Ipad mini : User Review

by Pauline He


iPad mini  (16 GB ) I got this device in the summer 2014 from Tallinn, Estonia. I got it because I been using apple products such as iPhone, MacBook and iPod for few year and I know that I can trust apple products because they last long. I also like the apple care services. Previously I owned tablet from another company and I always was struggling to connect my laptop with it (getting the pictures and files on my across was difficult task and took long time). Now My iPhone, iPad and MacBook are all connect to each other and it is very easy to access files through the iCloud on all of those devices. I also got it because I went for backpacking trip  for few months and I didn't want to bring my laptop with me, so iPad was the perfect choice for it. Its small and light and does exactly what I needed for this trip. I was able to do my online banking trough it properly,  booking the hostels and tickets and doing the research and also upload all my photos on iCloud from my camera using USB device that is meant for connecting iPad and memory cards.


The battery last around 4-5 hours. Recently I been using iPad at my lectures and at work. I can use my laptop to create the notes and slideshows etc.  and  I can access them trough iCloud while I'm at the lecture. My lectures are usually  4 x 45 minutes long and I never run out of battery (I use my notes, YouYube, Internet and slides during that time).  I leave it to charge when I get home from university or from work for about  2-4 hours, probably it take less to charge but I just forget that it is charging. I also use it on bus rides and plane rides to play games or watch some photos and edit them. Battery hasn't let me down so far and it easily will last 3-4 hours.


I love that it is small and compatible, it fits in my bag and don't take up much room. It is much better to take iPad Mini to lectures than carry my laptop in an extra bag around with me all day long. iPad is very light and hands don't get tired after holding it a while. Even my relatives who are 4-8 years old play with it and its perfect for their small hands. It has been working really well since I got it, the speed is good all the buttons and touchscreen work perfectly. It also doesn't get really hot as well when playing games or watching videos of YouTube.


My iPad has been working good so far. I have dropped it on few occasions, some times quite badly on a floor (Im quite clumsy) and nothing hasn't happened. There is no scratches or marks on it and falls haven't damaged the way it works. I do have a protective case and the screen protector on it, so guess that it has helped to protect it from all the falls. Once I even knocked full glass over it (I did grab it from the water really quickly and made sure that the all holes are dry) it was soaked in water and it still worked fine after that. I never had to repair it or replace any parts of it.  It is still working fine and there is no flaws with the device.


The best thing about it, is it's size. I like how small and light it is. It looks nice and girly. It does exactly what I need. It is perfect for lectures and perfect for travelling. It's battery life is good and lasts long time. Its important because sometimes it's hard to charge your device at the lectures (not enough plugs). iCloud is the other great thing about it. I like that I can access the files and photos on all my apple devices. It is very useful for my job. It also means that the 16GB is enough for it. No need to buy 64Gb if you are using an iCloud. Just store everything on there.


Camera isn't the best quality. It is OK for taking pictures of notes, posters, book cover to remind yourself something later on. But for taking good quality of photos it isn't good at all. Also when its bit more windy outside then it's hard to hold it still and it wobbles a lot in my hand. The movement will be captured on photos and they look really blurry and bad. I don't have a retina screen on iPad so after using my phone or laptop then I notice the difference between screens. You  do get used to the screen after sometime but retina screens are better for eyes to look at, they are more clear and nicer.


I do like the device a lot. Its very portable and fits into most of my handbags and that is always a bonus. I always take it with me when I travel, I can do all my online work on this iPad while I'm  on the road and there is no need to carry a laptop with me, which is heavy. I also like that I can use USB cable to upload my pictures on iCloud. So when I run of space on memory card I can always upload them on iPad and the pictures will be safe and sound in my iCloud.

 I would give this  iPad mini 16GB 9/10 just because it's not retina screen and the camera is not great.