iPhone 6: User Review

by Mike Betancourt

iPhone 6: User Review


Let me introduce you to the iPhone 6, which, in my opinion, has been one of the coolest and most functional phones released so far. Why? in this Article you will be able to see why I’m saying this, and why I would recommend the device, let’s check some functionalities of the phone:

First of all, let's go back to the release of the phone:

As soon as it was released (And even on pre-sale), the lines outside the retailers and Apple Stores found their way but earlier reviews advised of it bending and not being safe, so Apple took their time to check and correct the issue (that is the reason why my phone never bent).

Now, let's talk about the battery:

My main concern about buying an iPhone was that all of my friends said that battery life was the main problem about iPhones, either because their phones were running out of battery after four or five hours of use, or because the charge was false (which means that the indicator says 100% but it's not fully charged). Now let me tell you something about the battery life of any phone you may have: If you don't have good practices on charging it or using it, it is going to run out of charge, no matter what phone you have; usually, the phones with higher mAh are the ones that require more energy to work, so those ones run out of battery faster with an average use. In my opinion, iPhone6 charges really fast, so you can connect it to the wall and leave it for 30 minutes and it'll be sufficiently charged for an average use of four to six more hours (unless you're connected to the internet permanently), and it can last even more! So, I do recommend the phone if you have an average use of it and are not connected to the internet all day long.

Design Vs Functionality

I think iPhone 6 was the re-design of the Apple's iPhone in a very accurate trial to become more competitive. In other words, the design of iPhone6 was a very necessary change. The screen is bigger and the resolution is pretty cool which I like because I watch many videos on youtube. Now, in regards to performance, I can say that it fits my needs, It never freezes, even with video games or while browsing the web with many tabs in safari, so basically, I have had no problems with its performance. SP705-iphone_6-mul  


All of my friends have always said that Apple devices are the ones with the longest durability, and now I believe, I have had my phone for a year now and it keeps working well, so durability is not an Issue on this phone, and actually, even though I'm careful, sometimes it falls out of the pocket or from the table, but it has never broken, I still have the experience to get with this phone and maybe if it falls from a higher place, it may break, but as I told you, I try t be careful.

Best Features (Experience)

This is one of the topics I like to talk about the most because I never knew iPhone's features and iOS functionalities until I bought one (I used to be an android customer until some phones turned to be dangerous and explosive). One of the biggest functionality is the fingerprint unlock feature which allows me to unlock my phone just by putting my registered fingerprint on the home button. It makes life easier for me (and keeps my screen clean), other feature is the Health App which helps you become a healthy person by following small steps such as training times, healthy eating habits, sleeping times, and more, and it's amazing for you if you are looking for a better lifestyle. Now, there are features like Numbers, Pages, and Keynote, which also work on Mac Computers and which you can export to pdf or office formats, and it's very helpful if for some reason you have to write a document or make a presentation or a table and you don't have a computer with text editing capabilities near you; so basically, you can use your phone to work and create successful documents whenever and wherever you are. Maps is also a very helpful feature since it is updated with restaurants and gas stations and directions pretty well; you may prefer Google Maps, but this feature is on its way to being a very good one, we just have to wait for a couple more iOS releases I guess. There is also a Video Editor and the always useful voice recorder feature, which I don't use too much but they can save your day as well. Finally, there is a new feature that I find very useful which was included in the latest iOS Update and it allows you to manage and control every Home-kit accessories such as lights and locks, and this is crazy because it works!

Worst Features

There used to be something really annoying about iPhone and it was the inability to uninstall pre-configured apps that you didn't want to use, like iTunes U or the Wallet, or whatever feature that you wanted to be removed because they were using space that you may need for music or videos or whatever you wanted to use the space for, they changed that in the latest Update and that's good because now you can delete all the apps that you don't find useful. So basically, the bad things they have, they try to change them in order for users to feel more comfortable.  

Overall Review

In my opinion, the iPhone 6 is a very nice and user-friendly phone, it has a nice design and a very attractive OS which makes the learning a piece of cake, and the experience is always improving, I do recommend the phone if you have an average interaction with phones and if you're not trying to get to the root files and do all the stuff that make Android so insecure. If you want to see other models or do a comparison, click here  

Overall Rating