing documents because I downloaded the office suite from play store. I also use it to edit photos thanks to its pre-installed photo editor.  When using it for one purpose at a time, the phone never disappoints, however when multi-tasked expect sluggish performance.

Best Features


Its 13MP rear camera with led flash is particularly the big reason I went for this gadget. The camera has extra marvelous features such as geotagging, face detection, panorama. To say the least,its camera capability has put it a head and devoured competition from its peers. The phone also has a front camera of 5MP that takes good selfies in ample light. To those who love solo company and are selfie fanatics, the manufacturers didn’t forget to fix timer to give you enough time to pick your best pose before the flash goes off.


The handset packs a removable Li-ion 2200mAh battery that could serve you an average of six hours when put under intense work such as browsing the web, streaming or listening to music via its loud speaker. However, for just making calls, the phone can sustain power up to twelve hours.


You can hear the person on the other end crystal clear; no complain at all regarding calls. The mouth piece and ear piece that are located on the opposite ends on the phone have a few dents chipped on the front plastic cover to enhance sound emission and transmission. Its dolbi audio speaker with clear vocal and deep bass  make the calls just fine when you opt to speak via loud speaker or hand free way.


The 5.0 inch display with curved edges and 66.2% screen to body ratio that seem to have no edges on the left and right sides; the like of Samsung S8 makes the phone appear stylish. Its sleek matte black plastic has enhanced the phone’s outlook a great deal. With it 5.0 inches which fits well in the palm and any pocket, compounded with its light weight of 140g and thickness of 8.3mm makes the phone very ergonomic. The phone is entirely made of plastic with no clues or traces of metal; it is nonetheless very well built. The red power/unlock button has ridges on its top and is slightly raised to make it easily accessible and to differentiate it from the volume keys. The stylish design no doubt impresses all ages; the manufacturers must have put that into consideration.

Pre-installed or Built-in photo-Editor

With this great feature, you can easily enhance the appearance of photos in your gallery by adding effects such as double exposure.

Worst Features

Lack of HD display

Although its resolution of 720×1280 pixels is quite satisfactory, seeing other even cheaper smartphones that have been recently introduced into the handset market  flaunt full HD make you feel  a little disappointed.

Old android version

I don’t think android version is a big deal, but its failure to update to the latest version sucks; makes you feel like you are handling a very old device and a little worry that it may not support apps that require specific android version.

Sluggish performance

Its age-old  Qualcomm snapdragon 400 processor  is to blame. It can only serve you right when lighter tasks such calling,browsing, streaming are performed at a go, but multitasking it can only make you curse the day you purchased it.

LTE doesn’t work

Despite only slot 1 supporting 4G and 3G whereas slot 2 has GSM only, I noted LTE doesn’t work in this device.

No fingerprint sensor

Although absence of fingerprint sensor doesn’t matter much to me, but given with its stylish appearance, this gadget could have scooped more marks should the manufacturers have given a thought on packing fingerprint sensor to it. Phones below its league lately boasts of fingerprint or even iris security scanning make one feel a little dissatisfied.

Doesn’t not offer screen protection

This fact is the reason for a nasty crack on my phone’s screen when it slipped the other day. However, this flaw can be fixed by purchasing screen guard protection from vendors.


When loading heavy websites such as instagram, this device tends to overheat until you worry that the battery may explode.

Battery drains quickly

When it was still new, battery could stand several hours of intense work. Nowadays, an average of six hour is all it can offer. However, stopping background apps seems to improve its duration a great deal. But given that its battery is removable sounds a little comforting as it can be replaced should things get worse.

Poor photos in low light.

Camera is good but not great as it works well only in ample light. Nonetheless, shutter response is sluggish and the camera app sometimes prolongs to open.

Hotspot connectivity issue

Wi-Fi works fine but when I need to connect to my laptop wirelessly the times I forget to carry my usb cable along, I’m always faced with this problem.


After noting cons about hTC Desire 630 and how to cub it such avoiding multitasking and stopping unnecessary apps that you don’t use, be rest assured that you will get very well along with phone. Nonetheless, considering that you will only need to part with a few bucks to own this classic device whose features are at par with even expensive handsets leaves me with no reason why I shouldn’t   recommend one to go for it. To get more in depth details about the product, visit the official manufacturer’s website at


By giving credit where credit is due, I hereby give hTC Desire 630 a rating of 7/10