by Narse



Two years ago back on campus when I was a freshman, there came in hype for tablets and so to keep up with the rhythm, i decided to acquire a Huawei MediaPad T1 7.0, though I was eyeing for the fancy Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 which I felt was overpriced at 279.88 USD. I bought the Huawei tablet in a local telecom store at 130 USD.

Besides the fair pricing, as I compared to other high-end tablets, it offers a wide range of services. For instance, you can install many applications and run different applications, for instance listening to music while playing a game, without the tablet becoming slow or heating up. For the far I have been, I cannot regret having this tablet. Let's take a critical look at its features and performance.


The battery has a capacity of 4100 mAh which according to me, is higher when compared to other tablets of the same price. The battery takes about 5 hours to charge fully. On the brighter side, you can use the tablet up to 9 hours without having to charge it again. In the actual sense, it can go up to more than a day if you do not subject it to continuous use. With WiFi on and playing some video games besides other applications like playing music, the battery can serve you up to 8 hours. Also, it has ultra power saving mode which you can activate when the battery is low. This mode boosts the tablet tremendously and you can go up to to 3 hours with the tablet at 5% of power. That's a plus but be advised, if you are a regular gamer, this is not the gadget for you. It lags when playing heavy games like FIFA and clash of clans. Right now, the battery life with WiFi, data, and other few applications open, cannot go past 7 hours when fully charged. This shows its degradation over time. Also, take caution not to drain the battery below 1% until it shuts down. This is because it may take more than 2 hours when charging before you can start it.


The tablet comes in a silver color and has 7 inches ONCELL screen. It is slim and lightweight( 278 g) hence it is easy to move around with compared to most of the tablets. Huawei MediaPad T1 7.0 comes with a ram of 1 GB, internal memory of 11 GB and a Quad core processor with a speed of 1.2 GHz.  It has a sensational user interface whereby related apps are group into a single folder to ensure neatness and ease of navigation.  It also has cool pre-installed themes. In the instance when you what to change your font, you do not have to root the tablet; you can just use apps available in the Google play store such as the iFont. The location of power and volume buttons is on the right side just as it is the convention with many smartphones.  The speaker, which is located on the upper side of the screen, is awesomely loud compared to other brands. The tablet can comfortably handle several applications running concurrently and even some lighter games like temple run, Zombie kill and Ice suffers. However, it may render a disaster when playing heavy end games like clash of clans.  On such, the tablet may freeze, become completely unresponsive and begin to heat up.  Another downside of this tablet is that under a certain usage of memory, some applications such as the contacts app will occasionally crash occasionally and restart huawei 2


I cannot say the screen is sturdy enough despite the fact that it has survived some minor crashes.There was a time while i was in a hurry, pulled my USB which was connected to the phone, dragging the phone along which fell head first on the floor from a height of about a meter. At that point, it gave in, and the screen cracked badly. I have not found a replacement since then. The battery grows weaker over time. So far I have not replaced mine, so I am not certain of the cost of a new battery. Another downside is that the flip cover that comes with the tablet peels off easily leaving the tablet with an aged look. For that long I have had the tablet, I have not had any issues with the hardware hence I have never sent it for repairs.


The best features for Huawei MediaPad T1 7.0  Quad core lies in its size, the speaker, some of the pre -installed applications, screen, and the memory. The screen resolution (600 * 1024) is conveniently good for watching videos and playing games. The video app is outstanding. You can interact with other applications while still watching a video clip. This is so because of a minimize window on the top right of the screen when playing a clip. You can then drag the minimized video clip anywhere on the screen. The size of the tablet makes the device resemble a phablet since its small enough to comfortably fit in your palm. Besides that, it is not heavy to move around with. I find it comfortable going with it for classes on a daily basis. Another fascinating feature is the speaker which initially I had talked about. It's loud enough for soothing music. The memory is efficient and enough to accommodate commonly used applications, games and a reasonable collection of media without rendering the tablet slow. Since I acquired the tablet, I have never bothered expanding the memory.


  1. The camera is not impressive at all. Both front and rear camera have a resolution of 2.0 MP. It may produce fairly good images during a brighter day but at night just never think of it because you will get shadows in place of images (it doesn't come with a flash). I would personally mark it as a no-go zone for Instagram fanatics. But do not be discouraged, it is still outstanding gadget in many other areas.
  2. It does not have a flashlight since the rear camera doesn't pose a flash. The only way to light your surroundings at night is downloading an app from Google play store (such as Flashlight app), that can utilize the screen brightness to produce more light. That will subsequently drain the battery.
  3. Despite the fact that it comes with a ram of 1 GB, almost half of the ram is already occupied by the system by the time you install new apps. However, under casual use, it will not lag.


So far, the experience in using this tablet has been exemplary pleasant as I have not encountered any huge drawbacks. For those who are searching for a tablet easy to move around with, efficient and smooth run for both casual and high-end applications, I would suggest you settle for Huawei MediaPad T1 7.0 Quad Core. It runs on version 4.4.2 of Android (KitKat) and has Google apps installed. It is fairly good at multitasking, and for this reason, I often find myself caught up in different apps on social media at the same time without it lagging. The security level in the tablet is the best. This far, I have never lost anything because of malware, thanks to the 360 Security Lite app which besides ensuring optimal performance by prompting the closure of any apps which are currently not in use and are consuming memory or draining the battery, it also cleans junk files hence restoring space. I am still in love with this tablet. Screenshot_2017-01-08-16-31-09 - Copy