Huawei Ascend Y330 : User Review

by Kash

      Huawei Ascend Y330 User Review


I own this smartphone for a year now, I got it for about 80$ but by now you can probably find it for about 60$, be it in an online store or your local store. I've been doing from casual usage like listening to music or browsing Facebook, to moderate-heavy usage like running 10 apps at the same time and Full-HD gaming. I also tried pushing it to it's limits (doesn't really take too long to do that) by installing a bunch of apps, listening to music and playing games, all at the same time. I got to say, this smartphone really fits the saying “what you pay is what you get” but in this case maybe a bit more than that.

Battery life and charging

When I first bought it, it could stand up to 4 hours at most with non-stop usage and easily lasted a full day with casual usage every now and then. Charging time took about 3 hours if I didn't use it while charging it, with usage it took at most 4 or 5 hours and if completely turned off it would charge in about 2.5 hours. But now, after a year of everyday usage from casual to heavy usage, the battery can barely last with the screen on for 2 hours and usually charges in less than 3 hours. Right now it's been running for 3 hours with the screen usage showing almost 2 hours with the brightness set at 0% and the battery level is already at 50%, all it did for these 2 hours was playing music with the screen on and some texting on messenger.  Replacement batteries are available in online shops for about 10-20$

Performance and design

The Huawei Ascend Y330 comes with a dual core Cortex A7 CPU running out of the box at 1.3 GHz. It has 512 of RAM and a Mali-400 GPU. When it comes to casual stuff like browsing the web, listening to music or watching a 480p video it performs really fluently, but only happens when you do these instances one at a time, if you start multitasking with it, even casual use will make it lag a little or making it almost unusable depending on what apps you are running. Watching HD or Full HD videos should be fine as long as there are not heavy apps running on the background. Of course 4K videos are out of question, it won't be able to play them. When it comes to gaming… let's be honest here, you probably won't find a device that sucks so bad at gaming as this one. It can't play anything, maybe a super lightweight game somewhere at the end of the play store but in overall, even angry birds, subway surfers and temple run 2 were hardly playable, maybe if you are a little bit desperate then yes they are playable. High end games like Asphalt 8, Real Racing 3 and Dead Trigger were not playable at all, surprisingly enough Gta San Andreas was playable  but only if you are a tiny bit desperate about it. Still… I managed to finish the whole game on that phone which is amazing considering that it costs only 60$. But all in all, if you really want to play games on your smartphone you can stop looking at this device right now, gaming is not it's strong point. It's design is nothing special really. There is a slight curve on the edges and on the sides making it comfortable to hold it in one hand and the fact that it's screen is only 4 inches long, really helps in one hand usage. Huawei Ascend Y330 User Review Huawei Ascend Y330 User Review

Strength and durability

In these past 12 months it has taken a couple of falls without a screen protector or a case, it has accompanied me through my whole military training in my pocket while making exercises, camping on the mountains, or staying in extreme cold environments full of moisture. It's still alive and kicking, working like brand new. There was a time when the moisture had an effect on it, the screen stopped working while the phone was clearly working, but after a few days, just when I thought it was dead, I plugged it in on to it's charger and voila, it started working normally like nothing ever happened. While I wouldn't call it sturdy or tough it's definitely not a smartphone that breaks easily.

Best features

  1. Endurance: For the money that this phone is asking, the amount of durability and it's endurance for everyday usage in long time periods is something amazing, I never had to rely on Huawei support or the guarantee that it's coming with it. I can solely swear that if you take a little bit care of it and not throw it off a cliff, it won't ever leave you in times of need.
  2.  Money for value: No matter how much it lags when multitasking or playing games you can't deny that it still is quite an appealing offer, it can easily cover the needs of a casual user.
  3. Small size: The 4 inch screen makes it easy to use it with one hand and move while having it in your pocket without constantly worrying that it will fall or anything. The curves on the back of it and in the side also help in one handed usage.

Worst features

  1. Multitasking: When running an app or two everything is fine really, but having only 512Mb of RAM, running anything more than that will make the phone lag and depending on what apps you use, it might become too slow to be considered usable, so multitasking is definitely one of it's cons.
  2. Screen: While the 4 inch screen is an ideal size for a lot of people, the resolution of this one could be better, and I mean a lot better. It shows 480 x 800 pixels which doesn't seem too bad actually, but this is 2016, anything below 720p seems ridiculous and this one is at about 480p.
  3. Camera: The main (and only) rear camera of Ascend Y330 has a resolution of 3.2 megapixels, when you are in places with plenty of light, the camera performs rather well, let's see some examples.
Huawei Ascend Y330 User Review Huawei Ascend Y330 User Review Huawei Ascend Y330 User ReviewHuawei Ascend Y330 User Review At low light situations the results were much worse, so keep in mind that the photos above are the “best case scenario”, I highly doubt that this camera can do any better than that without a ton of editing software. It can record videos at 480p 30fps, when there is plenty of light actually does a pretty job, but still, the sound quality is awful when recording. So the camera is mostly a no. 4. Gaming: If you like playing games on your smartphone don't buy this phone, just don't. It's not made for anything like that.

Overall review

For those who are looking for an affordable choice and still want to do some basic stuff then this would be a good choice, as long as there are no apps running at the background, it can handle some casual usage. In overall, you can't depend on it for anything more than that, camera is awful, gaming is awful, performance is slow.

Overall rating