Huawei G9: User Review

by Asmat Ali



Huawei has recently released descent smartphones that include Huawei P9 and Huawei P10. These phones have dual cameras and are considered to be some of the best camera smartphones. Huawei G9 is actually the version of Huawei P9 Lite released in China only. P9, P9 Lite and G9 have very similar design and look except the dual camera in the Huawei p9. I have been using the smartphone for the last two months and I believe it is the best deal if you want a budget smartphone with a charming look, a decent design, good battery life, more than just an average camera, Good network coverage and excellent performance with the processor. In this review article, we would be analyzing the different aspects and features of the smartphone.


Charging and Battery Life

Charging and battery life is one of the good features of this smartphone. The 3000 MAh battery charges comparatively faster, though it doesn't support fast charging. It takes about half past an hour to get charged. The battery life is decent. I charge it fully in the morning, Use all along the day with data on, a few calls, a few SMS, many messages on Facebook, Wechat, and Whatsapp, log into my Facebook for half an hour or so and in the evening, the battery percentage still shows 50-55% remaining. This is indeed better than many budget smartphones.

Design And Appearance

One of the things I like the most in this phone is its design. The phone is 147 mm long, 73 mm in width and 7.5 mm in thickness with beautiful metal framing around it makes it look slim and charming. It has a 5.2 inches full HD display which is bright enough to be used in shining sun. Huawei G9. Views from different angles On the right side, there is an unlock button and the two volume buttons above it. Headphone input jack is on the top. The back camera is on the upper left corner with the flashlight. The upper part on the back that seems like a beautiful strip, is a glass fitted in the plastic case with tiny lines inside it adds to the beauty of the phone. Below this area is the fingerprint sensor. Huawei G9 Back design Huawei G9 is available in four different colors, gold, black, white and rose gold.


The Qualcomm Snapdragon 617 processor performs very well. With a 3 GB RAM, it is able to run extensive applications. I never experienced any problem with the processing capabilities and performance of the phone. The fingerprint sensor also performs really well. It unlocks the phone in just a while. It is also used for showing the notification panel, answering calls, accessing safe (a password protected part of the file manager), paying via Alipay, stopping alarm and even for pictures slideshow. Showing notification panel and pictures slideshow don't need a fingerprint id while the rest of the functions do need. The fingerprint management allows you to create and use five different fingerprint id's.


Though the phone has an average camera which all budget smartphones have, its camera app makes it different. The app includes a number of modes like auto mode, HDR, slow motion, all-focus, night mode and professional mode. Huawei G9 Camera app The professional mode allows the users to manually control white balance, ISO and exposure time etc. It allows users to take long exposure shots up to 8 seconds. ISO ranges from 100 to 16oo. this enables the users to have decent shots but you definitely would need ND-filter for using the long exposure feature. The Super night mode allows users to take long exposure shots, up to 32 seconds, with ISO varying from 100 to 16oo. This requires a tripod to capture. It is designed for night photography and produces decent photographs. The Only bad thing is the HDR mode which is no way different from the auto mode. I could notice no significant improvement while using this mode. Overall the camera is good but sometimes in tough lighting condition, image quality degrades significantly. Increasing the Contrast from 0 to 1 has a good impact on the image quality. Following is the best picture I shot with its camera. Huawei G9 sample picture

Strength and Durability

The phone has a plastic back which is somewhat resistant to shock and corrosion. The metal framing around the phone not only makes it beautiful and “iPhone-like” but also makes it strong and durable. The glass on the front is strong and has significant resistance against corrosion. The only downside with its durability is that it is not waterproof.

The Good

The Bad

Overall Review

Huawei G9 is a decent budget smartphone that has a beautiful and slim design, good charging speed and battery life. Although it is not waterproof, it is strong and durable. The camera performance might not be good in tough lighting conditions but still, it captures great images. The excellent camera app with manual controls makes it a good choice for photography. This is a feature-rich smartphone with a very decent price tag. If asked for recommendations, I would definitely recommend this phone as your next budget smartphone.