Huawei P10: Product review

by Robert Dolmans

Thursday, June 29, 2017


Since april 2017 I am the proud owner of the Huawei P10 Smartphone. In this review I will take you with me in my experiences with this awesome device. I hope to convince you of the great quality Haulier delivered with the P10! The stylish design, the double camera from Leica which delivers high quality, excellent hardware and the Kirin 90-chip to deliver even better performances. The P10 has it all!

I choose the P10 over the newest model of Sony (I had two Sony devices before the P10, and I was very satisfied with the quality). The salesperson at my provider convinced me to switch to the newest Huawei. How did he do it? He compared the newest android phones (I do not want to switch from android to IPhone, too much hassle) and from my preferences (good quality camera, nice design) he promoted the P10 above the others.  He showed me the quality and the design, and he delivered the hype of the smartphone over to me.

Battery life & Charging

The battery life is amazing. I am a busy guy during the week as a recruiter and I am on the road a lot. Starting at 7:00 AM, I use my Deezer everyday for 2-4 hours, my apps for traffic control and I check social media during the day until I go to bed around 11:00 PM without charging and with still 15% battery left! And that is without even using the battery savings mode and using it the whole day! 10/10 when it comes to battery life.

Charging goes lightning fast.  Within 1,5 hours my phone is fully charged again, even if I use it during the charging time.

Score 10/10

Performance & Design

Speaking of performance, the Huawei P10 is solid. It runs applications fast. The battery as stated before has a long duration. The screen is bright enough to read from it in the sun and the camera is fast and perfect quality.

The design is on point in my opinion. It might not be very new design wise but  it looks proper. My partner sometimes confuses it for her new IPhone 7, and she is a big apple freak! So are you an IPhone fan but used to using the Android system? You know which phone to get. Even she loves the amazing camera and the overall quality of the Huawei P10. The fingerprint design is a finishing touch to the Huawei P10, an easy way to unlock your phone. There is also an unlock button on the right side of the phone. Above that button there are 2 buttons for your volume. Only thing I dislike is the plug in for the AUX cable / headphones, it is underneath the fingerprint button. I am used of having this output on top of my phone. The good thing is that they use the standard output, not like its competitors, so you can still use the headphones you are used to use.

For the specifications check out the official website here.

Score 9/10

Strength & Durability

The Huawei P10 has a strong screen and even if it falls on its back it does not get a single scratch. The adding of a phone cover and screen are fairly cheap (just check Ali express) to ensure your phone’s strength even more. The only thing it is missing? The phone is not waterproof. That is a big miss for the Huawei P10. Coming from a Sony device I was used of using my phone for pictures under water or enjoying my streaming in a bathtub . Do to the missing of this feature the phone does not go to the next level.

Durability wise this phone is the best I ever had, except for one thing.  The battery life is long, the camera is of perfect quality and the phone is strong as an ox. Just the non waterproof part lacks the perfectness for this device.

Score 7.5/10

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+ Best features

The best features of this device are:

  1. The camera’s. Man how do I love these camera’s! Even got my partner so jealous that she takes my phone for pictures while we are travelling. The easy menu, the sharp quality and the options make it this device godly for picture taking people. Also the unique way of making selfies with the selfie cam is a big plus. Snap away with the Huawei P10!
  2. The battery life. It is amazing how long I can use this phone without charging it. The durability on this phone is definitely one of its best features.
  3. Charging. And if the time comes that I do need to charge the phone, it goes lightning fast. The phone can be full in an hour.
  4. Fast. This device runs smoothly. It has a fast processor and is user friendly.
  5. Standard 64 GB storage. Yes, you heard it.
  6. Price. The price is lower that its competitors, and the quality is just as good if not better!
  7. Fingerprint scanner. Makes life so much easier.
  8. App Twin. Use 2 Facebook or Whats App accounts simultaneously!
  9. Huawei Share. I love to share my Instagram pictures with this app, it is perfect to work with collages or to edit your picture before uploading!

– Worst features

There are some features I dislike of course:

  1. Not waterproof. This is really the biggest miss for the Huawei P10. If this phone was waterproof it would have been a top 2 phone in the market today hands down. Let us hope that the device after the P10 will have this option, just for future users sake.
  2. Nothing breathtaking new. Innovative wise the Huawei P10 is not groundbreaking. But hey, it is an all round amazing phone nonetheless.
  3. No Google assistant. I miss this buddy while on the road.

Testing the Huawei P10 camera in a park in Germany.

Overall review

The Huawei P10 comes in different colors and is one hell of a smartphone. The device might not be waterproof but it sure makes up for it in other specs that it comes with, especially for its price! The huge storage, fast running processor, easy usage and amazing camera make it a must have for new phone pickers who look for a solid smartphone and who love to make pictures with their phone. You will never need to use filters on Instagram again!

If we take the points given to the different sections in this article the overall rating is a solid 8,8/10.

I am very satisfied with this device, so do not hesitate if you are looking for a reliable new smartphone. The Huawei P10 is perfect for you!

To read more about the device, take a look at the official Huawei P10 page here.

by Robert Dolmans

by Robert Dolmans

My name is Robert Dolmans, I am born and raised in the Netherlands, but currently living just across the border in Aachen, Germany. I have also lived in Cape Town for a few months while doing an internship abroad, something that got me even more addicted to travel. I have seen 30+ countries in the world across 4 continents. My goal is to learn as much as I can from travel and enjoy while doing it. Now, accompanied by my awesome girlfriend who is just as travel addicted as I am, we see parts of the world (20+ together so far) whenever we can while both studying (me MSc, she PhD) and working full time as a Recruitment Consultant in Engineering. Feel free to follow my footsteps on


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